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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 64

Chapter 64

“Who…are you?

“Honora!” I get up and press myself against the bars.

She recoils back and I

quickly back away just a bit

to not scare her.

“I…know you.” She says. “I can feel that power of yours.”

I nod. “I’m Cass. We met at

your shop when Lotus

brought me to you.”

“Yes…what in the world are

you doing here?” She asks grabbing the bars as if she is checking how sturdy they


“I was sold by an enemy Alpha. Can you help me?”

She looks to the side at all

the guards and then looks back at me shaking her head.

“How can I help you? I can’t directly get you out, I’m just

a witch.”

“A witch?” Kanda asks

sounding amused, listening

in to our conversation. “You have magical powers?”

“Well yes but probably not as

you think. I can create

magical potions and enchant items. Use the power of crystals to help someone heal a disease or help with

dreams.” She looks at me as

she says this. “I don’t wield realm–bending abilities as

they embellish on books and


I nod. “I know but you can

still help. Tell my pack where I am. I am sure they are

looking for me but they

don’t know I am here.”

She slowly nods looking

thoughtful. “Yes, I can do


I look at her with confusion.

“What are you doing here anyway?”

She looks a bit ashamed now.

“I come here to get

ingredients for my potions.

They sell things here that…well…are not sold at

other places.” She holds up a small rucksack bag. “Kidney

stones passed from a


My face scrunches in disgust as she nervously smiles. I really hope that the potion I

drank from her didn’t

contain that.

She sighs. “Listen. I will help

you but I can’t leave now. This place is not open to just anyone and every time I am here I am always being

watched. Even now. So I

have to play this off

somehow. Also, my room is

already paid for two days, if I

were to suddenly try to

leave, it would create

suspicion, plus now I have to

stay for these macabre



“I have to take a bet on you

now. It would look too

suspicious if I just left after talking to you.”

Her eyes go to the market. I follow her stare and see a

man staring at us.


I nod.

“Do what you have to and

what you can. Please, just

make sure that my pack


She nods as she puts her hand on mine holding the

cell bar. “I will help you. I

helped your mother once. I will not abandon you.”

She…helped my mother?

“Also…what is it with that

mask?” She asks looking


“Oh…they bolted it onto me

because of my power.”

“Mh…no fools. But if you

manage to take it off, you’d

be such a power to be trifled



“I can seces your power. It is strong though there seems to

be a blockage inside of you.” She mutters. “Anyway, I will leave in two days and I will

go directly to your pack.”

“Thank you.”

She looks at the guards that

are near her. “Excuse me,

where are bets being taken? I

would like to bet on this


Right this way.” The guard says and leads her away. She

looks back at me giving me a

reassuring stare.

I close my eyes and sit, sliding down the bars.

Please, please let this work.

“Well, that is lucky.” Kanda


I take her hand. “If this

works, I am freeing all of us.”

She smiles. “I would greatly appreciate it.”

About an hour passes and we are brought food but I barely eat. My stomach is in

shambles. I feel like I will

throw up again. My nerves

are getting the best of me.

“You need to eat. You need

strength for tonight.”

“I know, Kanda. I just can’t right now.” Saying this to her, my attention is drawn by a

woman who stands next to a

guard. She speaks to the

guard and then starts pacing, looking at everyone in the


The reason I am so drawn to

her is because I have seen

her before. I try my best not

to react but I am shocked

when I realize that it is Ezra’s


She stares directly at me. My

fist clenched. If it wasn’t

because bars are separating

us, I’d be tearing her apart

right now.

She stares at me and seems

intrigued but the guard next to her points to Kanda. “She is the champion with multiple wins under her.”

The witch now ignores me

and gives her attention to


If she is here, then Ezra

might be too.

I look around to see if I am

right but it is only her.

This place really draws magical beings in.

“What is it?” Kanda asks

noticing my change.

“That woman. I don’t like



“Let’s just say that this one is

not a good witch.”

“Another witch?”

I nod.

“What about this one?” I hear

the witch say as she looks at

me. “What’s with the mask?”
“Our Alpha likes to make things interesting. Basically

sew that mask to her face for

the theatrics. She is new and

won the last fight.”

She stares at me but doesn’t

seem to recognize me.

I keep a straight face but it is hard to not want to spit at her or something like that. I beg that she doesn’t get close

because I think I won’t be

able to resist myself. I’ll pull

her by the hair and break

her n*ck if I get the chance.

“Interesting.” She says taking a step closer.

I watch her with intent. Two

more steps and I got her.

To my displeasure, as she is about to take another step,

the guard leads her away to the bidding table.

I watch her. She makes a

bet–I am guessing towards

Kanda–and then vanishes.

I curse and now I am in a

foul mood. I slide back to my

seat and take my plate of food but all I do is move

things around, unable to eat.

“What did that woman do to

you? You seemed like you

wanted to hurt her.”

“No, I wanted to kill her.”


“That witch helped someone

hurt me. Someone who is

my enemy and now she

works for him.”

“I see. Well, you really have

some kind of luck. To see

two people you know in one day and two witches at that.”

“Luck… that’s one way to see it. To be honest, my life

seems like a big joke

sometimes. Like as if

someone is pulling the

strings on my life and I am

just a puppet in it all.”

She nods. “Life can feel like

that sometimes.”

Pushing the plate of food to

the side, I cover my nose feeling like I am about to


“Still not feeling it?” She asks.

I shake my head. “No.”

I notice her eyes going down to my stomach. She looks back into my eyes and smiles. “If you don’t eat, you

are going to get sick and

then you are really going to start throwing up.”

“I’ll start tomorrow. Let’s just

get this day out of the way.”

She drops the issue and we spend the rest of the day resting. When the sun is

starting to go down, we are

taken to the barracks to get

ready but half of the women

and men are taken to

different locations. Which I

find strange.

“Why were they taken away?”

I ask Kanda.

“They were taken to different barracks. It most likely

means that they are our


“Oh…so you and I won’t be fighting each other.”


I had not given this much thought till now. At any moment she or Sheril could

be my opponents. I don’t

think I could hurt them.

I chose the same gear I did before and when I am ready,

I sit in a corner waiting for

the inevitable.

Kanda on the other hand

chooses different gear this

time and seems lighter.

“Why are you not wearing

your gear?”

“They said I might be able to

shift this fight.”

“Oh! Right!”

“You should really do

something with your hair.”

She says walking up to me.

“My hair?”

She nods. “It is long and easy

to take advantage of.”

“You think so?”

She sits behind me and starts

braiding it into one long


“Try this.” She says.

“Thank you. It feels much


She nods with a smile. “You have very beautiful hair.”

“You think so? Growing up, I was always made fun of because of my hair.”

“Children will be children.

Don’t dwell on that.”

I like Kanda. She is a really sweet woman though she looks scary because of how

tough she looks.

There are two other girls

here with us and that

includes the girl that always

sleeps in our cell.

She doesn’t have that blanket

over her so now we can see

her better. She has straight

thin blond hair. She is very

pale, small, skinny, and looks


“Hey, what is your name?” I

ask her.

She looks at me, startled.

“Maribel.” She says.

“Uhm… are you…going to go

out like that?” I ask her.

She only wears the white drags we wear every day.

She looks away, shrugs, and

then walks towards the


“Will…she be okay?” I


“Mh…seems like she doesn’t

have much will to live.”

“That’s sad.”

We watch as Maribel slides

her hand across the huge long sword. It is almost the same length as her small frame. To our surprise, she

picks it up effortlessly but

then lets it hit the ground

and drags it behind her.

“…the girl is…weird.”

“What is she anyway? She

almost smelled human at

some point but now she doesn’t. I can’t ever really

pinpoint what she is.”

“Yeah…” Kanda agrees but she

also has no idea.

The door suddenly opens

and many guards walk in,

more than usual.

The main guard looks at a paper in his hands and then

looks around the room. “You

three will be fighting

twice…if you survive.”

He points to me, Kanda, and


“What?!” Kanda and I ask.

“You will be opening the game with a three–on–three match. If you survive, you

will fight again on single

matches tomorrow.”

“That’s ridiculous!” I shout.

“Shut up and walk!”

Maribel started walking after

the guard without any

complaints, still dragging

that huge sword with her. Taking a deep hardy breath, Kanda and I put our special

gear on my beaded nose

and mouth mask and Kanda

her circle. I then follow

along with Kanda behind

me. We are led to the middle
of the arena where the crowd

cheers when they see us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s

start this show!” The

announcer starts to speak.

“First we have The Maiden!

This will be her first fight.

Let’s see how she fairs.”

That must be Maribel.

“Then we have The Persian

Princess! Made her debut last

game and won to fight

another day! And then our

female champion, The

Nubian Pharaoh! Undefeated

to this day! What a show this

will be!”

A guard comes close and

takes Kanda’s iron collar off. I

am glad because this might

give us an advantage.

I skim the crowd. Like

before, it is not a huge crowd though the stands are filled.

There do seem to be a bit

more people this time


I am happy when I see

Honora. She waves at me,

and puts her fist in the air mouthing “Win!”

I smile but soon that smile

falls when I spot Zao. He stands up there as if he was king and next to him is the witch…with Ezra right by her


My heart drops and I stumble almost falling.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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