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The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Diana’s pov

The voice of the doctor was like a fuse of explosives.

For a moment, the entire emergency room was in chaos.

“What should we do? Alpha Nathan died in our hospital. We are so screwed!”

“It’s not just the hospital. We all participated in the surgery. People in Dark Moon Pack won’t let go of us!”

“But we’re just assisting with the surgery. We’re not the main surgeons…”

The person who was speaking looked at me and swallowed, saying, “Healer… as you said, if the surgery fails, the risk…”

“Is on me,” I added to his unfinished words.

“Then Healer, you will be the one to inform everyone about Alpha Nathan’s death. As for us, we…”

“Alpha Nathan is not dead yet,” I interrupted the doctor.

Suddenly, everyone in the emergency room fell silent, with incredulous expressions on their faces.

The female doctor, who had just screamed in fear, dared to approach the black wolf and touch the pulse at his neck.

A few seconds later, she suddenly withdrew her hand.

“How’s it going? Did you feel the pulse?”

“Is Alpha Nathan alive or dead?”

The crowd asked the female doctor.

Her gaze was initially bewildered, and then her lips moved, making a faint sound.

No one heard what she was saying clearly.

“What are you saying? Speak louder.”

The female doctor suddenly collapsed and shouted, “I said no! I didn’t feel a pulse! Alpha Nathan is dead!”

Her words undoubtedly made everyone feel that I had lied.

“Healer, we need an explanation,” I heard a doctor say to me.

“Is there a need?” His colleague sneered, “This Healer just doesn’t want to admit that she killed Alpha Nathan. She wants us to take the responsibility together!” “No… no. I don’t believe that Healer is like this. She is my most respected doctor!” Someone spoke up to defend me, “Healer, please explain to everyone what’s going


While they were arguing endlessly, I was observing the reaction of the black wolf. Upon hearing this, I lifted my head and scanned the crowd.

“Alpha Nathan’s injury is in his heart. It’s serious. Although I have repaired his

DIDOU vessel, it is suu unknown whether it can recover as DeLore. He became a wou

because his wolf was also trying to heal him. But he needed to muster all his energy, so he fell into a state of suspended animation. The only thing we can do now is to wait,” I explained.

“Why do we believe you? Who knows if he’s really dead or fake dead?” There were. still doctors refusing to believe me.

1 raised my eyebrows and said calmly, “Just because I’m Healer.”

He instantly fell silent.

At this moment, someone asked again, “So, Healer, you said what we could only do is wait. What does that mean?”

My eyebrows gradually furrowed.

“The meaning is that although he is not dead yet, it does not mean that he will not die. If his wolf cannot successfully revive blood vessels, then…”

I didn’t finish speaking, but everyone understood.

They all showed a nervous expression, as if a sharp blade was hanging over their heads.

I no longer needed their assistance. There was no need for them to be here to accompany me and worry.

I waved my hand and said to the crowd, “You can leave. I said, I won’t let you take the risk. If Alpha Nathan manages to get through, I will have your director give you an award. But if he can’t survive, I will face Dark Moon pack’s questioning alone.

will be involved.”

None of you

Everyone hesitated and looked at each other, but eventually left the room one after another.

The door was opened and closed many times.

Then everything returned to tranquility.

I stood by the bed, my gaze fixed on the black wolf.

My brain was blank..

I wasn’t thinking about anything. I just wanted Nathan to survive.

If he died…

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

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