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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 9

Within a few minutes, I make it back home.

“Where did you go? Lauren asks with concern.

“Uhm what is this celebration about?” I ask.

“Oh, we don’t know. But we are all instructed to attend.”

I stare at her clothes now noticing that she is wearing a dress.

“It should start in an hour. Why don’t you get ready, if you feel up to it.”

“It’s tonight?”

“Yeah, you don’t have to come if you don’t feel good.” James says,

Lauren suddenly giggles. “Come…that’s what she said.”

James laughs and I just roll my eyes. It’s not even funny.

“I am sure you have a free pass today. You just woke up,” he says.

“Uh…no, it’s okay. I’ll get ready.”

I take a shower and then I stand in front of my clothes rack.

“I have nothing to wear, I mumble.

“I know.” Lauren says from behind as she puts a dress on my bed. “Here. You can have it.”

“This is one of yours.”

“Yeah, but It’s okay. It doesn’t fit me anymore.”

I smile. “Okay. Thank you.”

It is a light blue dress. Old but in good condition. It has a lot of small pink flower prints on it. It has buttons on the front that go from the n*eck to the hem that stops at the middle of my thighs so it opens like a jacket would. The shoulders have that old-style bowl shape but not the big ones like in the Victorian era. It’s more like a nineties dress. I then put black flats on and comb my wet hair, then scrunch it with my hands so that the curls don’t break and turn to frizzy strands.

I look in the mirror and take a deep breath as I start thinking to myself.

Keep your head down and don’t do or say anything stupid. Avoid Ezra and the Luna. In fact, avoid the whole Alpha family.

Taking another deep breath, I leave my room.

After we are all ready, we head to the celebration.

People are talking. Everyone is confused as to why the Alpha is holding a celebration so suddenly.

“Something good must have happened,” James says.

“I do hope so…cause to think that we could be home getting it one right now instead of here…” Lauren says. “Eww! Stop it!”

James laughs. He is not bothered by the way she talks but I am! She doesn’t have to say everything she thinks.

I stay close to them but move away so I don’t have to hear the things she says. She seems a bit more needy than usual.

For a while, while they talk, I am deep in thought thinking about what happened with Niles. I am forcing myself to act like I am okay but that was a traumatizing experience. I have been hurt and bullied but I have never been s**ually assaulted. I feel disgusted that he touched me like that.

I force myself out of those thoughts and turn around to scan the area. None of the Alpha family is here yet and I don’t see Alexis anywhere either, that is assuming that he is free to walk around. I have no idea what is going on with him and the others.

I suddenly spot Dash, behind the stage. I have never run so fast before. I get to him in a matter of seconds.

“Dash!” I tap his back.

He turns around and gives me a big smile. “Curls!”

“What is going on?!”

“Whoa there. No hello?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Hello. What is happening? Why are you…like this?”

I look at his clothes. He wears a long-sleeved white dress shirt, like the one a man would wear inside a suit with dress pants and dress shoes. He is clean and now I can see his face much better. He is a really cute guy. Has a couple of scars around his n*eck and face but not like Alexis.

“You’ll see, Curls.” He looks at my dress. “You are looking cute.”

“Stop it. Where is Alexis? What is going on with him?”

He chuckles. “Tired of me already?”

He leans in with a smile and whispers in my car. “You will see.”

I lean back and face him with squinted eyes. I am now completely immune to his charms and I am glad.

He starts laughing when he sees my expression. He then sighs as his eyes go behind me but then smiles at me. “Oh, how I wish you were my mate. You are a cute sweet little thing. I’d never mistreat you.”

I am a bit shocked that he says this. He goes past me and I turn around to watch him leave but that is when I spot Ezra standing behind me. Dash gives him a smirk while Ezra gives him a murderous glare.

Wait…does he know it is Ezra who is my mate? I sigh. He must have figured it out when Ezra was the one who took me out of the dining room


I turn around to go back to my sister but really I am just trying to run away. Ezra however has other plans. He holds my shoulder and I have to turn

to see what he wants.


“Don’t talk to him again,” he says.

“No. F**k off. I’ll do

whatever the hell I want!”

“Don’t f**king talk to me like that!”

“I’ll talk to you however the

hell I want. Go ahead, strike

me!” I stand defyingly but he

does nothing.

I turn around and I can

literally hear him grinding his teeth but I ignore him and continue to walk away back to Lauren and James feeling very good.

Who the hell does he think

he is? Asshole. He has no

right to tell me that.

As I make my way back to Lauren and James, I pass by a cluster of trees and shrubs.

I am suddenly pulled behind

these trees. Before I can

throw a punch, I see Alexis’s

stand in front of my clothes


“I have nothing to wear,” I


“I know,” Lauren says from behind as she puts a dress on

my bed. “Here. You can have


“This is one of yours.”

“Yeah, but It’s okay. It doesn’t fit me anymore.”

I smile. “Okay. Thank you.”

It is a light blue dress. Old but in good condition. It has a lot of small pink flower



“Shh!” He says.

“What are you doing?”


My face rests with an

expression of stupidity.

“That is not what I am

asking,” I tell him.

“You really were going to

give yourself up for me?” He



“When you crashed the

“Uhm…well…yeah. I thought they were going to hurt you or worse. But I see now that

you are completely fine.”

He crosses his arms and looks pensive.

“So…what happened? Why

are you…like this?” I look

him up and down.

The man looks great in a suit. As if it was made just for him. I look up at his face and now that he is so close, I am a bit surprised. He is a very handsome man even with

that scar on his cheek and

eye. But what really gets me are his eyes. They are

beautiful. If I am honest,

reminds me a bit of Ezra. I

hate to admit it but Ezra

does have beautiful green

eyes too.

“Oh, I see. You still want that

k*ss.” He suddenly says.

“What?!” I ask coming out of

my trance. I lean back

noticing now that I was

leaning in, to get a good look

at his eyes.

“I’ll k*ss you right here if you

want?” He says.

“Wh–wh–what?!” I sound like

a damn cartoon with my


“Wh–why? Why do you say these things?”

“I guess… ‘cause I like you.”

He says.

“Do you have a damn filter for your mouth and

thoughts? Do you say everything that comes to

your mind? You are not supposed to say that!” I say.

Now he’s the one who’s

confused. “Why should I

hide it?”

“I–I don’t know.”

“Are you saying that you don’t want me to k*ss you?”

Damn. I don’t know what to say. I do like him a lot.

I look away. “I didn’t say that…” I am definitely


“Just say yes or no.” He says.


He puts a finger over my mouth leaning in and then he puts his hand on the tree behind me, encasing me in.

“Just. Say. Yes. Or. No.” He

having it. He takes his finger away from my l*ps and puts it under my chin, lifting it up so that my eyes meet his.

I can’t say the words. They will not leave my l*ps. So, I subtly nod.

He leans in. My eyes start to close but then he goes past

my lps and his lps touch

my cheek. After the small

k*ss, he leans into my ear.

“It’s not fair if you don’t

know the whole truth.” He


“The…truth?” I move my

head away just a bit. “What is

the truth?”

He smiles and pulls back.

“You’ll see.”

I am so tired of hearing that.

He fixes the buttons on the

wrist of his suit as he looks

towards the celebration.

“The announcement is

starting soon so I should get back.” He looks back at me. “I still owe you that k*ss. A real


I get flustered and look away.

“You owe me nothing.”

I can’t look at him but I think

I hear him smirk. “I will taste

those l*ps when the time is

right.” He whispers.

I look up at him with shock but he is already walking


My heart pounds. No man

has ever acted like he wanted

me and Niles does not count.

He only looked at me in a

lustful way. Alexis however, I

can see that he sees me and

not just a walking vagina

with legs.

I go back to Lauren and James. They continue talking with pack members while I start to fantasize about

Alexis. I can’t help my

wondering mind. Finally,

thirty minutes later the Alpha arrives with his family.

I also see Alexis behind the Alpha. He is with Dash and

the other two and they all walk up to the stage.

Dash spots me immediately and with his fingers, he makes a gun sign as if he is shooting it at me and winks.

This gets the attention of a few of the pack members

who look back at me.

Damn it Dash.

My face is a statue. I don’t


Alexis notices Dash and his

eyes go to me. I feel like I am crazy when I swear I see the corner of his mouth go up but I think maybe I just imagined it because he is quickly back to his stoic self.

The Alpha steps forward with a huge smile. In fact,

they all seem very happy.

The Luna claps, smiling like

I haven’t seen her do in a

long time. Kacey seems very excited which is unlike him

especially when there is a

festival that he has to attend

as the next in line to be


The Alpha pats Alexis‘

shoulder as he starts to talk

to the audience.

“A joyous day! The moon goddess has shined upon us! Today, we celebrate and this is a sign that we are in her good graces!”

eyes water. “Our son, Colt, unbeknown to us, did not

die all those nine years ago. And now here he stands.”

He pulls Alexis by the shoulder to stand by him.

For a few seconds, I can’t


Uhm…what?…wait…wait… I

almost have a heart attack as I gasp because now suddenly, I see it. This is why I felt like I knew him, his face was so familiar to me but since he was supposed to be dead, my mind did not realize. He

looks different +1

time I saw him too but…it is

him. Those damn green

eyes! How could I not

recognize him?


I can’t believe it. What is happening?! This…this can’t

be true. Alexis is… Colt!?

No!…but…it is him. I can see

it now. How?! How could I

not see it?!

With eyes that are almost as big as two chocolate chip cookies, I look at Lauren

who turns to me with eyes just as big.

I can see the Alpha’s mouth moving but I have lost all sense of hearing. The reason why this is so choking is because I…I…I wanted him to k*ss me and to do so much

more! He offered to k*ss me! What the hell?!

Wait…grrr! Was he playing around?! It was all just a big joke! Wasnt it?!… Was it?

And why is it that that is

what I am thinking about?

News that the son’s Alpha

didn’t die at all and all I can think about is how I feel so

attracted to him.

I don’t know how to feel

right now. I am angry but

also a bit sad. I liked the man

who I thought was

Alexis…but he is Colt now

and with that name comes a

lot of bad memories. I just

don’t know how I feel about


“Are you…okay?” Lauren asks


“Your mouth is completely opened.” She pushes my jaw up to close my mouth.

“Oh, yeah…yeah. I’m fine…I


“Wait, this was the guy that was with you down there?” James asks.

I nod.

“I guess he really changed if you didn’t recognize him, it’s been nine years and he looks

different even now in this light,” he says.

I nod again. It seems it is all I can do.

There are so many questions in my head right now.

I look back up at the stage

where the Alpha continues

to talk and now I try to focus a bit.

“When the Dark Fang

attacked them, they took a few men as prisoners. We

had no knowledge of this. This is how they have been growing their numbers.”

There are still so many

questions about this. Why

did Alex- I mean Colt not say anything sooner? Why did he spend so much time in the dungeon? He even got tortured and took it. What is

going on?

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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