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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 8

“NO!” I scream.

I make it hard for him as I thrash around while he attempts to take me to the hall.

I kick him on the knees where I can only reach but he doesn’t budge. Using all my strength, I latch onto the bars of one of the empty cells as I continue to scream in hopes that someone outside will hear.

I hear growling and the bars shake. Alexis, Dash, and the others pull on the bars but they are too weak at the moment and those bars were made to hold werewolves. They might be able to get out but it will take them some time and I don’t think I have that much time.

Niles seems to give up on taking me out and now pushes me down to the ground.

“Fine. I’ll take you right here. An audience will make it so much better!”

I scratch his face and punch but nothing seems to work. Real panic sets in when he attempts to pull my overalls down. “NO! NOOO!” I continue to scream. Until his hand groaps my breast.

It is a shock and it makes me stop. The fact that this man is touching me in this way makes me feel enraged but I react by not reacting. I stop moving, motionless and disgusted. I suddenly start to enter an abyss of emptiness and darkness. I feel calm as if I know that everything is going to be fine. I can see his eyes and his horrible face and as I look into his eyes, all I think in my head is… death. I want him to die. I want his heart to stop. I envision in my head his heart–stopping.

He pulls away with a disgusting smile.

Die…” I hear myself whisper. “Dic…Die!” I now scream.

I feel like it is almost an illusion.

His hands stop wondering my clothes and his eyes widen. I lift my hand up to his face and start scratching at it but he does nothing to stop it. All he does is clutch his chest. I scratch and scratch and then his b*dy falls over mine as if he has lost consciousness. I immediately get him off and sit up but when I take a look at him, he has his eyes opened and I know he is dead.

I scream and slide back, hitting the wall, feeling horrified. My shaky hand cups my mouth trying to muffle my scream.

I look at Alexis and Dash. They all look shocked but they don’t look at Niles. They look at me.

“She’s-” Dash starts to say but Alexis interrupts him. “Yeah…”

“You knew?” Dash asks.

Alexis shakes his head. “No.”

My lps quiver and my whole bdy shakes. “I…I killed him…” I stutter. “I killed him…I…” I stop as the options of what will happen to me flash through my mind. “I am dead. I am dead! The Luna and Alpha will kill me!”

It won’t matter that he was trying to hurt me. They will kill me for this.

“Cass…Cass!” Alexis shouts.

I snap out of my panic.

“Get the keys.” He says.

I blink a few times at him. Tears now run down my cheeks.

“Cass!” He says now in a shout again. This catches my attention. I look at him as he kneels down to my level. Dash seems a bit concerned when Alexis does this.

“I am dead.” I say. “They will kill me.”

“No, they won’t. Get the keys.”

The way he talks to me now with so much calmness makes me calm down too.

I look at Niles and see the keys hanging from his pocket.

Shaking, I crawl over to him and quickly grab them. I slide back to the wall, hitting it again and clutching the keys on my chest.

Alexis does not attempt to take them. I feel his eyes on me. I look at him and then hand him the keys.

He gets up and starts to open his cage.

I start to feel a dizzy spell come over me but I try my best to stay alert.

“Is it time?” Dash suddenly asks.

“Yeah.” Alexis replies.

He opens the cell and walks past me to where Niles lies. He kneels down and then holds his head with both his hands on each side. Then, he twists the head and breaks the n*eck.

Alexis looks back at me. “I killed him.” He says.

My eyes start to hurt while the room starts to spin. I suddenly remember that I have felt this before.

“But… but… they will kill you now!” I say, shaking my head trying to stay focused. “No, I won’t lie! I won’t let you…die for me!” My voice seems to be getting weaker.

He smiles and this really catches me off guard. “You are too good for this pack.” He whispers getting close to me.

As if a deep sleep is trying to get a hold of me, I lie my head on the ground but I try to fight it.

“Don’t…dic…” I whisper.

“I won’t.” He replies.

He kneels down in front of me. My


close but I force them open again.

“What do we do with her?” Dash asks.

Alexis moves my hair from my face and then I feel him caress my head.

“Bring her. Alexis responds.

As he says this, I watch as a few guards run in through the hall.

Alexis gets up and faces them. “Take me to your Alpha. He’ll want to see me.”

That is the last I hear before I find myself somewhere else. I am now watching myself swim in one of the ponds in the pack but I am eighteen. I vaguely remember this. It was one of those days where this dizzy spell took over me too just like today. It was just three days after I got my wolf. As I swim, two kids just a few years younger than me walk to the edge of the pond where my towel lies. They start stomping on it and putting mud

all over it.

“Hey!” I shout and swim my way back. “Don’t do that!”

“Look! She’s coming!” They exclaim with laughter.

As I start to walk ou, they throw rocks at me. The first one hits me right on the head and it draws blood.

“Ha! I got her on the first try!”

‘Run away now, Runt!” The other shouts at me.

A surge of anger rises inside of me and I don’t run. I sprint towards them staring right into their eyes and all I can think is about breaking their arms as I see them swinging those rocks at me.

I don’t get to them fast enough. I stop walking when they start screaming. They hold their arms looking like they are in pain.

They start screaming and running away, leaving me confused. Right after, I fell unconscious on the ground. After this, I waited for days to be punished. I thought those boys would lie and tell them that I hurt them but no one ever came. Those two boys have avoided me ever since that day.

I open my eyes with that fresh memory.

“That…was me?” That is the first thing that comes out of my mouth.

I don’t remember it that way. No….how? How could I have done that? But…Niles… he just died right in front of me as I was thinking it.

I completely had forgotten of those two boys. But now….

It has to be just a coincidence…right? Yes. Power like that…it doesn’t exist and honestly, that kind of power seems evil to me.

I take in a deep breath, realizing that it’s all in my head. There is nothing wrong with me. I was lucky that Niles had a heart attack. He was older anyway so it makes sense.

My eyes roam the ceiling.

“Wait, why am I here?”

I am home, in my room. I now hear the TV on in the living room.

I get up and walk out of my room.


“Oh, you are awake!” She and James get up and quickly surround me with their arms open.


After a few seconds, I move away from their hug.

“How am I here?”

“Well, some of the Alpha’s men brought you here. After what happened, he thought it would be best if you returned home. Your punishment is


“Oh…but…what happened?”

“You don’t remember?”

“I do but I mean, what happened after I blacked out?”

“All we were told was what that scumb bag Niles tried to do and that one of the guards saved you.”


They both nod.

Why would they say that?

So…Alexis did not take the fault?

I panic.

What if they killed him!?

Lauren sees my panic. “Hey, the doctor said you were okay. You…are okay, right?”

Knowing what she is asking, I quickly answer. “Oh! Yes! He didn’t do anything to me.”

Not that it wasn’t a traumatic experience but I am grateful that he didn’t get what he wanted. She sighs with relief,

“What happened to the prisoners?” I ask.

“That is a good question. There is no one in the cells anymore.” James says,*

“What?!” I panic again.

Oh, my goddess! Did they kill them?!

“Yeah, no one knows what is going on. The Alpha family has been really hush–hush today.” James says.

“How long have I been out?!” I walk to my room as I ask this question and put on my sneakers.

“It’s around seven at night now? You’ve been out since two in the morning. That is when it all happened.” I walk out of the door.

“Wait! Where are you going?” They shout after me,

I run to the pack house.

I don’t care,

I am not going to let Alexis and all the guys take the blame for me. Let them kill me if they want to.

I see a lot of people up and around which is not normal for this hour. I quickly enter the kitchen and see that everyone is busy cooking a feast just like for the festival which is also unusual.

Matilda spots me and quickly makes her way to me.

“Little lady, I am so glad you are okay. We heard what happened.”

“Thank you but I need to see them!” I say rushing past her and towards the doors that lead to the dining room. “What are you doing?! It’s a private dinner! Not even Gammas are allowed!”

She tries to stop me but I push forward. I fly through the doors.

Matilda was right. There is a dinner on the way but this doesn’t register until I blabber my mouth out.

“It wasn’t him!” I shout the moment I see the Alpha sitting at the end of the table.

Everyone is shocked and confused.

“W–what is the meaning of this?!” He asks.

I open my mouth but I quickly close it back when Alexis turns around in his chair and he looks very much alive and well. He has a nice suit on and

he looks very clean. I can see his scars more now and I almost don’t recognize him but I do. There is such familiarity to his face.

He looks very surprised to see me too.

Dash and the others are also at the table having dinner and they also look taken aback by my sudden outburst.

“What is your problem!? This is a private dinner!” The Luna shouts.

“Is she crazy?” Bryn asks in a mocking tone.

“I’ll handle her.” Ezra says and now is when I notice his presence. The whole Alpha family is here along with some of the Betas too. Ezra takes me by the arm and pulls me out. He walks through the kitchen and then we walk out to the back where he finally lets me go. “What the hell are you doing?!” He asks.

I…I…I am confused.” I say.

“Yeah, no shit! You just got out of the dungeon and you want to go back?”

“No. Of course not.”

“Then don’t give my mother reason to put you back in there.” He says.

He is right. She will find any excuse to do something to me. And Alexis looked like he was completely fine. This confuses me because just yesterday he was drty, nked, and hurt.

I look back at Ezra who now stares me up and down but not in a s**ual way. More like he was examining me.

“I’m glad he’s dead.” He whispers. It is so low that I feel like I almost imagined it. “I’d kill him myself if he made me feel that kind of pain.” He


As much as I would want Ezra to feel the pain of betrayal like he makes me feel almost every day, I am glad Niles didn’t get what he wanted. Uhm… so why are those men there at the table? They were prisoners yesterday.”

“None of your business.” He barks out.

Of course…

I look around and notice that things are being arranged as if there is a festival about to happen again. “What is going on?”

“A celebration,” he says as he turns around and walks away. “Stay away from my mother’s radar.”

“That would be easier if you weren’t such a dick. I mean, it’s always your fault I get in trouble anyway.” I whisper but he hears it because he turns around with his eyes narrowed at me.

I quickly turn around and rush away before he decides to do something. There is no shame in being a coward sometimes.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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