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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 69

Chapter 69

-Colt’s POV-

“So they are ready for us?” I


Garret nods. “Yes. Our scouts

have been captured. Oliver

has the upper hand now.”

“Then what do we do?” I am

starting to feel helpless.

“We watch but prepare for an


“So…we wait again.”

“It is all we can do.”

“Cass is out there and who

knows what they are doing

to her!”

Victor puts a hand on my shoulder. “I get it! I know!

But this is the situation right


“She is strong. She can hold


“I know she is but It doesn’t

matter. They can kill her at

any moment! And what is

even worse is that we don’t

know where she is!”

“My men say she has not

been seen in Oliver’s pack or

Ezra’s. We don’t know where

they have her.” Beck says.

That is what kills me the


“Ezra’s men have been seen

moving too.” Rodrick speaks. “Something is up and we have to be careful especially now that all other packs are watching us after we took the river packs.”

Garret nods.“The Alphas of all other packs–excluding us, Ezra, and Oliver–had a

meeting a day ago. I am assuming it was about our

squabble but so far, they are

waiting however, they are on edge. Anything could tip them over and join the fight against us.” Garret ads.

Victor nods, looking pensive. “Send them a message. Tell

them that this fight is between us, Oliver, and

Ezra’s pack. If they don’t get

involved, then there will be

no issues with them.”

“We can do that but trust me,

they won’t believe it.”

“Try it.”

“So again, we just wait?” I ask,

my frustration peacking.

“I have a team that is going to try and get some more information. So yes. For


I am angry but I am also

exausted. So this time, I let it

be. I have barely slept since Cass has been gone.
When the meeting is over, I head to the place where I

have been drowning my feelings, the bar room.

As I walk through the halls,

Julia suddenly pops up from

one of the corners.


“Julia…” I grunt.

“I made you something.” She holds out a plate with a

custard flan. “Remember? I

used to make them for you

all the time especially when you were feeling down. You’ve been looking so sad lately and I just wanted you

to feel better.”

I nod but I am not sure if I

should accept it.

“Listen, I just… I just want you to be happy again. You

have been so sad lately and I hate it.” She says.

“Uhm…thanks but-”

“If you don’t want it now, I’ll put it in a container for you and you can have it when you feel like it.” She gives a big smile and all I can do is


“Julia!” Rodricks’s voice resonates through the hall.

Julia jumps and quickly turns around to face him.

“Enough. You are not

supposed to be anywhere

near him.”


I give him a nod and go past them to avoid being sucked into the squabble.

I finally make it to the bar

room. It has been a bit more

full of late. People have taken to drinking more in the last couple of days.

spot Bryn with Miles. They

don’t drink but this is where

they usually hang out.

“Still can’t talk?” I ask Bryn.

She squints her eyes at me

and mouths out. “No.”

That is the only relief I have.

As long as my sister can’t

talk, I know Cass is alive.

I get a drink and sit with

them. Miles reads a book

while Bryn paints her nails. I just stare out of the window.

Dash suddenly slaps my shoulder and sits next to me.

“Damn, you are tensed.”

“You think?” I say with


“I’d give you a massage but you know…it would feel

weird for both of us.”

“Yeah. Don’t. Thanks, but


He laughs and then turns to

Miles and Bryn. “And what

have you two creepers been

up to?”

“Creepers?” Miles asks.

“Yeah. You are twins. Twins

are creepy.”

“No, we are not!” Miles says

and Bryn holds her hands up

as an x.

“Are you serious?” Dashs

asks. “Have you ever seen

horror movies? Twins are

always creepy in movies.

There is that horror movie

where those twin ghost girls

stand in a hallway. And then

there are those tweedle

twins, it’s supposed to be a

children’s movie but those

two are creepy as f**k. Why is there always a need to say the same thing at the same time? Creepy


Oh, how Cass would be

laughing right now and probably agreeing. It makes

me smile to think about her

and how she would react.

We stay here for a while.

They do lift my spirit up a


When they leave, I sit alone looking out of the window.

I close my eyes. It is hard for me to think that she is gone. When I close my eyes,

sometimes I feel like she is

about to talk to me, walk into the room, or touch me, put her hands around me in a

hug. But it doesn’t happen. am left there alone.

A hand creeps up from the

back of my shoulder.

I immediately open my eyes and see Skye. I am sure that

the disappointment on my

face is noticeable.

“Hey, how are you holding up?” She asks.

“I…I’m hanging in there.”

She nods and sits next to me.

“I can’t believe Ezra has done

all of this. His betrayal must be hard for you.”

“Ezra…it is not him in

particular that upsets me. It

is what he has done. The

lives that he has taken are

what hurts. Not really him being the one that betrayed me. It is the people that he

took away.”

She puts her hand on my

back and rubs it.

I don’t know how to feel

about that. I feel like I should

move away but…the action does comfort me.

She nods. “I am sorry. I wish I could take the pain away.”

There is no reason for her to

say that.

I shake my head. “That is not why I am upset. At least not

at the moment. I am upset

because of Cass. She’s been

taken. I don’t know if she is

safe. I…need her.”

“Do you really…have so

much feelings for her? You

almost act as if she was your


“Yes.” I say with no

hesitation. “That is exactly

how it feels.”

“How… how did you two get

so close?” She asks.

“It’s a long story. I got captured by our own pack. I was imprisoned in the cells

and she was there as well.

She didn’t know who I was at

the time and that helped me

see her. She showed me who

she really was. She wasn’t

scared because I wasn’t Colt

to her at that moment. I was

a stranger…the enemy

yet…she showed me

compassion and truly cared.”

I say all this remembering every single moment of it. Those little moments when

she would look at me when I

had barely spoken to her.

She was scared of me but so

curious. She looked past the

scars and saw me. I knew I

didn’t have to hide who I was

with her. It was

refreshing…and now my Angel has been taken from

“Damn them all! F**king Oliver is going to pay!” My hand slaps the table.

She stares at me and I can

see all manners of questions

wanting to come out.

“What is it?” I ask.

She shakes her head. “It’s just

that, you would have acted

just like this for me once.”

“Do you really want to get

into that now? Do you want

me to give you the reason

why things are the way they


“No. Don’t mind me. Just

reminiscing. By the way,

there is something I want to give you back.”


“Your mother’s ring. I still

have it. It’s not fair. You

should have it.” She gets up.

“I’ll bring it by later.”

“You can keep it.” I say going

back to my drink.

“No. It doesn’t seem right.”

I give her a nod. “Fine.”

I stay there another hour and then decide to try and get some sleep but I doubt

I’ll find any. I had to take

another room because Cass’s room smelled just like her and it was overwhelming. I

won’t admit it to others but I

found myself crying many times.

I go past Cass’s room

envisioning her walking out. Putting those thoughts away, the moment I enter my room, I go directly to the

bathroom and take a hot

shower. I finally come out feeling refreshed and with a

towel on my lower half, I

head to my drawers to get

some clothes.

“No need for that.”

“What the f**k?!” I turn to

see Julia. She walks up to me and pulls my towel off.

Her hand grabs me by the back of my neck and pulls

me into a k*ss while her

other hand grabs my cock and starts stroking.

Three seconds are too long

to react to her but I am so

shocked that it takes me that

long. I pull away, hitting the drawers and knocking everything on top of it.

“Colt…” She whispers.

“STOP! I’ve had enough!” I

take her by the arm and I am not gentle as I drag her. I open the door and throw her

out of the room. She

stumbles and falls right in

front of Skye who holds a ring box that I recognize.

“What the hell?” She mutters

as she looks at Julia and then at me and my naked body.

“Why do you have to be like this?” Julia whines looking up at me. “I just wanted to take the pain away.”

“Stay out of my room! Enough is enough, Julia!”

“Uhm…I… brought

you…this.” Skye says showing

me the ring case.

I quickly take it.

“So now you are taking gifts from her?” Julia asks.

Skye squints her eyes at Julia. “What? What is wrong with you, stupid little girl!”

“Stupid little girl?!”

Taking a deep breath, I close my door and put clothes on.

Eventually, I hear the

commotion outside of my

room continue. I am sure

they are putting their hands on each other. Dragging my feet, I come out and just as I thought, they are fighting. I pull them both by the back of their clothes, separate them, and throw them. They fall on opposite sides of the


“I dislike you both!” I say. “I want you both to stay away from me.”

“But-” They both try to


“Shut up!” I shout. “You are

both so ridiculous! I’ve had

enough! Stay away from


This is the only way to get

through to them and I really am fed up.

“Either of you comes near me and I’ll make you regret it. I am not f**king playing


Leaving them stunned, I go back to my room, slamming the door. It only takes about

a minute for someone to

knock on my door.

“What the f**k is it?!” I

scream as I open the door.

A scared pack member

stands there petrified.

“Uhm…Alpha Victor and

Alpha Garret have requested


Now?…must be something important.

I rush out and when I walk

into the room, Crow–the leader of Warrick’s rogue trackers—stands talking with


“What is it?” I ask,

interrupting and obviously


“Something came up.” Garret says and motions to Crow.


“Alpha Warrick secretly

tasked me to look for his

daughter.” He says.

“Just like him. He never

trusts us.” Garret mutters.

“Well, like you, I hadn’t found a single damn thing. That is why I went to…well… let’s just call it a town of a

sort. I place where I knew

there was a high chance of

gathering information.”

“And?” I ask with impatience.

“Well, I was surprised to find

a woman who…resembles


“Resembles? You know what

she looks like. If you are not

sure, then it is not her.”

“Well…this woman…was

wearing a mask.”

“A mask?”

He nods. “It was bolted to her


I am confused. We all are.

This does not sound like her.

“Crow…you are being vague

and I don’t like it.” Victor


“It is a place where they sell

people and they make them fight. An arena. I could not get much information without being suspicious but the guards believed she had some special power and that is why an iron mask was

bolted onto her.”

I look at the others.

“Crow, do you believe this is

her?” Garret asks with


“If you value my judgment…I believe that it is a high

chance that it is her.” That is

all I need. “Where is this


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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