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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 17

Chapter 17

I paced around in the room and stopped in front of the wooden table,hitting it multiple times.

“What do you think of this situation?,” I Questioned Greyson who stood by the corner of the room,folding his arms,his expression, stoic.

“I don’t know what to say Alpha,I’m equally as surprised. I’d never suspect the Crone at all,but Miss Müller is right,the Crone is in the middle of everything.

“I should’ve thought about all these since. Agatha has been very helpful,especially her guidance,they’ve been invaluable. It seems weird interrogating her but if that’s what I’ll do to get my children back,then I will”

I sat down and poured myself a glass of whiskey,downing it on one gulp.

I heaved a sigh, “what do you know about her Grandson?”

“I don’t know much about him, but Raven would know,they used to be friends,” He said and my eyes shot up in surprise.

“He is an assassin?”

“I don’t know if he still is,but He and Raven were a notorious pair,” He said and 1 chuckled bitterly.

So the person I’m looking for is an assassin. An assassin is with my children!!. Rielle connived with an assassin!!.

“Go and bring Raven here right now!!,” I thundered to the security guard and watched him as he scurried away.

“Alpha,don’t you think we should bring Elder Nathan in for questioning too?,” Greyson asked as I gave him a drink,shaking his head to decline.

“Think?!,i don’t think about anything currently!. I just want to find my children!. Bring in Nathaniel if you must!. I’ll question him myself.”

His eyes shot up,he clearly wasn’t expecting me to agree with him so easily as Nathaniel Archer was the leader of the Zeta elders,he was also from a powerful family and a close friend of my parents. The prominent families of Silverpine. would not be happy if I should just take him in.





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Chapter 17

“You’re okay with that?,” He asked,looking at me curiously. “You know the other families are going to try to rebel”

I scoffed. “Anyone who tries to rebel against their Alpha will face my wrath!”

Greyson didn’t say anything,he just took the glass he declined and gulped down the entire content.


“So they’ll try to rebel against their Alpha for interrogating a suspected. accomplice!,a suspected?,an accomplice,his granddaughter did this!!‘ I yelled and stood up to go to the window sighing and shoving my hands deep into my pocket.

“Alpha you sent for me,” It was Raven and I turned to face him.

“Sit,” I ordered,gesturing for him to sit.

He sat down,looking tensed and I sighed.

“Why are you so tense?,did you do something wrong?,” I said and his head shot up as he muttered something along the lines of “arrest me”

“What did you say?” Greyson asked this time around and I glanced at him.

“You’re not my Alpha!,” he yelled at Greyson and I watched in surprise,a smile playing on my l*ps.

Raven was stubborn, he had always been but he has always been loyal. It’s difficult to think that He would be in league with Rielle to take my children and try to kill

“What did you say before?,” I asked as I sat down opposite him. Greyson was still standing,toying with a pen knife.

“I said the guards came as if they wanted to arrest me

“Why would they do that?, Have you done something you shouldn’t have?,”

“I haven’t done anything Alpha. I’ve only killed when you asked for it and I’ve been clean for years now”

Whenever I had an urgent threat that I needed to neutralize,I always sent Raven. He was very fast and discreet.

“Where is your friend?


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Chapter 17

“Which of them Alpha?,Toby or Robin?”

I glanced at Greyson and I saw a smile playing on his l*ps.

“Norman Finch,” Greyson said and I watched to see if there would be any recognition on his face.


He was either a good actor or he didn’t know who that was as there was no emotion. whatsoever on his face when he responded.

“I don’t know who that is‘

I slammed my hand on the table and growled, “Quit playing games with me Raven!!, your best friend, Norman!”

“I don’t know any Norman,” he replied calmly.

“Who is Toby and Robin?,” I asked calmly as I heaved a sigh.

“My friends in the security team.”

I got up,shoving my hands deep into my pocket. “I really need your help Raven!. I know you don’t want to talk about your past,but it’s important to me!”

He sighed and began to talk, “He sold me out five years ago!. Since then I’ve not heard anything from him. For all I know he’s joined some other band of Assasin”

I sat down again, “Do you believe he’s behind these incidents?, My children’s Kidnap and Amara’s and my own attempted murder?”

His head shot up in surprise before he burst out laughing.

“Norman only knows how to use his hands,not his brains. If you say he’s part of the rogue group,maybe. But him being the main culprit, that’s very unlikely” he laughed again, “Norman is foolish.”

“So he might be a member of the gang?,” Greyson enquired and Raven nodded.

“Greyson, you take some men with you and bring in Nathaniel,” I thundered and Greyson swiftly walked away.

“I need you to go undercover and find out everything you can about Norman. And do that quickly and quietly.”


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Chapter 17

He nodded and walked away. I sighed before pouring a drink in the glass and downing it all,letting the harsh taste burn my throat and smacking my l*ps in satisfaction.


I went to the Cell where the Crone was kept and I sat down on a chair some of the guards brought while the Crone was left to sit on the ground.

“You came here with a cigar,?” That was the first thing she said when I entered and I beckoned on the guards to give her a lit cigar.

She collected it and sighed, “I prefer lighting them up myself, you youngsters don’t know the thrill of…”

“I’m not here to play one of your games Crone.” I stated and she puffed before replying me.

“Not playing games either Alpha just wondering what evidence you have to keep me in here.”

“I ask the questions woman!,” I thundered and she passed the cigar to one of the guards.

“I’ve lost my appetite,”

“Where is Norman?,” I questioned,trying to keep my composure because she was infuriating me every second with her replies.

“I don’t know. You tell me”

I inhaled deeply,willing myself not to act rashly.

“Where are my children?”

“With Rielle,” I grit my teeth in frustration at her sarcastic

“And where is Rielle?” I was determined to play her games.


“I don’t know,you tell me,she’s your chosen mate“I chuckled bitterly.

“Just questioning you won’t suffice. Tell me what I don’t know,anything.” I almost sounded desperate.

“I don’t have anything to say to you Alpha,” she turned away and I sighed.




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Chapter 17

“Who did you tell about the Children?,” I questioned again and she murmured. something before speaking again.

“I made a promise and I kept it.”

“And you didn’t somehow tell your best friend Nathaniel about the children,?”

“I didn’t do such a thing,” she said firmly and I raked a hand through my hair in frustration.

“Please,” I sighed. “Please help me!. Don’t let my babies go just like that”

She didn’t respond and just sat down.


I got out of the cell room,anger masking my features. I needed to vent all these pent in anger and that was when I saw Greyson,he was dragging someone whom I was sure was Nathaniel.

He was dropped in the interrogation room and I beckoned on Greyson to remove the sack over his head.

“What is the meaning of this?!,” it was Nathaniel Archer’s angry voice.

“Where is Rielle?!”

He was seething with anger as he glared at me. But he did not reply.

“Again,Where is Rielle?,“. The sack was put to cover his head again as I started pouring him water.

He yelled and when I thought it was enough,I stopped.

“Now let’s do this one more time. Where is Rielle?!”

“You!!!…you’ll pay for this,” he stuttered.

“Wrong answer,” the sack was worn on his head again as I started to pour him the water,only stopping when I liked.

“Where is Rielle, elder Nathan?”

“The..the other…other..” he was stuttering before I quickly cut in,eager to go save my children.



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14:41 Wed, 13 Mar

Chapter 17

“The other what?!”

“The otherrre families….will come for you,” he stammered.


“Good!.let them,” I poured him water again and just when I thought he was going to say something useful, he said something shocking,but I considered it the

ramblings of a mad man.

“I..iii made you an Alpha!.”


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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