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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 23

I don’t think I want to go all the way until I am officially mated. But to be honest, Colt

makes it really hard to wait.

His lps travel down my neck, leaving k*sses

everywhere his l*ps touch.

“Mh, let me show you something new. He slides

down until his head is on my


“What are you…

He unbuttons and unzips my


“Colt, don’t.”

“We are not going all the way. And I have seen you n*ked before, Cass.” He says.

“It is still embarrassing,” I say.

“Why? You have a gorgeous b*dy.”

“Ugly scars and all?” I ask


He responds with another

question. “Do you care about

MY scars?”

“Not one bit,” I say.

“And neither do I. Now, quiet

down baby girl. Stop

complaining and use that

mouth to moan for me.”

My stomach goes in knots when he says this.

This is also when I notice

that I am down to my underwear. As he goes to

pull them down, I quickly hold them up from the top edge.


“Fine. I don’t need to take

them off,” he says.

Suddenly, My legs are spread apart. He holds them up to where he is facing my cooch,

as Lauren sometimes called

“C–Colt…” I say with worry.

I almost don’t feel him pulling my underwear to the side. When I do feel it, my first reaction is to try to take his hand away but before I can, he immediately latches his mouth to my entrance without warning.

I moan with a jolt and my b*dy jerks.

“Colt!” I moan out.

But now my mind is blank as

I feel his tongue move.


I can’t think. I don’t want

him to stop ever but the sensation is so strong that

my hand tries to push his head away. He holds both of my hands with one of his and the other holds me by

the thigh so that my b*dy

doesn’t move away.

“Mh!” I can’t do anything else but moan uncontrollably.

I can feel his lps move as if he were kssing my own mouth. His tongue dances in

circles inside and out of me.

It feels so soft and gentle but

he sometimes alternates to a

fast pace.

He still holds my hands though I stop fighting it. I

don’t want him to stop. He

sucks licks and k*sses and

soon I feel like I am about to

explode with so much pleasure.

Oh my! What is this? It feels

so good!


My toes curl and my legs shake as a wave of pure delight rushes through my

core. My back arches and my

face twists with a pleasurable expression. All I can think about is how good it feels.

After one big moan, all I can give are small whimpers of pleasure.

He finally pulls away and moves my underwear back in place.

“Delicious,” he mutters. His

voice is so low and s*xy.

“You…made me come undone…” I whisper with my eyes closed. I am still coming down from that experience

and I can’t think straight.

“Oh I made you come alright but this is nothing compared to what I am going to do to you when I am able to have you completely.”

I feel him on top of me now.

I open my eyes to see his beautiful eyes flicker as he

stares into mine.

“I am going to make you not want anyone else ever again.” He whispers.

I think he has already accomplished that.

I close my eyes again to continue to savor this feeling

of euphoria that comes after -what I presume was- an


I feel him kssing my cheeks and then sliding down my neck. I can smell him, he

smells like me. Like my own


He ksses my neck and nibbles. “I want to mark you so badly, Cass…” He whispers, his breath tickling my skin.

That’s when my eyes finally open. “But you are not,” I say.

“No. Not until you want me to.” He lifts himself up and

lies next to me. “We still have

not talked about this. Is this

what you want? You know

what I want, I’ve made it

clear. But what do you want?”

He asks.

I prop myself to the side, facing him with my hand

and elbow supporting my head.

“If I am honest, I haven’t

given it much thought. Everything has been happening so fast.”

He stays quiet and just


“A year ago…actually, even a few weeks ago all I would have wanted was for you to

stay away from me.


“Now…” He repeats.

“You’ve been through a lot

and I can see that you have changed. I like the man you are now. If I can choose a

mate, then it would be you but that doesn’t take away

the fear…the what ifs. And I

also don’t like the idea of


He smiles as if he is seeing something in me that I don’t.

“You are so cute…”

I roll my eyes. “Are you even listening to me?”

He chuckles. “Of course, I am listening to you. And that is why you would make such a

great Luna. Because you

don’t want to be. You won’t

be in it for status, for the

position, or anything vain like that. As Luna, you could make a difference. Imagine our pack having a good

Luna. A Luna who cares

about everyone equally.”

“Who said I care.” I look away

trying to act like I don’t give

a damn but he sees right

through me.

“You do,” he states.

I turn around giving my back to him, muttering complaints. He hugs me from behind, then gives me a big k*ss on the cheek, and whispers.

“When you are sure of what you want, let me know.

And a plus, if I mark you and you mark me, it will break the bond with Ezra since you

both are not marked. No

need for rejection. That’s

tempting, right?”

I giggle. “Very tempting,” I say but then frown. “But…if I

did that…there is a chance that he could go feral, right?”

He sighs. “Yes. In my case, since I was marked and so

was Skye…when I accepted the rejection and broke the bond…the pain…it was unlike anything I had ever felt. It lasted for two agonizing days. I was on the brink of death. I really don’t know

how I came out of it but I

did. It won’t be the same for

you. If I mark


while you

guys have the fated mate

bond there is a chance he

could go crazy, death has

been unheard of. He’d go

feral and probably come after you. It is rare but you

and I both know that he is

already not thinking rationally.”

I nod. That is exactly what I

was thinking. Ezra is already not acting right.

“I guess he inherited my

mom’s crazy side,” he


I nod. “I might loathe the

guy but…I don’t want to

cause him to go crazy.”

“And you say you don’t

care…” He squeezes me and

then k*sses me.

I want to complain about

what he said but I don’t.

“And I get it. Ezra is my brother and deep down I

don’t want to hurt him either

but he really doesn’t deserve you. He made the biggest mistake of his life treating you as he did.” He suddenly puts a hand under my chin

and makes me look back at


“I know I was not good to

you either, Cass. I know it

fully well. But I will never treat you like that ever again. I promise you.”

I respond to him with a big

smile. “How in the world did

you turn out like this?”

“Like what?”

“So…sweet?” I really don’t

know how to put it into


“Well…here’s the kicker.” He

gets close to my ear and

whispers. “I am only like this with you. Everyone else gets

my “angry I hate everyone”


I laugh and nod. “I saw that side with your brothers and


“My family can really get on my nerves. Other than my dad, they just don’t know what we are up against and what is at stake. My mom has

kept them in this little

bubble catering to them and

treating them like they are

untouchable.” He sighs and starts to get up. “Anyway, let’s get ready. I want to take you


“Oh, where to?”

“Let’s go eat first and then

wherever you want to go.”

An hour later, we are in a

restaurant and I am eating

the best piece of steak I have ever had in my life.

“You really like that, huh?” he


“Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, you didn’t make these many expressions or moan

so much when I was eating you.” He winks.

I gasp and look around.

“Shut up!”

He starts laughing.

This guy is just like f**king


He looks at my dress. It is the same one I used last time,

the one Lauren gave me.

“So what you have on that

small bag back in the room is really all you own?” he asks.


“Then we know what we are

doing next,” he says.

“What are we doing next?”


“Shopping? No. Why?”

“Because you need clothes.

Not rags.

“I have no money for that

and also, I don’t want to

spend my time shopping.

Isn’t that like a chore?”

One of his eyebrows lifts up.

“Have you ever gone



“Then why are you so against it? Many people like to go shopping. You might just like

it if you try it and it is not a


“Is this all because you don’t like what I am wearing?” I squint my eyes at him.

“Baby girl you could be sitting there in a trash bag

and I would still love it.”

Mh…good answer.

I am sure my face flushes but I like how he speaks to me.

“Fine,” I say with a sigh,

acting bothered. “Let’s go shopping.”

An hour later we are in a

mall but it does not look like

the ones I have seen in

movies and shows. This is

extravagant. Even I can see


“Why here first!” I ask him and I am kind of laughing because I think it’s funny

that he took me to the

underwear store first.

He also laughs. “Well, it’s not

‘cause I want to see you try

some of these on at all.”

I stop laughing and slowly turn to him. I catch his

stupid smiling expression

obviously lying through his


I narrow my eyes. “You are hilarious! Did you really think that I was going to try any of these on for you?”

He winks at me. “Yes.”

“Your charms do not work

on me, sir!”

“You sure about that?”

“Yes,” I say confidently but… I

was wrong. A few minutes

later—I don’t know how he

did it—here I am standing in front of him wearing a very

seethrough set of Bra and


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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