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The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Woman in Blue

“Fine, I’ll go with her.”

Isabella said flatly.

“Thank you, sis. I’m sure we’ll have a

delightful time tonight.”

Charlotte grinned, the picture of


This was Isabella’s first visit to The Wraithwood estate. Compared to

Windsor Manor and Alexander’s

Wisteria Hall, it was rather shabby, just a medium–sized villa.

The back garden was ablaze with lights, the air thick with perfume and

the rustle of silk.

The Wraithwoods were a pretentious bunch and indulged Evelyn’s every whim. So although this was just a




Chapter 36: The Woman in Blue

student party, it was an extravagant affair.

Elegant symphonies echoed through the space. Isabella felt like an ugly duckling who had stumbled in by mistake, completely out of place amidst the finery.

As soon as they entered, Charlotte was whisked away by a gaggle of girlfriends. Isabella found a secluded

spot to sit, well aware that Charlotte and Evelyn must have some nasty scheme brewing. She couldn’t afford to let her guard down.

To the right stood several beautifully manicured trees. No sooner had she sat down than she heard a rustling

sound from that direction.

The party was attended by

schoolmates, including several

couples. It was inevitable that one or

two, emboldened by drink, would




Chapter 36: The Woman in Blue

sneak behind the trees for some


Isabella’s brow furrowed. She was

about to leave when she heard an

unfamiliar male voice from within the foliage.

“Remember, our target is a woman in a blue dress. As soon as people come out, we make our move.”

Isabella stiffened. As far as she could see, she was the only one wearing blue.

Though unsure of their intentions, it couldn’t hurt to be cautious.

She hurried away, only to run into Charlotte and Evelyn, flanked by Charlotte’s faithful entourage.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Isabella. What’s she doing here, Evelyn? Did you

invite her?”




Chapter 36: The Woman in Blue

Evelyn arched an eyebrow, eyeing Isabella with disdain. “As if I’d invite this country bumpkin. Everyone knows we don’t get along at school.”

Isabella snorted. She had expected

them to seize the chance to

humiliate her, but not with such a

juvenile ploy.

“Since Ms. Wraithwood objects to my

presence, I’ll take my leave.”

She turned to go.

Charlotte rushed forward and

grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t be like that, everyone.

Actually, my sister came with me.”

“Charlotte, you’re just too

kind–hearted. If I had such an

embarrassing sister, I’d have cut ties with her long ago.”

Charlotte’s smile remained gracious.




Chapter 36: The Woman in Blue

and poised as she explained unhurriedly, “She may be my parents‘ adopted child, but she’s still my sister. Anyone who says we have a poor relationship is spouting


Charlotte’s face was the picture of sincerity. If Isabella hadn’t known her true nature, she might have been touched by those words.

She shook off Charlotte’s hand in

disgust and made to leave, but Evelyn blocked her path.

“Since you’re here, why not join the fun? There’s an Uno game starting over there. Let’s play a few rounds.”

“I… I’m not very good at it.”

Hearing this, the others exchanged glances, their enthusiasm growing.

If she lost, wouldn’t she be at their


The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a delightful twist of fate, Lady Isabella found herself inadvertently ensnared by Riverdale’s most powerful magnate, Alexander Windsor. Rumors swirled, predicting her doom, yet she effortlessly transformed into the cherished wife he seemingly couldn’t bear to part with for even a moment, as if wishing to keep her in his pocket or tethered to his side at all times. Isabella Sterling quirked a l*p, “A mere two billion, I shall return it then…” The man leaned in, his charm palpable, “And how do you propose to repay? With your heart, or something more tangible?” Since taking residence at The Windsor, Mr. Alexander’s incurable condition miraculously improved. He ate well, worked tirelessly, his demeanor blooming like spring peaches, heart swelling with joy, capable of sleeping soundly for three days straight without a care. Until one day, someone unwittingly stumbled upon the lady’s secrets. The top hacker shaking the core of Caloria was her! The financial tycoon whose name echoed around the globe was her! The prodigious healer with the golden touch was her, her, and again her… The elite ladies of high society wept, their makeup smeared, as they faced a fearsome rival. “You go first, I’ll retreat!” In Riverdale, where a mere stomp of Mr. Alexander’s foot could cause a tremor, he famously said, “A king does not live off his wife, unless she is overwhelmingly beautiful!”


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