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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 47

“What do you mean, a witch?” I ask.

If the situation wasn’t so

serious, I would be thinking that this is a joke.

“A witch. Well I mean…that’s

what Ezra called her.” Miles

explains. “She smelled of

human but also of

something else. She smelled really sweet. Overbarlingly

even. It reminded me of that

flower. The one mom had in

a pot when we were kids in

the corner of her room.” He

says to Colt.

“The bearded Iris,” Colt

replies, and Miles nods. “Hm…Mom used to say that

it was related to witches. I

always thought it was just superstition.”

Warrick nods. “Witches.

They are rare but real as you and me. They are humans

who are born with a natural

ability to do a bit of magic.

Our kind and witches don’t get along well.” He strides through the room looking pensive and continues.

“They used to hunt us for

what our bodies could offer

to make their spells and potions stronger. They are not friends to any

supernatural living creature. They see us all as mere harvest. What a fool your

brother is. The witch would

not have helped if he hadn’t offered something in return.”

“Wait…are you all serious

about this? Witches?” It is

hard to believe this but then

again, I have to admit that it is very possible I mean after all, we werewolves are very


“Yes,” Warrick says. “Just

because you haven’t met or seen a creature, doesn’t

mean it doesn’t exist. Stories

and folklore have to come

from somewhere and usually

come from truth.”

He makes science to me.

“Alright, I’ll believe it. So

what does this mean then?

What does it mean for us

that Ezra has a witch with


“Bigger problems than just

assassins,” Garret mutters.

“Anything else you can

inform us of?” Warrick asks


Miles shakes his head. “No.

That is all I overheard.”

Warrick nods. “That is

enough. You may go have

breakfast but there will be

guards with you all at all

times. Council will

reconvene in the afternoon.”

We all turn and start leaving

but Warrick stops me and Colt.

“You two, I need to have a word with you. Serge and

Victor, you two as well.”

Colt, Serge, Victor, and I stay

back with Warrick.

“We are at war now. Victor,

you will be in every meeting

that Cass is. You will be her

shadow and do what she

does. If something happens

to me, Cass is the next in line

but if something should

happen to her too, then

then you

will be next in line to lead

the pack. We need to be

prepared for anything.”

We all nod agreeing and understanding this.

“Now, you two.” Warrick

gives his attention to me and

Colt. “I need you two to cool it with the displays of


“What? Why?” I protest.

“Alpha Oliver is coming tomorrow to speak of a potential official alliance. He

seems to be taken with you. So we will show him that you are available for the grabs.”

I open my mouth to immediately protest again

but he beats me to it.

“No, it doesn’t mean that you are going to actually agree to anything and if we did,

treaties get broken all the

time. You would just have to agree until we finish using


What a slimy conniving


“So you expect me to flaunt myself around another

man?” I ask.

I sense how much Colt disapproves of this by the anger I start feeling. It is not my anger but his that I feel.

“I expect you to act available around Alpha Oliver. That means keeping your

affection towards each other

a secret away from prying eyes. Listen, this is a great opportunity for us. We are one of the strongest packs but even so, it doesn’t hurt to

have help or even allies.”

I shake my head. “We are officially- well…almost

officially mates. We can’t do that?”

“You can and you will.” He


My jaw clenches as anger rises inside of me. If he

thinks he can tell me what to

do when it comes to the

person I love, he is gravely


Warrick seems to read my mind because he gives me an ultimatum. “If you two can’t keep your hands away from each other in public, then I will take Colt away.”

“I’ll find him. I always do and I can sense him now.” I say


“Fine…then I will have to

command him to stay away from you. I have never tried it but maybe…I can even break a mate bond with my power if I were to command

it. What do you think? Want to be my test subject?”
My eyes grow wide.

“You…you can’t do that.”

“You sure about that? Think

about it. How does our

power work?”

He is right. It just might be


Gridding my teeth, I give

him a nod. “Fine.”

I look at Colt who looks even

angrier than I do.

“Something to say, my boy?”

Warrick asks him.

Between clenched teeth, he

spits. “No…”

“Good. Alpha Oliver will be here tomorrow. I expect

your presence when greeting him.” He says to me.

I sigh, feeling a bit defeated,

and nod.

“And that is why Serge is here. Starting tomorrow, he

will be your guard again, not Colt.”

“Why do I still need anyone to guard me? You should

know by now that I am not


“He is really here for your protection, daughter. You

still can’t use your powers at command and you are still

learning how to fight. Serge is staying with you, end of discussion.”

“Uh…fine…” I look at Serge. “Nothing against you. I like


He gives me a sudden smile and a nod which surprises

Colt grabs my hand and without saying a word,

rushes out taking me with


“I hate this!”

“I know. I hate it too…so

maybe…” I look both ways to

make sure no one is around

to hear me. “Maybe you

should mark me now and f**k everything.”

He groans. “Don’t tempt me.” Now he sighs. “I can’t. We can’t risk getting on

Warrick’s bad side, Cass. I am

sure that he could do exactly what he said. And also, I am

not sure I’d be able to. He

commanded me not to,


I am the one who groans

now with frustration. “I am telling you right now. If he

ever tried to force me to be

with this other Alpha, we are definitely leaving. We’ll run away to Alaska and live in

solitude for the rest of our

lives inside an iglue.”

Colt starts laughing having

his foul mood lifted.

“Hmm… You know what this

means, right?” I ask.

“What?” He asks with


“That today…we get to stay in our rooms all day making up

for the days to come.” I wiggle my eyebrows and a

mischievous smile forms on

his lips. “Let’s get fueled up

first to the max. We are

going to need all that


We immediately head to the dining room to get breakfast.

“I don’t have to explain shit

to you, Mister Clean.” We hear Dash say.

“Da f**k? It’s a haircut! I’m

not bald!” Beck touches his

head looking at Dash with


“Mister clean, mister clean.‘

Dash hums in a whisiper.

I have to bite my bottom lip

hard. It is all I can do to not


“Watch how you speak to


“Curls! There you are!” Dash looks at Beck. “Do you see her? This is my good friend. She loves me very much so don’t think you can do

whatever you like with me. I

answer to her.”

With an eyebrow lifted, I

look at Dash but then nod,


Beck looks at me with

whispery mutters under his


“Stop causing trouble. You are really pushing it.” Colt

tells Dash.

“Fine fine…it’s just a bit exciting seeing how different

things are right now.”

“Father can still decide to put

you away, so behave,” I say.



“Nothing. It’s just weird to

hear you say that.” He says.

“Hm… I guess.”

We eat as we talk and boy

Dash can talk our ears off.

Especially when he

complains about Bryn and

tells us how horrible she was

on their journey here.

“Cass, come,” Victor says

sprinting into the dining


“What? But I was going to-‘

“We need to train. Father is



“I can’t take no for an answer.

Now come.” He says


finality in his tone.

I look at Colt and pout but

he smiles. “It’s okay. We’ll

have time later.”

With a huge puffy sigh, I reluctantly follow Victor.

That morning, we train and he goes extra hard on me.

My muscles are sore. I take a

bath after, and it is all the

private time Colt and I have

before we are called to the

war room for our afternoon

meeting which I had every

intention to skip and stay

with Colt but Father came to

get me himself. Dash and Miles join us for this

meeting as well. Bree is somewhere running around and James has been in his room all day. I was informed

that he at least ate.

After the damn meeting that basically was the same as the

previous one, I am

instructed by my father to

stay and train my power. We even have lunch here in his

office. Warrick is not happy

with my progress because there has been no progress at all. If my emotions are not

running high, my powers

don’t seem to work. So he

contemplates again on

bringing someone to torture but I put my foot down and tell him no. Colt has stayed with me the whole day too. It

is all we can do to spend our time together.

After my training that went all the way to the night, I was

so tired that we went back to

our room and collapsed in bed.”

“You are still tied to me.”

“What?” My eyes open as I

hear Ezra’s voice.

I am back in the white room.

Ezra sits in front of me in the

same brown chair as before. I

lift myself up and sit straight.

He gives me a smile that could make anyone—but me–fall for him. Despite how horrible a person he is, he is a very attractive man just like Colt.

“You are still tethered to me.”

He repeats.

“You wish,” I reply and roll

my eyes. “Why am I even

talking to you? You are a figment of my imagination.” I get up and look at the white ceiling. “Why are you doing

this to me?”

“Who are you talking to?” Ezra looks confused yet


“My mind. It likes to torture me apparently with you.”

He smiles and nods.

“Mh…then I like your mind.”

“You…are such a cruel man.”

He gets up, standing in front of me. His hand reaches my

ch*ek and he caresses but

there is no sympathy in his eyes. “If only you would have taken me as your mate, this

could have all been avoided.

No one would have died.”

“Shut up!” I snap at him but he suddenly tilts his head to

look back and then looks at

me again. “Time to go. We’ll

have more time next time.


My eyes abruptly open and I

swear, I can still feel his

touch as if it was real. My

hands go to my ch*ek where I caress trying to get the

thought of his slimy hands

out of my head even though

it wasn’t real.

“Are you okay?” Colt asks. He looks at me with his sleepy


I nod. “Yeah. Just a


A knock on my door

interrupts us and gets me

and Colt up.

“Yeah?” I ask as I walk to the


“I am here to start my day.” It is Serge. I open the door and give him a smile. He gives a small bow. “Alpha Oliver will

be here shortly, your father wished for you to greet him.”



Both Colt and I say at the

same time.

“Alright,” I say closing the


“I hate that man already,” Colt mutters as I walk to my wardrobe. He walks up to me

and suddenly k*sses me with fury and passion.

“You are mine. I will not let

this oaf take you from me. I

fought too hard to get you.”

I giggle. I am the kind of woman that loves it when a man is possessive. Not controlling but possessive. It

makes me feel so wanted.

“You are mine, Angel.” He whispers in my ear before he lets me go and strides to the


“Let’s take a shower together.

I’m going to take you hard so you don’t forget that.”

Biting my lips and feeling

the excitement rush inside

my stomach, I take my shirt

off and almost run after him.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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