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The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Gift is For Her

Alexander’s presence exuded an air of unapproachable nobility, compelling the guests to look on cautiously, with

no one daring to meet his gaze directly.


“Mr. Alexander, I knew you wou

come!” Charlotte beamed with

excitement on stage, barely able to

hide her thrill.

Noticing Alexander’s usual

indifference, her eyes quickly shifted to the exquisite small box in

Sebastian’s hands. Alexander had even brought a gift!

Not just Charlotte, but everyone’s attention was drawn to the box,

speculating about the priceless treasure it must contain.

Given that it was Charlotte’s birthday,




Chapter 14 The G For Her

it was natural for guests to bring gifts.

“Some said Mr. Vanderbilt claimed it

was all one–sided affection from

Charlotte. Why would Mr. Alexander personally bring a gift today?”

murmurs filled the room.

“Don’t listen to that old fool. Mr.

Alexander and Charlotte have been close since childhood. Haven’t you heard about the substantial investment Mr. Alexander is planning to make in a movie specifically for Charlotte? For years, no one but Charlotte has mattered so much to Mr. Alexander.”

While the guests buzzed with

speculation, Alexander made his way to the front, taking his reserved seat in

the first row with an air of


Sebastian, understanding the cue,

opened the box on the table in front of Alexander, drawing the entire hall’s attention to catch a glimpse of the gift.




Cheater the Gm For Her

Basking in the envious looks, she

maintained a poised smile, reveling in

the moment.

“Mr. Alexander, thank you so much for such a valuable gift.”

Alexander’s brows twitched almost

imperceptibly, his glance merely

brushing over her.

“This is for Isabella.”

The hall fell into silence.

Charlotte’s step froze mid–air, the sharp glances from around feeling like

knives. As excited as she was moments before, she was now equally humiliated.

Had Eleanor not steadied her, she might have fainted.

Eyes quickly shifted to Isabella, who

stood bewildered, unclear about what was happening.

“Ms. Sterling, my apologies. The boss



Chapter 14: The Gm For Her

had me look into it and knew today was your birthday, so he specially prepared this gift,” Sebastian explained with a straight face, standing by Alexander.

The Windsor’s intelligence network was among the nation’s best, leaving no secret hidden from Alexander in




The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a delightful twist of fate, Lady Isabella found herself inadvertently ensnared by Riverdale’s most powerful magnate, Alexander Windsor. Rumors swirled, predicting her doom, yet she effortlessly transformed into the cherished wife he seemingly couldn’t bear to part with for even a moment, as if wishing to keep her in his pocket or tethered to his side at all times. Isabella Sterling quirked a l*p, “A mere two billion, I shall return it then…” The man leaned in, his charm palpable, “And how do you propose to repay? With your heart, or something more tangible?” Since taking residence at The Windsor, Mr. Alexander’s incurable condition miraculously improved. He ate well, worked tirelessly, his demeanor blooming like spring peaches, heart swelling with joy, capable of sleeping soundly for three days straight without a care. Until one day, someone unwittingly stumbled upon the lady’s secrets. The top hacker shaking the core of Caloria was her! The financial tycoon whose name echoed around the globe was her! The prodigious healer with the golden touch was her, her, and again her… The elite ladies of high society wept, their makeup smeared, as they faced a fearsome rival. “You go first, I’ll retreat!” In Riverdale, where a mere stomp of Mr. Alexander’s foot could cause a tremor, he famously said, “A king does not live off his wife, unless she is overwhelmingly beautiful!”


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