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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 9

Chapter 9

‘And she didn’t have any other visitor besides them?‘ I questioned Raven. He had been the one watching over Amara since she left my suite that day.

I know I was rash and acted immature,but there was this feeling I couldn’t explain, I couldn’t bear to see her with any other man. Especially a human!She needed someone who could take care of her. No matter how strong she tried to act, she was weak and only I was strong enough to help her.

‘You men and your foolish ego!,if you love her,tell her,try to win her back instead of this childish games your’re playing‘ the crone interjected and I glared at her.

‘After everything I did to her,there’s no way she’ll feel a damn thing for me,I should be glad if she doesn’t hate me‘ I said, curling my fist in anger.

‘If I were her, I’d hate you…”

‘Enough!. If not for the incompetent twats who can’t do a simple job,I wouldn’t be here acting this way!‘ I barked out,raking a hand through my hair in frustration. ‘How hard could it be to find a rogue wolf!”

The crone was about to say something, but stopped and looked at me in a way I understood what she wanted to say.


“Leave,All of you” I barked out and they scurried out,leaving me and the Crone.

‘You said it was the blood creek, then you have to go after them yourself‘ she said and I nodded.

‘I thought they don’t exist anymore‘

‘I thought so too,but since she’s sure about what she heard and you’re sure about the scent your wolf picked up,then we have reasons to believe that they still exist. The question now will be,what they want with Amara’s children,I think the mother was killed because she tried to prevent them from taking the children. The crone accessed and I nodded.

I had been thinking the same too for a while,but it’s hard to think about why they would take little children. Human children!.

‘What do they want with the children?‘ I said loudly,thinking about it. They couldn’t possibly do that to get to me. Everyone knew I rejected her,they wouldn’t



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Chapter 91


know about how I feel about her now and besides,she got rid of my mark on her.

“What do you think?”

What I thought?,heck, I don’t think anything,how was I supposed to know why a psychopathic rogue maniacs would kidnap children?.

‘I didn’t even know she had children‘ I raked hair in frustration!.

“Who is the father?‘

my hands through my thick black

‘Some shit human,I don’t care about that,but it is my duty to ensure that the wolves do not harm humans…and she is sad about the children. Seeing her sad hurts me I said as I stood up and moved to the window.

“What would the blood creek do with human children?, the crone asked and I sighed.

How the hell am I supposed to know that!. ‘probably one of their blood rituals,I don’t know, I answered firmly. She needs to

stop questioning me as if I belonged to

the group.

“The blood creek is a rogue group,despite their activities being bizarre,and what do all rogues want?‘

I quickly turned to look at her,furrowing my brows as the thought came to me,it couldn’t be!. Amara wouldn’t do that to me,she couldn’t have been lying to me the whole time!.


‘Did she tell you that the father was a human?‘

I growled in anger and my face darkened, my wolf howled, threatening to take over,angry at the betrayal and lies,angry that some psychopathic rogue could take my child!,knowing it is mine!.

My wolf growled loudly this time. The moon goddess was playing a huge joke on me,poisoned by my chosen mate,lied and betrayed to by my fated mate.




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Chapter 9

‘I’m not here to play games Amara” I gritted my teeth and shoved my hands. deeper into my pocket.

“This place isn’t safe and whether you like it or not,you’re leaving now‘

She huffed out a breath,‘I never said it was a game,i’m not going anywhere‘ her tone came out hard.

I moved to stand directly in front of her,staring down at her,I noticed the rise and fall of her chest, she stared back at me,not looking in the least bit intimidated.

‘Don’t Do this Amara,’ I said slowly,as we locked gazes,she wasn’t deterred at all.

‘Dont what Alpha?’ she said the last word mockingly and I took a step back,heaving a sigh. This woman is definitely crazy.I am still her Alpha. She should know her place!.

‘Coming in here like you own the damn place or me!,you f**king rejected me!‘ she spat out again and that seemed to make me flare up in anger.

‘Oh yes!, I own you and your children!. You hid my children from me!,you lied to me!‘ she winced at that as a tear fell from her face.

‘You rejected me,you didn’t want me‘

‘Doesn’t matter!. I am the father and I had the right to know!‘ I took a deep breath. and sat on the single seat sofa in the room.

“You lost every right to my children that night, seven years ago!. You treated me like I was from the gutters, like I was worthless,so don’t you dare talk about rights here!‘


“They are mine!, mine!‘ I growled and clenched my

“You made a promise to me‘

Oh that damned promise!,the sly woman made me promise something so ridiculous because it was her children!,how could I have been so gullible!.


The sound of my phone buzzing interrupted me and I glanced at the caller ID, Greyson! Why the hell is he calling me right now!,It better be news about him. catching the rogues and rescuing my children.


Chapter 9

‘Speak’I barked out.

“There is a problem alpha. The Luna…Lady Rielle has escaped and hasn’t been found‘

‘And the rogues?‘

‘No trace of them!

I sighed heavily and disconnected the call. I will find them,my children, Rielle and

the rogue wolf.

‘Pack your things little wolf,we’re going back to Silverpine.

She gasped, ‘And why would I do that?”

‘You will if you want to see your little pups.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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