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The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Sterling Shares

worth over a million.”

Evelyn tossed the car keys on the

table, certain she would get them

back later.

“My family recently developed a new apartment complex. I’ll put up

one of the units.”

Confident of Isabella’s impending loss, they had no qualms about

raising the stakes higher and higher.

Isabella’s gaze settled on Charlotte’s

face, the corners of her mouth


“Sister, your turn.”

Charlotte was unnerved by that

smile, a vague sense of unease

stirring. But it vanished in an instant.

There was no way this woman could





Chapter 38: The Sterling Shares

She would use this chance to drive

this eyesore out of the Sterling family for good!

“Since you’re playing for such high stakes, sister, I must show my sincerity too. On my birthday last year, our parents gifted me some company shares. I’ll wager five percent.”

The others gasped. Charlotte was betting far too much!

Though the Sterlings were in dire straits, even five percent of their publicly traded shares amounted to a

hefty sum.

No one knew Charlotte’s thoughts, but the madness in her eyes hinted

at her hatred for Isabella.

Everyone fawned over Charlotte, but deep down, she was jealous of





Chapter 38: The Sterling Shares

How dare this adopted orphan outshine her in both studies and looks?!

So she had taken a break from

school to act, and never let their

parents buy Isabella new clothes.

Most infuriating of all, at the last engagement party, Alexander had whisked Isabella away for three whole days, even taking her to Windsor Manor.

She had known Alexander for so

long, yet had barely visited Wisteria

Hall, let alone been invited to

Windsor Manor!

This woman must be trying to

seduce Alexander. She would not

tolerate any potential rivals.

Isabella observed her calmly, then

spoke in a soft voice.

“Sister, we’re all aware of the




Chapter 38 The Sterling Shares

Sterlings‘ current situation. They can’t last much longer. Five percent. sounds tempting, but who would want to take it on? That ten percent.

you hold is nothing but wastepaper. Why not wager it all?”

Charlotte’s eyes darkened. How did she know about the ten percent?

The Sterling Corporation had been listed for years. Apart from the shares traded on the exchange, the

Sterlings held forty–five percent. After much wheedling, Charlotte had convinced Edward to transfer ten percent to her when she came of age. Even Evelyn was unaware of


“No way!”

Charlotte refused outright. Father

had said the Sterlings would weather this crisis, and then that ten percent

would be worth a fortune.




Chapter 38: The Sterling Shares

She wouldn’t give it up!

Isabella’s eyes flashed. She decided

to fan the flames.

“By the way, I forgot to mention – I’m visiting Windsor Manor again in a few days. Aren’t you worried Alexander and I might end up

together, sister? Or are you saying

he’s not worth as much as that ten percent of Sterling shares?”

Though detestable, Alexander was the perfect bait to rile Charlotte up.

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a delightful twist of fate, Lady Isabella found herself inadvertently ensnared by Riverdale’s most powerful magnate, Alexander Windsor. Rumors swirled, predicting her doom, yet she effortlessly transformed into the cherished wife he seemingly couldn’t bear to part with for even a moment, as if wishing to keep her in his pocket or tethered to his side at all times. Isabella Sterling quirked a l*p, “A mere two billion, I shall return it then…” The man leaned in, his charm palpable, “And how do you propose to repay? With your heart, or something more tangible?” Since taking residence at The Windsor, Mr. Alexander’s incurable condition miraculously improved. He ate well, worked tirelessly, his demeanor blooming like spring peaches, heart swelling with joy, capable of sleeping soundly for three days straight without a care. Until one day, someone unwittingly stumbled upon the lady’s secrets. The top hacker shaking the core of Caloria was her! The financial tycoon whose name echoed around the globe was her! The prodigious healer with the golden touch was her, her, and again her… The elite ladies of high society wept, their makeup smeared, as they faced a fearsome rival. “You go first, I’ll retreat!” In Riverdale, where a mere stomp of Mr. Alexander’s foot could cause a tremor, he famously said, “A king does not live off his wife, unless she is overwhelmingly beautiful!”


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