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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 10

Chapter 10

He is deceiving us,I cautioned my wolf as she got excited and eager at the prospect of going back to Silverpine, our home, or was once home.

“My children were taken here!,in this city!,i’ll stay here and find them?” I said,my finger pointing emphasizing the “here“.

“They’re my children too!. And I’m telling you, you won’t find them here.” He sighed, “come with me to Silverpine and I promise you, I’ll find our children”

Our?, I glared murderously at him,They’re mine!.

I wanted to say something when he marched towards my room,ignoring the gasp that escaped my l*ps. I briskly walked to stop him.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled in outrage upon seeing him open my closet,he inspected each outfit in concentration. It looked like he was accessing them and deliberating on which one to take.

He ignored me and continued his exploration of my outfits,picking a purple dress that was hanging in a corner of the closet.

That dress was given to me on my last birthday by my mother. I was seething with rage.

“What the fuck!,” I snatched the dress from him and he glanced at me before picking another dress.

“Can you please leave my room?,” I exclaimed,flinging my arms as I moved to his front in an attempt to stop him from ravaging my things.

“Not until you’re ready so we can both leave” He answered coolly,opening a drawer and I quickly pushed it back, closing it.

He pushed me aside and opened the drawer again,seeing my lingeries and I could swear I saw a smirk playing at his l*ps.

He turned to me, “will you pack now or you’d still prefer me to do it for you?”

I shoved him hard but he didn’t budge,it was like pushing a wall and he held my

hands, I struggled to get them away from him,but of course,he’s too strong.



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Chapter 10

I saw his throat bob up and down as he bent down,levelling gaze with me.

I swallowed and fought to control my raging heart as it felt like my heart was going to thump of my chest.

“You’re beautiful” he said as he looked at me. I swallowed hard,willing myself not to do anything as I stared at his grey eyes,mesmerised.

“You have beautiful eyes” I said as I wrapped my delicate fingers around his neck,staring at his grey eyes then his luscious lps.

I wanted to k*ss him badly! And no matter how hard I tried to deny it,Lucien was handsome. He is the most handsome man I’ve ever met.

He grunted and I could see him capturing every detail as he moves an inch closer,my breath hitching in my throat in anticipation as I leaned in,bridging the distance between us.

His hands trailed over my bdy,sending me shivers as he kssed me passionately. It was as if time stood still as our tongues danced with each other.

It was then I believed what Sherry said about k*ssing. She said it isn’t just what people think it is.

She called it a tender exchange of breath where emotions and vulnerability intertwine. She was right!,I shouldn’t be feeling this way for this Man!.

He rejected me!. I pulled away from him abruptly,catching my breath as I stared at him in shock. He swallowed and stared back at me,with a smile.

“That was……

“What did you do to me?!,” I fired at him and he stared at me,a look of surprise plastered on his face.

“You kssed me,” he said calmly and I clenched my fist. He was right,I did kss him, but why?. Why did I suddenly feel like k*ssing the man who’s brought nothing but pains to me?.

I believe my kids were kidnapped because of him!.

“Yes. But why would I k*ss you?”




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Chapter 10

He laughed with his rich,deep voice and I rolled my eyes at the thought that came to my mind. This man has enchanted me, I thought and hissed.

“You still love me” he said and I snorted..

“You must love dreaming” I chuckled, “I don’t love you, I never have and I never will”

He winced at that and there was a moment of silence. I believe he was thinking of a good comeback or was trying to heal from his wounded ego.

“You’re lying” he suddenly shot out and I closed the still opened drawer that contained my underwears.

“How did we meet?“, I smiled and turned to him before continuing “I was drunk and depressed,you were drunk too I believe,we did it and we were too drunk to even remember how it was or how long it lasted” I emphasized the last part,sporting a smile and he gritted his teeth.

“I only seemed to remember that the face of the man was you after I saw my wolf,so no,I had no feelings whatsoever for you” I bit out firmly.

He stomped his feet before looking at me,his face and tone indicating his seriousness.

“Do you really feel nothing towards me?” He questioned.

“Yes. I don’t” I said firmly,locking gaze with him and mentally rolling my eyes as they landed on his l*ps..

He swallowed, “doesn’t matter,we need to go back to Silverpine”

“I cut all ties with Silverpine years ago. I’m not going there,ever” I shot our firmly.

I promised never to step a foot there after what Lucien did.

“That would make you a rogue,” he pointed out and I smiled.

“I’ll be fine”

“You know what happens to rogues” he stated the obvious.

Rogues were considered a threat to the pack and could be dealt with depending on how an Alpha deems fit.


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Chapter 10.

“But I’ve not done anything wrong. I’ve not shifted in seven years and I’m doing well for myself here” I said and he looked at me incredulously.

“You’ve not shifted in seven years!!” He was surprised.

It wasn’t easy to keep Nova at bay. She was always threatening to take over and it’s taken everything in me to soothe her rage about not given the chance.

But I left that life behind,I wanted to be just Jessica miller,a normal human with normal life,I couldn’t risk my wolf been seen by someone. Wolves are a threat to humans. They were kept in zoos and anyone that tried to escape would he shot and used for whatever kind of experiment.

“How did you manage that?” He asked again.

I rolled my eyes, “it’s a long story.”

“But we need to go,seriously. I promise you I’ll find your children and you can come back if you want,” my eyes shot out at that.

He said he would let me come back here?that seems unlikely but an Alpha’s promise is his bond.

“Promise me”

He looked at me in surprise,his mouth agape and wide eyes, he wasn’t expecting me to make him promise. He swallowed and I could see his throat bobbing up and down. He was hesitating,which means he didn’t mean that.

“I promise” he said finally and I smiled.

“Fine then” I said and stopped at a realization. Rielle Archer!.

“I ..I can’t move in!” I exclaimed loudly and he heaved a sigh at that.

“I’ve promised you already,what else do you want?!” He sounded furious.

“Rielle..you have a wife who hates me. I don’t want any problems”

He smiled, “it doesn’t matter. You’re the mother of my children.”

“And she’s the love of your life” I shot back.

“Are you jealous?” He questioned,smirking and I rolled my eyes.


Chapter 101

I did felt a pant of jealousy, he should’ve taken someone else,not Rielle who was as proud as she was beautiful.

“Not jealous,stating facts. She’s your wife who hates me and I have your children. What do you think she’d do to me?”

He chuckled, “Don’t worry about Rielle”

“I have to worry”

“She poisoned me. She tried to kill me” He said quickly,shoving his hands deeper into his picked and I gasped.

“So the sickness…”


“Why….” He cut in again,

“I believe she already knows about your children. I think she’s responsible for their kidnaps or she’s involved in it somehow…”

“What the…” I clenched my fist,grounding my teeth in anger.

“She was detained but somehow escaped”

My eyes were wide open and my mouth agape as I stared at him In disbelief.

How could she have possibly found out about the boys and what would she do with them,a shiver ran down my spine and I struggled to stand.

“You..we..you have to get them back for me,” I stammered.

“I will get them back and I swear to you,Rielle Archer will pay for what she did,” he promised and I nodded rapidly as a tear dropped from my eyes at the thought of the horrors they could go through from Rielle.

“Let’s go,” I said,gazing at him.





The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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