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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I lazily opened my eyes upon hearing the whispers of a familiar voice. I feel tired and weak,my b*dy feels drained. Where is this light coming from?. I winced as it scorched my eyes. This room feels so unfamiliar.

Am I dead?,is this a dream?, is that Lucien?,looking at me with….concern?,or is that worry?.

‘ughhh‘ I felt so disoriented and I exhaled heavily before fully opening my eyes.

‘Amara‘, Lucien’s deep smooth voice called out and I sighed. His lps were parted. and his brows furrowed. I want to kss those lps Badly. I licked my lps and swallowed hard.

Where the hell am i? And why am I thinking of k*ssing Lucien? My brain feels. empty and I scrunched my face in confusion.

‘where..am.. I,” I croaked out groggily as I looked from faces to faces, all looking worried except the crone.

There was Greyson who sat beside Giselle who seemed to have been crying. Grayson looked like he hadn’t slept in days, he couldn’t possibly have been worried about me. He has been acting indifferent towards me since I came back to Silverpine.

Lucien looked worse, he had a stubble and looked like he hadn’t had days.

his bath for

‘shhh‘ He said,tenderly holding my palms and I almost melted at his touch,I felt butterflies in my belly.

Why do I feel this way?.

Then everything came rushing back to me. My mom’s death,my children being. kidnapped,me being attacked and injected with…poison!.

I sat up quickly, ‘Kai and Rick?‘ I asked eagerly,maybe Lucien has found them,maybe he has made them pay,the people who did this to me. nothing would give me greater joy.

He shook his head and everyone bent their head as I looked at their faces,they were avoiding my eyes,but why?.



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Chapter 16

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‘How long have I been out?‘ I questioned again,maybe I could trace the scent..the scent that was familiar!,the wolf!,the brown one with blue eyes,the one that had poisoned me!.

‘8 days‘


We said simultaneously and he looked at me in shock.

‘It was her,she poisoned me and she does have Rick and Kai. I remember her wolf now and her smell, that day she beat me seven years ago, those icy blue eyes ‘I said and Lucien stood up.

He closed his eyes and inhaled, clenching his fists.

‘you’re sure it’s her‘ he opened his eyes and turned to me and I nodded.

‘I’m sure as hell,”

“Take care of her‘ he commanded the Crone and stomped off,grunting as he did as Greyson went with him..

I closed my eyes as a tear dropped. What have I done to this woman?, what does. she want with my children!.

Giselle got up and placed her hand on mine softly as she sniffed, “Lucien will make them pay,trust him.”. I nodded and she spoke again.

“I know how you feel, trust me. I cry myself to sleep most nights when I think about my children.”

I remembered hearing that she keeps having stillbirths. I believe they said it was the 8th time this year. My sorrows can’t be compared to hers. My children are still alive,but she’s never given birth to a live baby.

I squeezed her palm reassuringly. “Everything’s going to be fine,” I said.I don’t know if I was telling her or myself but I guess I was talking to the both of

She then strode out, leaving me with the crone.

I heard the door open again and I opened my eyes to see Eve staring at me,my eyes trailed her b*dy and they landed on the bandage wrapped around her arm.




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Chapter 161

Your sister found you nked and bruising and unconscious and brought you back here‘ the crone was saying and stopped to tuck a strand of stray hair out of my face.

‘she said you did this to her‘ she pointed at Eve’s bandaged arm ‘said you both fought‘

I sighed as she rambled on.

“You hear me woman!’ she said and I turned to stare at her,I haven’t been listening to a word she’s said.

‘what?‘ I asked,cocking a raised brow. Eve was now seated with her heads bent and squezzing her hands together.

‘I don’t want you fighting with your sister during these difficult times. You be there for each other,you hear me?‘ I didn’t say anything and she shouted this time, ‘you hear me?”

‘I will never forgive her and I can’t stand her‘ I said defensively and the crone lit a cigarette.

“If your mama was alive,what do you think she’d want?,” I scoffed.

“Unfortunately, she’s not alive and I believe this“,I pointed at Eve before I continued. “I believe she’s somehow related to the incident.

The Crone frowned as she dropped the cigarette in an ashtray.

“And why do you think so?” She enquired and I saw Eve hesitantly sit down.

“I don’t trust her,” I said firmly.

“That’s not enough reason to believe she’s involved in that incident.”

I swallowed and kept quiet. The crone was stubborn and I couldn’t keep exchanging words with her.

Eve cleared her throat and began.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,I..I really don’t know what to say or do to make you trust me or give me one more chance…” she sighed.

“I love you so much and as an elder sister I wish to protect you. I’ve failed you



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Chapter 16


before,I don’t want to fail you again. Please…” she was still rambling on when i cut

“Why did you kill father?“,I said as I turned to look at her. The crone was watching us with hawk like eyes.



“I…it was in a fit of rage. It’s a long story,but I..I promise you I’ll tell time,” She breathed out,bent downwards and rubbing her fingers.

“Thank you for finding me,and bringing me back here” I said to her and her head shot up,eyes widening in surprise.

Of course,she wasn’t expecting me to thank her,after all I was angry with her.

She probably would’ve helped me but she was weak from the beating I gave her. If she really did mean to kill me,she’d have left me there to die. That poison was deadly, maybe it was because I was brought here quickly that I’m still alive.

I glanced around the room,taking note of the intricate patterns and designs that adorned it. It wasn’t like a hospital room. It smelled of roses and the woodworks and designs on it made it seem Rich. The room was luxurious and I wonder what it was used for.

“The room..what room is this?”

Eve glanced at the crone who absent mindedly replied, “The Luna’s room.”

I sat up quickly. “What?!”

This was Rielle’s room?. This room belongs to her?. I was laying on her bed right.


“It’s supposed to be your room anyways” Eva said defensively.

“I have been laying on the bed of the person that did this to me. The one who kidnapped my children!” I clenched my fist and was filled with rage.

“Lucien ordered it. It’s the best room in the mansion. Or you want to stay in his room?,” the Crone questioned,raising a brow and I realized that she was right.

Lucien was thoughtful and didn’t want me to stay in his room when I didn’t want to and he wanted me to be comfortable that’s why he kept me here.


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Chapter 16

My heart fluttered at that. I should give this man a second chance.


Over the next few days,Lucien came with flowers,different types, Daisies, Roses and even lilies. Sometimes, He’d come with snacks and when he found out that I love Daisy,he started bringing them.

One day, He One day,He was complaining about how he thought Rielle had help from

someone in the mansion. For her to have known I’d be going out and attacking me during the day.

I was about to say something when my eyes met the Crone’s. She was lighting a Cigar and I thought about something that has never occurred to me before.

The only person who knew about my pregnancy and the person responsible other than my mother was The Crone. Lucien once told me that it was her who recommended him going to the human territory to find me to treat him.

I passed her that morning on the day I was angry about Lucien marking me.

She was a Zeta just like Rielle’s grandfather and they were quite close.

“Where is your grandson?,” I turned to her and she stared back at me. She was doing a good job of masking her emotion.

“What could you possibly want with him?,” she answered as she dropped the Cigar on the ashtray.

“Only you knew about



I then turned to Raven, “take her away.”


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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