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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 68

Chapter 68

“Atack!” Chen points his

sword in our direction.

The men that remain with

them hesitate but not for

long. Soon they run in our


They clash with us and the rest of the prisoners who fight on our side. It feels like a dance for me, I dodge as I slash, taking two down. But the enemies keep coming.

Chen’s men and Ezras

combine. Together, they are


We continue to fight and as I

take enemies down, it does

seem to get easier. The

fighting, the anticipating

their movements; the dodging, parrying, and countering it all gets easier.

“We are not going to make it!” Sheril shouts. “They are

too many!”

“Throw me!” Maribel says to



“Just like you did Casseopea.

Throw me, I can take a few


“I know. Just get me as close

as you can.”

“Alright!” She doesn’t even

give me a moment to get ready. I feel her hands on

my back and then I am flying through the air.

I see Ezra and his image gets

closer but I know I won’t be

landing near him.

I close my eyes and connect

with my wolf.

“You want him dead just as much as I do. So go get him.”

I open my eyes as I am about to land. I shift and

immediately my wolf takes


We fall on an enemy halfway towards Ezra, ripping his throat with our bare fangs.

We start running, trying to doge as many enemies and people who fight. My frustration peaks when it seems like we can’t get to

him fast enough.

When finally we have an opening, we zone in on him.

He is distracted looking in

Chen’s direction and doesn’t

see us coming. Excitement

rises in me, itching to have

his neck in my jaws. Just a

few feet away, I can almost

taste the victory.

“Over my dead body!” The

witch Sienna steps in front of

She holds a sword up and if not for my wolf dodging just in time, we would have been impaled by it as we ran at the speed that we did.

We turn back to face her and

start circling her.

The sword in her hand

shakes just a little. She’s


My wolf takes a step towards her but she starts swinging the sword left and right.

There are no skills in her

movements but as she does

this, distracting us, she grabs

a flask from her satchel and

throws it at us. When the

flasks break, a smoke–like

substance scatters

everywhere, engulfing me

and those around us.

Unwillingly, I suddenly shift back to my human form.

“What did you do?!” I shout.

“You can’t shift, it only lasts

for thirty minutes or so but it is enough time.” She

swings her sword. I slide

back but I am unarmed. It is

not hard to dodge her

attacks, she doesn’t know

what she is doing.

“Get out of my way!” I warn


“No!” She shouts.

“He can fight me himself!”

“No, he can’t! Despite him saying how much he wants to end you, deep down, he

doesn’t! He can’t! Because he

is in love with you!”

“Obsession is not love! He is

a monster!” I shout.

“Shut up! He might not love

me but I love him!”

“You fell in love with him

that easily?” I laugh. “How stupid.”

“It did not happen overnight.

We have known each other for many years. He had laid with me many times before

all this started. Back when he

was training.”

“Oh, I see. So you are the

whore he hurt me with.”

“It wasn’t personal, dear. It

was what it was.”

I am furious when I look

behind her.

“You are so loyal to this

man…but look at that…he left

you here to die!”

Ezra is nowhere to be seen.

She doesn’t look surprised.

“He left me because I told

him to.”

“You would die for him?”


“Why?! What is wrong



“You know, he told me of

what he did. How he killed

your sister. You deserved it after what you did.” She says.

“…what I did?…what I did?!

You hear half of the story and quickly believe what he tells you! Did he not tell you

what He did!? What he had

done to me all of our lives?!”

I am furious. “And you think that taking my sister’s life is worth what you believe what

I did to him?”

She swings her sword and I dodge again. “Shut up! You will not turn me against


“If you believe what he told

you, then you deserve to die

with him!”

Without holding back

anymore, I effortlessly move around her. I grab the back of her neck and push her

down. She has no choice but

to kneel. As she does, her

sword falls to the ground and I pick it up.

“You are prepared to die for

him, then so be it!”

She starts thrashing but she only has human strength

and as Honora had told us, a

witch is not really that powerful in a fight.

You really are weak when

you are not hiding behind someone else.

“I–I am with child!” She

screams out.

She is…pregnant. Is this true?

“I don’t believe you.” I say.

“It is his…Ezra’s.”

“… And why tell me this? It

makes no diferetnce.”

“You do not have it in you to

kill me. He told me you were

too good. Don’t let yourself

be tainted by this.‘


I listen to her but I don’t

agree with anything she says.

I lift the sword up and she


“Please! I am pregnant!

I lean into her ear. “And so

was my sister when he cut

her head clean from her

body. But you just celebrated that, didn’t you?”

I might regret this later but at this moment, I don’t.

With wide eyes–sensing her

demise and how much she

screwed up trying to plea to my kind side–she stares up

at me as the sword comes

down. With no friction

whatsoever, her head easily separates from her body.

I hold the head by the hair

while the body falls to the

ground. I look back, unable to spot Ezra but I see some of

his men running out of the gates. I follow, leaving the fight behind and once out, I see Ezra in a car. He gives

orders to one of his men

through the opened window.

I stride in his direction,

hoping he doesn’t see me but he does and stops talking when he sees me. I stop and dangle the head in front of

“If you think that I won’t kill you or that I am playing games, here is your proof that I am not. I will kill you! I

will end you, Ezra!”

I throw the head in his

direction, trying to aim for

the window. The severed

head hits the edge of the window but doesn’t go in. It

falls to the floor in front of


He looks at the head and

then at me as now I continue

to run in his direction. I

swear I can see a bit of fear in

him or maybe is just my

wishful thinking.

His window closes and the

car speeds away.

I take a leap and jump on the two men who stand in my way, falling on top of one of them. I sink my teeth into

his neck and then I turn to

the other as he tries to grab me, twisting his arm and

wrapping myself behind

him. I hold on to his neck

and snap it.

As I stand there, I watch the car speed in the distance. It is

too far and too fast for me to

catch up to it but I do not lose hope. I will kill him.

“You are min, Ezra. Mine to

kill. It takes a monster to kill

another and that is what I am

slowly becoming in order to kill you.” I look at the men I just killed and the witch’s

head. “I have become a


Kanda, in her feline form,

stands next to me and shifts.

“It is done. The pack is ours.”

“It is?”

“Yes. Marina killed Chen and

the men put down their

arms. It is done. That pack is


I nod. “Good but ours whos?”

I ask. “Watch how they all

turn on each other now.

Some of them are going to try and take control.”

“Not while I am around.

Come. Assert your



“Yes! You told me you are to be Alpha of your pack! Start here! These people will be

lost and many are without a

home…as I am. Come!”

She takes my hand and pulls me back inside where they

all cheer.

“Kill all these sons of a

bitches!” A man shouts

pointing at Chen’s men.”

“No!” I shout. “These men are

mine now!”

I can’t let this go to waste. There are too many of them

to just kill. I am taking a page

out of my father’s book here. They are more useful alive.

“They worked for Zao! They

deserve to die!”

Kanda suddenly puts a

draped fabric over my n*ked

b*dy, to cover me and I am grateful.

“I said they are my men


“And who the f**k are you?!”

Another man stands


“I am Casseopea! I am the daughter of Warrick, Alpha of the Dark Fang Pack!”

The whispers start and the

defiant men look at each


I continue. “And I am next in

line to be Alpha, unless he is already dead…that would

make me Alpha already


“You all saw what she did!”

Kanda chimes in. “She tells

the truth! That makes her

the most powerful among us. Do you really wish to have a taste of her power?”

I hope not cause I don’t have

it now.

I touch the cold pendant on

my chest. It has no power.

The man–to my

surprise–suddenly looks down and steps back.

Kanda looks at me and gives me a nod. “Go ahead. Time

to shine and wind them


Easier said than done. Public

speaking is not my forte.

I put on a brave and strong


“Excluding Zao and Chen’s men, I will not force you to join me.

“Those of you who don’t

have a home, then I welcome

you to mine. You will have a

place in my pack as long as

your loyalties lie with me.

Those of you who wish to

leave and go back to your

families–if you have

any—then you are welcome to. But this place will not exist anymore. Never again!”

Behind, the small arena

burns as the fire that we

started eats it all up.

“So many lives lost for mere

entertainment of those who

coveted power. Let it burn

and take down what


Kanda raises her fist and

cheers along with everyone else who copies her.

I turn to Maribel and Sheril. “What about you two?”

“I have some business to take

care of. Someone is going to pay for selling me.” Sheril


“I am going back to my city and find a nice bed to sleep

on comfortably. No more

floors for me.”

I almost laugh. All she ever

does is sleep.

“Well, my pack is always

open to you both.”

Sheril smiles and hugs me. “Thank you. I might come to

visit sometime. Now order

one of these men to give me a car. I am itching to get

these hands on someone’s

neck.” She looks at Maribel.

“Want a ride?”


Kanda and I see them off. I

wish they had stayed. They

were strong women and I

could use more like them

with me.

“I wish to stay by your side.”

says. “I have nowhere

Kanda says.

else to call a home.”

Watching Sheril drive away, I

smile and nod. “My home is

your home now.‘


My eyes zone into the

distance where we can see

the brightness of the sun make its way out of the


Colt. I am coming home


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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