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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 48

Colt slams into me, my face pressed against the tile of the shower wall. I moan in

pleasure and try to find a grip on something yet there is nothing but the slithery tiles. He holds my hips and thrusts, slamming my

bottom on him.

“Mh!” I moan.

He takes in a breath through

his teeth. “You like that,



He speeds up and then lifts

one of my legs up with his

strong arm.

This man can do whatever

he wants with me and he

knows it.

Suddenly, he turns me

around, lifts me up, and

carries me, my legs wrapped

around his waist. He starts

bouncing me on him, up and down, putting me into a

sense of euphoria. I cling to his shoulders and bury my

neck in his neck as I moan,

my noises muffled against

his skin.

“Harder…” He hears my plea and suddenly holds my ass with both hands and as he

slams into me, he squeezes

his hands gripping my ch*eks and moving my body

to meet his.

“Colt! Ah…I’m…I’m about



“Good. Do it, baby!”

My fingers dig deep, gripping his shoulders. My face presses hard against the skin of his neck. “Mh!” I give a loud moan feeling my

body wiggle with pleasure.

“Mh…good girl. Now…it’s my


He presses my back against the cold wall and relentlessly

thrust hard and fast into me.

“Uh! baby! you feel so good!


I am sure I am going to be sore again after this but it feels so good.

“F**k…mh…uh-!” He moans.

I feel his body shake as he

holds me in place and he

gives little tiny sporadic


He lowers his head to my

shoulder and kisses it. “Uh…I

love you so much.”

Makes me smile. “I love you


“You are mine…Cass.” He

starts kissing up my shoulder and ends up on the nape of my neck. I move aside

hoping that he is about to

mark me but he doesn’t.

He sighs. “I’ll make you mine soon. That f**ker Alpha

won’t have you.”

I giggle.

“It’s not funny. Pray that I

don’t rip him apart if I see him all over you.”

I sigh. “Please, if you don’t think you will be able to control yourself, then might

as well mark me.”

He gives me a kiss and puts me down. “I can’t. Honestly, I

almost tried there but I can’t.

The command still stands

and your father means

business. Trust me. I have

seen what happens to those

who disobey him.”

I give a huge sigh. “Fine.”

We shower and after getting

ready, we head out.

Serge looks worried as he

sees us come out.

“Cutting it close.” He


“There you are.” The

moment we start walking through the hall, Poppy finds

“Your father is asking for

you. The alpha is almost

here and you are taking your

sweet time. Come.” She

pauses and her eyes slide to my clothes. She sighs. “We

are late already so it will have

to do.” She takes my arm, wrapping it around hers, and starts leading me down but

as she does, she looks back at

Colt. “You can stay and perform your normal duties as a general. The Alpha said he doesn’t want you

anywhere near Cassiopeia right now.”

Colt gives a low growl of annoyance. I look back to see him standing with his hands in his pocket as he watches me go. I throw him a kiss

before we turn the corner

and he is out of my sight.

I walk down the stairs and as

I go through the front doors, I see multiple black cars arriving and lining up in the

front of the house.

Warrick stands in the front,

waiting. I drag my feet

towards him and stand next

to him with Poppy.

“Just as you wanted, here I


“Yeah…now put a smile on

your face.” He says.

I give him a narrowed side

look. He looks at me too but

his eyes go to my clothes.

“Did you not have anything

better to wear?”

I look down at my simple white button–up shirt and jeans. “I’m not trying to

impress anyone.”

“Oh yes, you are.”


“Look, I am not good at playing well with others so this alliance thing is new to me too.” He says. “I have to use everything that I can and that means including you. So put a smile on your face and try harder. We need this now

that our enemies are on the


Before I can respond, one of

the black cars stops in front

of us.

Beck opens the door and Alpha Oliver steps out.

“Alpha Warrick!” He says

with a big smile.

“Alpha Oliver. Hope the ride

wasn’t too tedious.”

“Not at all.” Oliver’s eyes fall

on me.

My tough demeanor falters.

I forgot how good–looking

he was and the subtle charm

that he had just by his

presence. But my heart

belongs to Colt. I do my best to give him a smile. I have nothing against the man but

as I said before, I have no

desire to impress him either.

“Lady Cassiopeia. How nice it is to see you again.” He

takes my hand and gives it a

kiss as he did the first time

we met.

I swear for the life of me I

think I can hear Colt growl

from somewhere.

“It is nice to see you as well,

Alpha Oliver,” I say softly.

He stares at me with a big

smile. I clear my throat but

continue to smile as well.

“Come. I have breakfast

waiting.” Warrick says.

This takes Oliver’s attention

from me.


The two men start walking

with their entourage― a group of people that come

out of all the black cars and

merge into a small crowd. Though I try to slide away,

Poppy steps next to me. She

takes my hand and leads me

after them. “You have to


I grunt.

When we arrive at the dining room, all the generals are already there, including Colt. The distaste expression he

has on his face shows how

much he dislikes this


Warrick sits at the end of the

tables as he always does. I sit

next to him while Victor and

Garret sit next to me. Oliver

also sits next to Warrick on

his other side. We face each


“So this situation with the

Blood River Pack, how

serious is it?” Oliver asks.

“They sent us the head of the

Alpha in a box. That’s how

serious it is.”

His eyes go wide with shock. “Why would they do that? If I am correct, you didn’t have an alliance with him.”

“I’ll give you the story later but the gist of it is that that mutt right there…” Warrick points at Colt with his fork. “He is the son of Alpha

Harry. He was next in line to be Alpha but his brother

Ezra is the one that has taken


Colt gives no welcoming

features, instead, he stares at Alpha Oliver with a bit of anger and says nothing.

To counter the awkwardness,

Warrick speaks.

“Self–appointed Alpha Ezra

has demanded Colt to be

given to him or there will be


He left the part where Ezra

also asked for me.

“Then why not give him?”

Oliver asks.

Colt can’t keep quiet. He gives a sarcastic growling laugh.

Warrick brings the attention back to himself. “Because, despite the trouble this all has caused me, he is too valuable. He is one of my best. Also, I do not give in to

threats. Who the hell does

this f**ker think he is.

Calling himself Alpha and demanding for me to

concede. Never. I’ll gouge his

eyes out myself.”

“No, you won’t. I will.” I stab

my sunny–side–up egg with

vigor as I say this, imagining

that it is Ezra’s eye.

He is going to pay for what

he did to Lauren.

“Like father like daughter,” Warrick says with a proud


I give him a side glance and I

am sure he knows I don’t like

what he is saying.

“Marvelous.” Oliver sounds


Ignoring their talk, I stick to my food occasionally

glancing at Colt who

obviously looks unhappy.

“And will Lady Cassiopeia

join us in these war meetings?” Oliver asks.

“Well of course. She is my

successor after all.‘


“And how is your pack fairing?” Warrick asks him.

“We are settling well. Rogues do keep us on our toes. Can’t really blame them since we

took over unclaimed

territory that they used to

roam. Oh! we encountered a

pack deep in the northern

mountains that


“A pack? I know of no pack in

the mountains.”

“That is because it is an

unofficial pack. Apparently, a rogue Alpha established it. And it is peculiar because it is basically a rogue pack yet very restrictive on anyone that tries to just waltz in but it does let strangers in to

bask in what the pack can


“Rogue pack?”

“Yes. They act like savages but it is a place where even human hunters gather and to my surprise as well, some

other creatures. Zao is the

leader. He deemed the place a free for anyone without a moral compass. They even have games…brutal games, pinning humans against

werewolves, some hunters

some just normal trained humans, or even werewolves

against werewolves.”

“What kind of place is this?” I


“The kind of place that

hopefully you will never get

to see, my Lady.”

I hate that he seems to want

to treat me as a damsel in


“And how did you come upon them?” Warrick asks.

“I am the closest to the roads

that lead to the mountains

and I can only assume that

they do not want me meddling in their trades so they contacted me.”

“What kind of trades?”

“The illegal kind…even to

humans. Only those without

any morals may indulge in

this small village of sin as–Zao–the

self–proclaimed Alpha called

it. Not really a city but it
does look more like a trade

post than a pack. It even has its own market where all

kinds of people come from different places.”

“And you’ve been there?”

“Briefly, but yes.”

“Mh…Zao…I’ve never heard

of him…”

Oliver shrugs as he brings a glass filled with wine to his


Warrick is now suddenly

deep in thought while everyone else talks. Oliver however, sets his eyes on me.

“So, how have you adjusted to your new life here since

the party? That’s when your father found you, right?”

I nod. “It has been…a


“A challenge indeed. She is willful. “Warrick says.

“Warrick pauses and stares at

the man who comes over

with a pitcher filled with

what I assume is wine.

Warrick’s face turns into


“Who-” Before Warrik can

finish, there is a glimmer of something shiny in the

man’s hand.

The man swings a knife at

Warrick but Warrick

immediately slides his chair

back, getting out of the

man’s way.

From behind Oliver and the

generals, two more men

reveal concealed knives. I

immediately get up and

from behind me there are

two more men. I quickly dodge the man who attacks

me but he is fast. He slashes

at me again and all I can do is dodge. Victor, who is the

nearest to me, comes to

action but this man

immediately dodges Victor and kicks him effortlessly, sending Victor flying. This man is skilled and fast.

The word assassin

immediately comes to my

mind. I am sure these men

must be Ezra’s assassins.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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