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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 65

Chapter 65

Suddenly, I am scattered. I am so in shock that I don’t know what to do, say, or


“Cass… Cass!” Kanda brings my attention back to her and

the fight that is about to start.

“What is wrong? Get your head in the game!” She

motions to three men and

two women who come out of

the opposite barracks.

Five?! We are fighting five


The announcer starts

presenting them as they walk

towards the middle. But

before the announcer can

present the second man, I hear Maribel whisper

“Human” with a bit of

desperation. Maribel

suddenly rushes by me and jumps on one of the girls. The girl falls backward with

Maribel on her, her mouth

latched onto the woman’s


She…is biting her?

Kanda and I are shocked and

so are the other contestants.

The crowd has gone just a bit quieter too excluding some

that cheer.

Maribel suddenly stands, leaving the girl dead on the floor. Maribel’s lips run red with blood, dripping down her chin and fangs exposed. She wipes her chin trying to get all the dripping blood back in her mouth, licking her fingers with desperation. When her eyes meet mine, they are glowing red.

Everyone is stunned.

“Eh…” The announcer

doesn’t know what to say.

“A…vampire…ladies and

gentlemen…our Maiden is…a vampire.” He suddenly cuts

off and whispers to someone.

“No one told me we had a

vampire.” We can still hear



I knew other supernatural creatures were real but I had

never seen a vampire. They

are rare creatures.

The other female opponent suddenly swings her sword at Maribel. Maribel dodges, picks up her own sword, and starts fighting. She swings

the massive sword

effortlessly as if it were a piece of plastic and did not weigh a single pound.

I take one last look at Ezra

hearing Kanda start fighting


He stares down at us.

Does he know it’s me?

I can’t tell if he does or

doesn’t. My wolf is itching to get out. I do my best to hold it in. But I suddenly imagine myself somehow climbing up the wall of spikes and jamming my dagger into his

chest. That puts me in a good mood even though I

am not able to do that.

I turn to meet my opponent who rushes in my direction.

I do not want to kill this man

but I also don’t want to be

killed by him.

Immediately I can tell that

this is a rogue. He has a sword and quickly swings it. I dance around him, slashing at his back with my daggers. The man grunts but turns around and swings his

sword. I am not able to get

away fast enough. I get a

Victor has really helped. He

swings at me and I

immediately move.

He slashes his sword

sideways and I dodge again. Excitement rushes through me. I am able to keep up. It is like a dance at this point. He

continues his assault while I

move around him. Suddenly

he takes momentum and

crashes his sword down at

me. I block with one of my daggers and slash with the other at his stomach,
opening his abdomen. The

man lowers his sword as if he

is giving up but I can see that

he is just trying to trick me. When he is about to lift it up and swing it at me, I twirl around him and jam my dagger into his back.

The man takes a few steps and falls to the ground.

I was excited that I was able

to fight but now I don’t feel so good about it. I killed him…I killed a man

again…an unnecessary death.

“I…I’m sorry.” I whisper.

I don’t want to look at him. I

know that if I do, it will stay

with me forever. Instead, I

watch Kanda. She fights the other two men. She already

has one on his knees with her weapon impaled on him.

When she turns, the other

man is shifting. Like Kanda,

he does not have a collar.

Kanda also shifts. I am

unable to look away. She

turns into a big cat like a cheetah but just a bit bigger. Also, her fur is dark but

there are some sort of prints

on her that I can’t make out.

When they are both done shifting, they run at each

other and clash. Wolf growls and piercing large cat

screeches can be heard in an


The wolf is vicious and tries

to bite at her n*ck while she

also bites and claws.

Maribel is suddenly next to me also watching. I look back and see the girl she was fighting, impaled with Maribel’s big sword.

I come back to Kandas fight.

She is right, they have an agility that we werewolves don’t possess. She somehow jumps on his back, latches on

to his n*ck, and with her

back legs, she starts kicking down, clawing at him.

If this was a skilled werewolf,

he would probably be able to overpower her. But this guy is unable to fight back at this

point. She claws at his n*ck

as she holds him and that is

it. The fight is over and people cheer
The cheer reminds me how

messed up this all is. They

are cheering at us for killing. It’s disgusting.

“Ladies and gentlemen! We

have our winners!”

Kanda shifts back,

completely n*ked while people cheer even louder


Giving one last look at Ezra,

the three of us head back to

the barracks. Kanda and I

tend to our wounds but my

attention now is on Maribel.

“You are a vampire?” I ask but

I am not sure this is true. She

has been in the sun with us

and has eaten normal food.

If I recall, stories are that she

wouldn’t be able to do any of


“No.” She responds.

“Then what are you?” Kanda


“I am a hybrid. Half human,

half vampire.”

“Oh? What is the difference?”

Kanda asks.

Maribel sighs. “I don’t

require human blood for just

survival. Not having blood

weakens me but I do not die

because of it. I can eat

normal foods to help with

the weakness–as I have been

doing all this time— and the sun does not kill me but it

does bother me, burns my skin easily.”

“How does one come to be a

hybrid?” Kanda asks.

“What stupid question is

that? My human mother and my vampire father had s*x, then I arrived.”

“So you are immortal?”

“No. Hybrids have a longer lifespan than humans but we

age and die after a couple

hundred years.”

This is all new to me and

quite interesting.

We all rest until the game is finally over and we are taken

to the dining hall like last

time. Only this time, we are not displayed on the tables. They have put chairs for us on those middle tables along

with food but our ankles are

still shackled to the table.

“Wait here until the Alpha

enters with his guests.” The

guard says.

“You seem tense.” Kanda

whispers at me.

I am really scared that this close, Ezra will recognize me

if he doesn’t know that it is

me already. I am not so much worried about my

scent. I am sweaty and have

not showered for a few days,

plus, this whole place always


“I’m just tired.” I tell her.

The door opens with a loud

noise, startling us.

Zao walks in with Ezra and

the witch behind him.

“Come. Sit. Enjoy the feast.” He says to his gets and then

motions to us as he walks.

“Our winners up close.”

Ezra and the witch stare at

us. I do my best to not look
so suspicious or nervous.

They go past us and sit next

to Zao.

I am surprised. He didn’t recognize me. So Oliver really didn’t tell him? Of

course not. He sold me to

Zao instead of handing me

to Ezra which is what Ezra

would have wanted.

How delightful is this…

Zao motions for us to sit. We

take our seats and start

eating. A few of us are

civilized while the rest eat

like pigs.

I am glad to have better food

but my attention is all on the

conversation that starts

between Zao and Ezra.

“So do you actively go

looking for strong fighters?”

Ezra asks giving us another


“Most of these men and

women have fallen to my lap

on their own at first. Now

that I am making money

from this kind of

entertainment I am actively

searching for strong men

and women.”

“I see. It was a great show today. That one in particular.

I have never seen one of her


“Ah, a werecat.”

“Sounds almost ridiculous.‘

The witch laughs.

“Indeed my dear but they are very dangerous.” Zao


“And that one is a vampire? To be honest, I didn’t think

that they were really real.”

Ezra says.

“Many don’t. They are so rare after all.”

He looks at Maribel but I can

see that he didn’t even know

what she was until the fight.

“Is her mask bolted?” Ezra


I know he speaks about me so I keep my attention on my food.

“Yes. A beautiful maiden

whose looks can kill.”

Oh, goddess! He’s going to

give me away.

“Part of the gimmick I

assume?” Ezra asks.

My mouth becomes so dry

that it is hard to chew.

“Yes. It’s the allure of it all.”

I calm down so much when

he says this that I almost pee on myself.

“So it is my understanding that you wish to do

some…business with us.” Zao

changes the conversation.

Ezra nods. “Yes.”

“What kind of business?

Before anything, you must

understand that I do not do

alliances. We are a

free–for–all pack. Neutral.”

“Mh, I understand that. Our

enemy has an endless supply

of men. With their latest

win, they almost seem unstoppable.”

“Yes, I heard. Two packs taken in one night.” Zao says.

Ezra nods looking upset. “The river packs were easy targets but nonetheless, it gives them more numbers.”

River pack! Did they attack the river pack? Who is in

control? Is it Victor? Is


So many questions rush through my head.

“What is this war about?” Zao


“It is a war that has gone on

for years. But recently, it is

about a woman.” Ezra


“History repeats. All great wars have been fought over women. It wouldn’t be a war

worth fighting for if not. So

what exactly is it that you


“Men. Give me a steady

supply of men to fight for

me. Slaves or whatever you
wish to call them.”

“Hmh…that’s difficult. These

men and women don’t fight

for me. They fight for

survival. Given a chance,

they will bite the hand that

feeds them. They will turn

on you.”

“The dark fang pack has

system to break their captured prisoners, I have

my own way to gain loyalty.” Ezra smiles and looks at the

witch next to him.


“And what will you offer us

in return?”

“That is something that can

be negotiated.”

“Well said.” Zao says with


Zao looks at the witch next

to Ezra.

“I do not believe I have ever had a witch in my fighting pit.”

“Well, you’d be

disappointed.” She says. “We are not very good when it comes to combat. My kind

tends to work more behind

the scenes.”

“I see. So witches would not

make for a good show.”

The diner continues without

us. We are brought back to our cells after changing. I am able to find sleep but I do
spend most of the night thinking about Ezra and that witch. How I wish I could get

out of here and take them

out in the middle of the


The next morning, I wake up to run to the latrine. I feel

like my entrails come out through my mouth as I

empty the contents of my


When I am done, I walk back

to my corner only to see

Kanda staring at me with a



“Congrats, but please make sure that Zao does not notice

your condition.”


“Pregnant women here are

taken away and are never

seen again.”

“Pregnant? What are

you…me? No, no that’s not it.

I’m just…sick…”

She smiles. “Okay…whatever

you say…”

…No way…Shit…

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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