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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 24

I stand there feeling almost n*ked. My skin prickles as

the cold air of the store bites

into my skin. Nipples are hard as a result. But nothing compares to his stare. My b*dy shivers as he looks me up and down, his eyes lingering on the places he seems to like more. My

thighs, slit, and breasts.

He leans back on his chair as

if he is resting, one leg out and looking comfortable.

“Turn around,” he whispers

in a husky low voice.

I can’t help but obey almost

as if it was instinct.

I slowly turn, arching my back and sticking my butt


I look back touching my chin on my shoulder.

He bites his bottom lip. “Perfect,” he says in a barely audible whisper.

I turn back to him.

“Let’s get it…but don’t take it off yet.” He pushes me back

to the changing room and

locks the door behind him.

“Colt!” He picks me up with my back against the wall and

starts to k*ss my neck.

It makes me laugh. “Stop. We are not doing this here.”

“Oh, but we are, baby girl.

You are driving me crazy

here woman!”

“Well, you are the one who

wanted me to try these

things on. Now deal with the


“No.” he whispers in my ear. “One thing you don’t

understand, Angel, I like to

be in control. Can you just be my good girl and take it this time?” He pushes his b*dy on me, my breast press

against the mirror, and his hard crotch rubs against my


A wave of heat rushes

through my b*dy. My knees grow weak, my breath

hitches and I stutter trying to find the words as he tells me

this. I am unable to answer


He breaths against my neck. It is rugged and warm.

His hand comes around me

and slowly starts to trail down the silhouette of my

waist, reaching my hips and sliding to my thigh where he

moves inward. His hand

slides inside the underwear and his finger carefully

traces the form of my folds.

Suddenly he applies

pressure and slides his fingers in between my lips and I involuntarily moan, quickly covering my mouth so no one outside of the dressing room hears me.

I am unable to complain in

fact, I don’t want to.

I grab his other arm that holds me by the hip and almost claw at it as pleasure

surges through me. His hand moving now fast but his

fingers are soft at the touch.

“Moan for me.”

I shake my head with my

hand covering my mouth telling him that I can’t. I am

afraid that someone will hear

“I am not asking you, Angel.

Moan for me.”

I don’t know why but I feel the need to do as he says and

it excites me.

I slowly take the hand from

my mouth and start

breathing raggedly until I am unable to hold it any

longer and a moan comes


“Mh! mh…”

He lets out a breath as if he

was holding it to hear me better. “Good girl.”

The excitement I feel as he

says that surprises even me.

I moan again and I can tell

that this one gets him even

more excited.

He grabs my other hand and pulls it behind my back where suddenly he places

something soft, warm, and

hard in it.

“Rub it.”

Realization hits me; it is his


A wave of goosebumps goes through my b*dy. I start moving my hand slowly and he surprises me with a

whispery moan in my ear.


“Faster,” he whispers and I do as he says. “Mh…your hand is

so soft…fuuck…I want to

know how your mouth feels.” He suddenly pulls away and turns me around. He pins me against the mirror in a sizzling k*ss until he takes me by the chin, moves my face to the side, and says in my ear, “Get on your knees, baby…”

My eyes widen but my b*dy does as he says. I start to decent but he holds my head

up, his eyes locked with

mine as I kneel. There is

something in them that

excites me.

When I leave his eyes, it is to

stare at the engorged thick

cock in front of me.

He caresses my hair with his fingers in between my strands. I rip my eyes from his member and lock eyes with him and suddenly I am unable to look away.

“Beautiful girl, open your mouth.” It is a soft tone but a

command nonetheless, one I

could say no to but I don’t

want to. I want to do as he

says. I want him to call me a

good girl again.

My breath hitches but his

husky tone makes me

tremble with excitement and

my lips part though I’m

scared of what is about to


“Let me see your tongue.”

I slowly stick the tip of my

tongue out.

“Lick it.”

My eyes come to the tip of his manhood.

“Lick it,” he whispers again.

I lift my head slightly up with my tongue out and give it a lick. It has a salty taste. I

lick it again but linger just a

bit longer.

He hisses sucking in a deep breath. “Good girl…”

It almost feels like that is a


“Now wrap your lips around


My heart pounds so hard. I

am afraid he might hear it.

Doing as he says, I carefully

hold the end of his shaft

aiming the tip to my mouth and taking in a deep breath before I press my lips

around it.

He gives a deep moan as the

grip he has on my hair tightens.

“Take it, Angel, take it all in.”

I do it. I fill my mouth with

his cock as far as I can which

is not much before I start to

feel like I am going to gag—only taking half of him in. I pull my head back just a

bit until I feel comfortable

that I am not going to throw up and that’s when he starts

to slowly move his hips. I follow his movement, letting

his hard soft member slide

in and out of my mouth.

“Uh…just like that baby. Hss,

don’t stop…

And I am not about to.

Hearing him moan is the

best song I have ever heard in my life.

I bob my head back and forth hearing the sweet low growly melody that comes

out of his chest and mouth as

he continues to praise me.

Rapid knocking comes from

the door. “Is someone in


A soft curse leaves his lips

and the spell he has over me

is gone. I immediately pull back with panic.

“Y–Y–Y–YES!” I scream.

“Oh…okay…” the lady says and then whispers. “No need

to scream at me.”

My hands cling to my chest as my heart almost leaves it.

Colt takes my hand and pulls me to stand but my legs

grow weak. I stumble but he

holds me close to his chest.

“You are such a good girl,” he whispers.

My b*dy suddenly shivers

again. I look up at him locking eyes with his but suddenly a wave of

embarrassment hits me. I

close my eyes feeling my face burn and bury my head

in his chest. He rests his head

on mine rubbing my head and hugging me.

After about a minute, he

k*sses my head as he fixes his

pants and walks out.

“Let’s get that. It looks

amazing on you,” he says

closing the door behind him.

Letting out a huge sigh, I compose myself and change

back to my clothes.

When I come out, it is so hard to look him in the eyes

and he notices. He gets up

when I walk past him and laughs.

“What?” I ask looking at the

floor as I start walking.

“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Be embarrassed.”

I don’t say anything. I can’t say that I am not because it is

obvious I am but I also don’t

want to admit it to him.

“Let’s finish this.” That is all I


We buy all the underwear I

need and want and after a

few hours, we are finally completely done. I am

thankful that he doesn’t

bring up anything about what happened but I am sure

he will later.

After all this walking, I can

barely feel my feet.

He was right, shopping was not that bad but I did hate

having to try so many things

on to make sure they fit.

We go to the food court where I am finally able to sit

down. After so much time

has passed, I am hungry

again and so he brings me food. As he sits, I can’t help

but notice how Colt stands

out from everyone else here.

Humans are so…basic when

it comes to their appearance. It’s not a bad thing, Omegas look just like this too, and

even Gamas. Betas and

Alpha males are the ones that tend to stand out. They are usually bigger than your average werewolf or human. Females, we all tend to be on

the smaller side, even Alpha

females but we females make

up for our speed since

females tend to be faster

than males who have more

strength on their side.

“What?” Colt asks.

“What? What do you mean?”

“Why are you staring at me

like that?”

“Oh!” I laugh. “Just noticing

how different we look

compared to the humans


I still look a bit different than

most humans too because I

have scars on my b*dy just like Colt though I hide most

of mine.

“Yeah. That’s probably why everyone is looking at us too,” he says.

I did not notice because I

was not paying attention to them. I look around now feeling a bit self–conscious

and he is right. A lot of them

stare at us.

“Or maybe…” Dash says,

“…and hear me out

here…maybe it is all the

damn bags I am carrying!”

I start laughing. Colt called

him in the middle of our

shopping to help carry the bags cause they were too many and he now sits at the

table next to us with another

pack member.

“Don’t be angry, Dash. This was not my idea.” I say. I look at Colt but he now seems

distracted. “What is it?” I ask

looking behind me where he


I don’t see anyone I know so

I look back at him.

“Are you okay?”

“Dash…” he says. Dash looks

back and seems like he

notices something.

I look back again but I still don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I continue to stare and that is when I suddenly

notice five men dressed in

dark colors. Two of them are

bigger than your normal

human so I know for sure

they must be werewolves

and they all have scars.

“Who…who are they?” I ask

but I am met with no


The silence stretches until I

look back at them.

“We have to go” is all Colt


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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