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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 14

Chapter 14

I glared at Lucien as he laughed at me.

“Stop laughing at me!“, I stomped my foot in anger.

He’s been teaching me to shoot arrows for the past two hours now and let’s just say, I’m not cut out for that.

“Okay,fine I’m sorry,” he said chuckling and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

Kevin used to tell me about archery and when I’d ask him to teach me,he’d say it’s not a woman thing.

“I’m not doing this again..I’m done,” I panted as I dropped the bow.

How could I not even have a single hit in about 200 trials?!.

Lucien chuckled as he moved towards me in a warm embrace and I sighed and turned to look at him.

“I don’t think archery is for me,”

“What should we do then?,” he questioned,gazing at me intensely.

We still haven’t had any leads to finding Rielle or the children. Lucien says he’ll do whatever it takes and that the children will be safe until the next blood moon.

I’m still worried and afraid but he has promised me. He will get Rielle and the person that has been protecting her. He believes that someone in the pack or even people are protecting Rielle

“I don’t know….Nova has been very eager to come out..to run“,I finally said when I realized he had been waiting for my response.

“You mentioned that she hasn’t run in seven years, that’s not healthy. We need to go on a run then,” he said and I glanced at Grayson who stood there

emotionless,like a statue.

He turned to Greyson, “Grey we’ll be back.”

“Alright Alpha,” he said with a slight bow.

He didn’t seem to like me and I was surprised that this was the same guy who



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Chapter 14

helped me seven years ago.

But then,This same caring and loving Lucien was harsh to me years ago,when he rejected and humiliated me.

It was weird that the once stoic,rude and arrogant Man was now this caring and loving and the caring one became this stoic and indifferent.

I watched Lucien shift first, His claws came out first before his b*dy contorted as his bones cracked and shifted and his muscles rearranging themselves. The sturdy structure of a big black wolf with grey eyes took form and A surge of energy pulsed through him.

It was easy for him and I sighed, I wish it were that easy for me too. I began the painful but exciting journey of shifting and almost immediately, Nova’s excited form came.

It wasn’t difficult or painful,I began to run freely and wildly. Since I found Nova I hadn’t run far. From the side of my eyes,I saw Lucian run like lightning as he ran past me, slowing down when he was a bit ahead, perhaps waiting for me.

The forest we were at was lined with palm trees that danced with the rustle of the breeze in sync with the Melodies of the birds.

I nuzzled against Lucien’s b*dy and howled. I have always wanted to be here,with Kevin but of course nothing went like I wanted.

We ran deeper into the forest and I silently

thanked the moon goddess for providing us with the moon as it illuminated,creating a romantic scenery.

We sat there,our wolves playing and after a while Lucien began to run back. towards the mansion and I followed suit.

Once we reached the mansion, Lucien transformed first and was handed a robe by one of the security guards and when I shifted back, I was handed another as we walked inside.

Greyson announced Dinner and Lucien beckoned on me to join him. We are in silence but I saw Giselle watching me like a hawk.


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Chapter 14

“So…” she began and I looked at her,I noticed everyone looking at her too,in anticipation of her speech or whatever she was going to say.

Lucien raised a brow and she glared at him,undeterred.


“Are you

the new Luna,?” She finally asked and I choked on my meal. Greyson gave me water as Lucien patted my back,shooting Giselle a glare and she raised her hands defensively.

“Everyone knows she’s your fated. Handpicked personally by the moon goddess. and the moon goddess never makes a mistake,” she said again as she used her fork to hold down the meat,using her knife to cut it. “This meat is hard,” she said commenting on the meat as she chewed.

“The goddess does make mistakes,” Lucien said looking at Greyson who closed his and inhaled sharply before opening them.

The goddess makes mistakes?,what is he talking about?, I have always been told that she never made mistakes. Perhaps he meant me. Him an Alpha being mated to an Omega,a runt,a weakling!.

I thought he didn’t mind that anymore, I thought he’s beginning to love met genuinely. I dropped my fork with a clank and stood up,drawing the chair out as I began to walk away,back to my room,my sanctuary.

I ignored the gasps and the look of shock on their faces as I walked away.

I heard someone call out my name,the voice sounded shocked,it sounded like Lucien’s but I was blinded by tears and rage as I walked, clenching my fist.

I almost ran to my room through the never ending stairs and immediately I got there, I shut my door. I cried about everything. My children, my mother, the love It thought I had.

I was so foolish to have thought that Lucien loved me. The bond was coming back and that was why I felt this way. If the bond could come back then it could also go away,I thought and was about to lay down when someone began to knock at the door in rapid succession.

“Amara open this door!,open this door!!!!” He began to yell and I sighed and hissed,laying back on the bed to sleep.

“If you don’t open this door,I will forcefully do it!,i’ll kick it down”


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Chapter 14

He made all sorts of threat and I rolled my eyes. He should go ahead and do what he likes.

His threats became begging.

“Please Let me explain”

“It isn’t what you think”

“I promise you, I’m not insulting you”


“I wasn’t even talking to you,”

“Amara I love you,please,” I scoffed at that.

The goddess was kind,as he rejected me for Rielle,she tried to kill him. He says I’m weak right,then he should go for a stronger woman and I hope this one succeeds in killing him,for saying the moon goddess makes mistakes.

I plugged in my EarPods and the sound of music filled my ear,whatever Lucien was saying, I stopped hearing.

Suddenly I heard the door the heavy thud and turned back with my eyes wide open and mouth agape. Lucien had punched the door down.

I quickly removed the earbuds closing my mouth and opening them to speak again, before closing them as the words refused to come.


to say anything Pulled me into his b*dy in a bone crushing hug. I was too stunned

“I wasn’t talking about you,about us,” he murmured in my ear and a tear dropped from my eye.

“Who?,” I asked as i pulled away. “Who else do you think the goddess made a mistake with if not us?!,a weak Omega and a brave and fearless Alpha!!”

“Greyson.” He said as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

“Your beta?,why?,because it’s your sister?“I sat down too,fiddling with my fingers.

He shook his head and I didn’t have time to even begin to wonder when he said something that made me believe him about the moon goddess.


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Wed, 13 Mar

Chapter 14


“It’s Eve. She’s his fated mate,he only took Giselle because he claims to love her”

The moon goddess indeed made a mistake,but then she always gave everyone their soulmates,even murderers and cold blooded killers!. But why couldn’t she pair them with their kind,a murderer and a murderer,why did it have to be a normal person and that psychopathic b*tch.

“I’m sorry I got angry,” I said after a while and he nodded.

You can’t:

here,let’s go to my room..” I glared at him, “I won’t touch you,only if

you want” he said and I sighed.

“Fine,” I said as we moved to his room.

The familiar scent of sandalwood engulfed me and I inhaled lightly, I was already exhausted and exhilarated and his room was comfortable that before long,I drifted into sleep.

My ears perked up as I realized something or rather someone’s tongue was on my n*eck,it was Lucien!. In the darkness I could make out the gold ring around his pupil.

No no no!. It can’t be. My b*dy wanted it but I couldn’t just let him do that,not yet.

I felt his teeth on my skin and I pulled away quickly,glaring at him in the darkness.


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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