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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 6

The guards lead me inside the cemented structure and the first thing I see is three guards and Green–eyes strapped to a chair. He looks like he has been beat up a bit but it is nothing he doesn’t seem to be able to handle.

“Why am I here?” I ask.

I don’t want to see him like this.

“By order of the Luna, you are to be our little helper today.”

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“What?! What do you mean?!”

One of the guards suddenly swings a hammer at Green–eye’s hand, smashing his fingers.

He creams in pain and I scream too.

With no pause, another guard swings at him with a small whipping stick that has strands at the end of the stick with blades attached to the end of the strands.

“Stop!” I scream.

“Stop?” The guard laughs. “These are enemies. Our job is to get any information from them in whatever way we can.

The guard holds my arm, pulling me towards green–eyes and then he puts a pointy metal tool in my hands.

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“By order of the Luna, you are supposed to help.


I scream.

They all force me in front of Green–eyes.

I look into his eyes

and he looks into mine. There is calmness in his green seas.

He doesn’t look afraid but I am.

One of the guards holds my hand tight with the metal tool in it and pulls it to stab Green–eyes in between one of his fingers and his nail.

He hisses when the tool pierces his skin. I use all my strength to pull back but they are too strong. I manage to free my other hand and scratch one of them. right on the face. That makes him pull back and I am able to free myself and

Chapter 6

immediately I throw the tool on the floor.

“NO!” I scream at them.

The hand of the man I scratched swings across my face, slapping me.

“This is your punishment! You are to experience what happens to those who are considered enemies of the pack. The Luna said that if you didn’t do what you

were told, you would be punished even more severely.”

I look at the guard with so much anger as I rub my face. Usually, I would try to contain myself but this time, I let my anger lead me.

“The Luna can go and fuck herself for all I give a shit! Hurt me if you want to but I will not cause him pain! No one deserves this kind of treatment!”

One of the guards gasps at my words but the other two just look at each other.

“What now?” one of them asks the other.

“The Luna thought this would happen. She said to let her watch. We don’t have a lot of time tonight so let’s hurry up.”

I shake my head but one of them grabs me from behind and holds me close enough for me to see what is being done to Green–eyes.

I close my eyes but hear everything.

“STOP!” I scream as I try to get out of this guard’s grasp. But of course, they don’t stop just because I tell them to.

“Talk!” the guard that tortures Green–eyes shouts.

Green–eyes stays silent and continues to take everything they throw at him. Yeah, he sometimes screams and groans but he does not budge and still looks calm. As if this is something he is used to.

Tears start to come out of my eyes. I hate this. I feel desperate to help Green–eyes but there is nothing I can do to stop them.

“You feel for this man? He is the enemy.” the guard that holds me asks.

“All I see is just a man. No faction, no color, no good or bad. Just a man.”


The man torturing Green–eyes points a knife at me. “Naive little girl. You have no idea what these people are capable of.”

“You are right! But that is because all I see is what this pack is capable off” I

Chapter 6

a bad man but deep inside I don’t feel like he is.

I close my eyes but find it hard to sleep but eventually, I do. However, in the middle of the night, I am woken up by the guards again. They open my cell and throw Green–eyes at me.

“Clean him up since you are so fond of him!”

I gasp when I see the blood on him and even though I can see that he has an expression of pain, he still looks like he is in control.

Another guard brings in a bucket of water with a few rags and then they leave. but they stay in the hall.

Dash lifts his head up. “Are you good?”

“Yeah.” Green–eyes says as if it is nothing.

Dash nods and goes back to sleep.

I take the rags and look at him. I am a bit scared of having him in my cell this


For all that talk about not caring that he was the enemy, I am now very aware that this man is part of the Dark Fang Pack.

He leans his back on the bars and slides down until he sits looking tired.

Taking in a deep breath, I kneel in front of him and examine his wounds before I do anything. His hands and fingers are bleeding. He has multiple cuts on his chest and stomach but not deep though they still look painful. His face saw a few more punches after I was taken away.

Our kind heals faster than humans do but for wounds like this, it will still take a few days especially if there are broken bones.

I dip a rag into the water and squeeze it.

“I am sorry if I cause you more pain.” I whisper.

He just stares at me and I don’t know what to make of it but I don’t feel like he is a danger to me right now..

When I am about to start treating him, I stop as I am hit by the realization of his n*kedness….right in front of me.

I look away and my eyes water just a bit out of embarrassment. I know it is stupid to be worried about this now but I can’t help it. I have never had real

Chapter 6

sausage and eggs flaunted at me like this. I didn’t even know it would look that big this close. I mean I know how they look because of books and we are werewolves. I’ve seen my share of n*ked men and women. I see men and women. all the time when they shift but…never this close.

I can’t do this if he is like this. I grab one of the rags and toss it on his exposed junk. For a moment there, I think I see him holding a laugh but I quickly look away feeling embarrassed.

I clear my throat and grab his arms which he easily gives. I start to carefully clean his wounds and he doesn’t seem to hurt when I do.

This man has been through a lot. I notice the old scars. He has many scars all over his b*dy that don’t even compare to the new ones.

We are silent the whole time that I tend to his hands but I know he never stops staring at me. I can feel it. However, not once do I look up at him. But I feel the awkwardness and I don’t like it.

“W… What is your name?” I don’t know how but I am brave enough to ask. I just need to fill this deafening silence..

For a few seconds, there is more silence. I finally look up at him, meeting his


“A–alexis.” he finally says.

I nod without looking at him. “Alexis.”

As I move my hand to his chest to start cleaning his wounds, he suddenly catches. my hand with his.

I look up at him. His sudden intense gaze gives me chills.


I wait for him to finish.

“Why do you give me…such kindness?”

I am taken by surprise by the question but all I can remember is how unkind the people in my pack can be.”

“Because….I am not shown much kindness either. And it’s free so it is all I have to give.”

He seems surprised by my answer. He lets my hand go and his hand suddenly.

Clupter 6

goes up to my chin.

As he holds my chin, he stares at every inch of my face, as if he is searching for something. Now I am really nervous but before anything else happens, I feel my chest about to explode again.

I scoot back all the way to the end of the bars holding my chest and holding my cry. I know there was no way I hid that from him. I open my eyes and see hi staring at me with his eyes wide.

“What…” He stops almost as if he realizes and knows what is happening. “Who…is. doing this…”

I take in a deep breath. He noticed and I can’t hide it from him now.

“Is it…not obvious?” I softly ask as I wince.

He stays quiet making me even more nervous but then he finally speaks. “Your…mate,” he says.

I close my eyes and nod.

“Mh.” His eyebrows come together in a scowl. “Why does he do this?”

I hold my chest, waiting for this wave of pain to pass before I answer him.

I stare back into his eyes. “Because he doesn’t want me. He hates me.”

Our eyes never leave each other now. I don’t know why I can’t look away. I almost feel like I am under a spell.

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