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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 5

Pack members watch me as I fill a bucket with water. I have chains on my ankles as if I were a dangerous prisoner. I am sure the Luna is trying to humiliate me but I feel none at all since I am used to this kind of treatment.

A few smaller children stand in the corner watching me and start to mock me as kids tend to do. I look at them and growl with my fangs out. They scream and take off running.

I admit, it brought me joy. Those little shits are going to be just as bad as their parents.

As I continue to fill the bucket, I do feel just a bit more decent now. I was able to bathe at the pack hospital and Lauren brought me clean clothes. Jean overalls that are a bit worn out, sneakers, and a colorful striped fit shirt inside the overalls. I have my mane in a ponytail which makes it easier when I clean because it doesn’t get in the way.

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When the bucket is full, I lift it up and take it back to the basement dungeon. The guard on the door doesn’t follow me. He stays at the door while I go down the flight of stairs. This time, I take the lantern that is on the wall with me. When I reach the cells, I hang the lantern on the wall letting it illuminate the room. The men are all covered in dirt.

“Damn! Now I can see everyone’s ugly faces.” Dash says.

“Shut up, asshole,” Quinn growls.

Dash laughs but then he looks at me. “Except for your face, Curls. You do not fall under the ugly category.”

I now ignore him because all he has been doing is flirting and I am starting to think that this is part of his personality and that means he flirts with everyone.

I am not used to the attention of men so I got a bit excited when he gave me some attention before. And plus, he was sweet, not the slimy kind of attention. But I have a grip now and I know I shouldn’t be smitten just like that..

I hold the bucket up and throw the water on the floor, letting it run down to the end. I then grab the broom and start scrubbing the floors.

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“So this is your punishment then?” Dash asks.

“Yeah, it’s not so bad.”

Chapter 5

“She talks! Oh! So you do like hanging out with us.”

I roll my eyes.

“Come on Curls, admit it. You like us.

“It’s Cass and I do not kid myself, I know you guys are dangerous. But we are separated by bars, so it doesn’t hurt to be…friendly.”

“Smart girl.” Quin mutters.

“Na, you like us.” Dash says. “And what’s that about Cass?”

“It’s my name.” I reply.

“Cass?” The green–eyed man whispers, surprising me. He cocks his head just a bit. but when I look at him, he goes back to being his stoic self. “That is short for something?” He asks.

I stop scrubbing the floor and stare at him, then I slowly nod.

“Cassiopeia.” I replie.

He closes his eyes and nods as he whispers. “I see.”

“That’s a curious name.” Dash says.

“Ugly, you mean.” I mutter.

“No. I did not say that.”

“But you thought it.” I whisper to myself but then I change the subject and ask. them what has been bothering me for a while. “Anyway, how come you guys are

so calm.”

“Huh?” Dash acts dumb.

“You are in cages and at any moment..your life could end. But you all don’t seem too worried about that.”

“Oh nooo, we are trapped. Dash says mockingly.

I narrow my eyes at him. “See! You are playing games.”

He laughs. “We are used to this kind of treatment. Don’t worry about us, Curls. If we die, we die and that is it. Is not like we have anyone to cry over us.”

I suddenly feel bad for them. It seems that their pack doesn’t treat them well either. Not that it is any surprise coming from the Dark Fang Pack.

Are we all just pawns of tyrant men?

I suddenly have to stop. I close my eyes and grip the wood on the broom as pain wells up in my chest again.

F***ing Ezral

I scream in my head.

I hold the broom harder and every time a surge of pain hits me, I scrub the floor as hard as I can.

“Are you okay there, Curls? You look like you are about to cry.” Dash says.

“I’m fine!” I snap at him.

“Damn… okay.”

“Sorry.” I whisper.

Green–eyes stares at me with his unreadable expression. I really don’t know what that man is thinking but his intensity makes me shiver, not necessarily in a bad way.

After what seems like an eternity, the pain is finally gone. I feel tired but I continue my work.

I am deeply concentrating on scrubbing the floors but then I notice that it has gone silent and all I can hear are whispers.

I look back at the men and see them all huddling in front of the bars talking to each other.

“Are you sure?” Quin whispers.

Green–eyes nods. “Yeah. I am sure.”

“So, that means-”

“No. We wait.” Green–eyes whispers again.

“What? Why?”

“What are you all doing?” I ask, interrupting them.

“We are debating on who has dibs on you.” Dash says



“You idiot You sound like a pervert.” The other guy next to Quin–Peter–says.

Dash quickly shakes his head. “Oh shit. No, not like that!”

I squint my eyes at them.

“You are disgusting!” I huff.

Dash shakes his head and waves his hands. “No! That’s not what I meant! Curls, you gotta believe me. I’m a decent man, promise.”

“You!” someone suddenly shouts from behind me making me jump.

I turn to see Four guards standing there.

“Move!” one says. I quickly step to the side and let them pass. They stop in front of Dash’s and the green–eyed man’s cell.

“You! Out!” They open the cell and grab the green–eyed man by the arm, hurling him up to his feet.

I quickly look away as he is exposed to everyone.

The green–eyed man doesn’t say anything and complies.

I feel bad and a bit scared for him as I watch the guards take him away.

“Shit.” Dash whispers and now for the first time since I met them, he seems a bit worried.

“Will…he be okay?” I mutter.

Dash’s demeanor suddenly changes and he smiles. “Of course! That man can take anything.”

so you’ve known each other long?” I ask as I continue to scrub the floors.

“Very long.”

Even though I am very curious, I stop asking questions because I don’t want them to think that I have been put here to spy on them or something like that..

As the day progresses, I am tasked to go up to the kitchen and bring food for the prisoners. Matilda hands me trays with food. She looks at my shackles with. disapproval but she is smart enough not to say anything.

As I am walking by the field to get to the dungeon, Ezra walks past me but when he sees me, he immediately stops.

Chapter 5

“Where the hell have you been?” he asks.

I look at him with a scowl. “What do you mean where have I been?” I look down at my shackles to see if they are visible and they are.

He follows the direction my eyes are looking. “They still have you in the dungeons?”

“Yup.” I say and start walking away, not hiding the way I feel about him.

The mate bond is supposed to be something beautiful. You have a soul. connection with someone on a level that other beings don’t get to experience. You crave them emotionally and physically. And I can’t lie, at the beginning, I did crave him and wanted him in that way even if I didn’t like him and resented him for the way he had treated me all these years. But now, I despise him. You can only cause so much pain to someone until they start to feel numb and disgusted by them. And that is how I feel about him. I know that this man will never be the nurturing mate I wish to have. He will always hurt me and even if he tried to change things, the pain he caused will always be there.

“Maybe if you grovel, I can talk to Mom and get you out of there.” he says.

I turn to him with confusion. “What? Why? Why would you?…you know what,



“Are you serious?”

“Ya.” I try to keep going my way.


I am surprised that he even offered if I am honest. I turn to him now looking confused. “But what?”

“I just thought that now that I am back, I’d see more of you…to torture you some more.” He gives a wicked smile.

“You already do enough of that, even when you were far away, so no thanks. I rather stay in the dungeon.” I turn my b*dy to completely face him. “Or you can just reject me.”

“No.” He quickly says.

I am not surprised. I turn back around and rush away. When I get back to the cells, I start handing the food trays to the men.

“Thanks, Curls.” Dash says.

Chapter 5

“Hey, what happened to the rogue?” I ask now seeing his cell empty.

“They came and got him a few moments ago.”

“I don’t think he is coming back.” Quinn says.

“Why do you say that?”

“He said it himself. He told us he had been here for a while now. So he was probably not much use to them anymore.”

I am not sure if that is true or not so I leave his food tray in his cell just in case. I then put the green–eyed man’s tray on a table outside of the cells and then head to my own cell where I eat my food. Unlike the others, I am not locked in. The guards know I am not going anywhere.

We finally hear the guards come down again but they don’t have green–eyes with them. They stop in front of my cell and open it. “Come.”


“By the Luna’s orders, you are instructed to come with us.”

I take a deep breath and follow them. They lead me out of the dungeon and to my surprise, they turn to the back of the dungeon and head into the woods. Within a few minutes, we arrive at a bunker.

I know what this palace is. We were instructed as children to never come close. here. It is the interrogation room.

The guards open the door and immediately the smell that comes out makes me want to throw up.

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