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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Lucien’s Pov;

Kaz roared in anger,feeling her pain as fury surged through my veins. I clenched. my fist in anger,growling as my eyes darkened. I will make them pay!,whoever it is!,everyone of them!.

I unleashed a powerful punch upon the door and faced the others in the room, they’ll fix that door for me.

“Find out who did this!. And bring him to me alive!.” I barked out to Greyson.

“Yes Alpha.”

“Immediately!. I will make him suffer!,I will let him die slowly!”

Raven spoke first, “we will find the person that did this and bring him to you Alpha“.

I exhaled loudly, “Get out all of you!,out!.”

I watched them scramble out before turning to Greyson. “Not you“.

“Is there anything else Alpha?” He raised a brow quizzically and I sighed.

“My wolf picked up a scent when I was there,a strange scent”

Greyson is my beta and the only person I can trust with what I just discovered.

“The scent was strange,it doesn’t belong to any pack,nor does it smell like a rogue” I said,facing him squarely and he looked at me in surprise.

“Not a pack member or a rogue?”

“I want you to find out what really happened in that house this evening. Do it discreetly and quickly” I ordered as I downed the entire glass of whiskey I’d been holding in one gulp.

I would need to discuss this with the Crone,she might know something about this.

The scent my wolf caught was strange,it was like a wolf.but also not like a wolf. I have never smelled such before. I need to find out what happened and why,quickly before something else happensl.





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wed, 3 Mar

Chapter 6


Amara had refused my offer to spend the night at my suite after consoling her,she said she’d rather take chances with whatever killed her mother as she had nothing else to lose. I wanted to scream out ” your life” but I just let her be. I’m sure that was her way of grieving.

I ordered Raven to stand guard at her house throughout the night and report back to me if anything happens. I wanted to make sure she sleeps well.

She’s acting tough,it’s hard to believe she was that weak wolf whom I rejected.

Looking back now, I realise I was rude and I hurt her,but I thought I was doing what was best for silverpine.

Marrying Rielle would give me power,or so I thought,only for her to try to kill me. I never loved her and she knew it,that was probably why she did that. She knew our marriage was a sham and we couldn’t deceive the moon goddess,this was perhaps her cruel punishment to me. To be poisoned by my chosen mate and treated by my chosen mate.


“When shall we leave Alpha?,” Greyson asked and I sighed.

I should have been in silverpine by now since I am already at full strength,but my wolf wants to remain here,close to her.

I thought about her now,her glowing skin,her wavy chestnut hair as it bounced with every step she took,her full l*ps which were inviting,her long shapely legs…

“Alpha…” Grayson’s voice broke through my reverie and I raked a hand through my hair in frustration.

“We can leave when you’ve found those rogue wolves” I moved towards the window,shoving my hands deep into my pocket as I walked.

“We’re still searching for them, but there has been no trace of them. I’ve asked the Levine people for help as well“,He said and I looked back at him.

“Good,double your efforts too. I wouldn’t want them to get the rogues before we


“Yes Alpha.”



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14:39 Wed, 13 Mar GDY

Chapter 6


I pushed the blind aside to see a familiar vehicle. It couldn’t be…..She stepped out with Raven and I smiled. Perhaps she was so frightened and decided to come to me as I was the only one strong enough to protect her.

She was wearing a deep blue dress that stopped just below her knee and as shet walked,each step carried elegance and her hips swayed rhythmically. I imagined her n*ked and how she would look on my bed and swallowed hard as she left my sight.

This isn’t the time for such thoughts!,she just lost her mother goddammit!. My wolf whimpered,he wanted her badly. “Shhh not now kaz“,I tried to console him.

Someone knocked at the door and I motioned to Greyson to open it. Immediately she entered,I motioned for him to leave. I didn’t need him prying into our discussion.

“How are you Amara?” I questioned,studying her to see any trace of discomfort.

If I could go back in time,I would proudly make her my Luna and not hurt her like I did. I was a fool,a damn big fool!.

“It’s Jessica,” She said, looking at me squarely, matching my gaze. She was not deterred by my huge frame or my piercing gaze,that’s interesting.

“Have you realized that I am the only one you need?” I questioned as I opened the refrigerator to get a bottle of Rum.

She scoffed, “Ha!,you sure love to dream.”

“About that night. Although I’ll admit I don’t remember much, I bet it was fun…”

“Don’t!,” she quickly interrupted me. “I’m not here for that,I need your help” I stared at her,a smile playing on my l*ps,she must’ve come here to seek my protection.

I passed her a glass which she shook her head at,declining it.

“What is it?” I questioned with a mock concern etched on my face.

I had to make her believe that I didn’t know what she wanted. I would do anything to get her back,anything at all,even if I have to remark her again,if that was possible. How was she able to remove my mark on her?,I never knew it was possible.





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14:39 Wed, 13 Mar

Chapter 6

“The person that killed my mother..the person took something else,more valuable from me” She said,avoiding my face as if there was something hideous on it. She instead focused on the intricate carvings of ancient symbols on the wall.

Does she prefer those ugly looking symbols to my handsome face?.

“What is it?” I asked indifferently,stifling a yawn. What valuables if not some ancient family heirlooms or some jewel eyes!.

“Will you promise not to take it from me after you get it?” I looked at her incredulously.

This woman is something else. Something valuable?. What the fuck would I want with some old heirloom or jewelries. I looked at her face to ascertain if she was joking,but she kept a straight face and looked surprised when I suddenly burst out laughing.

“What would I want with anything of yours?” I moved close to her and brought my mouth to her ear, “the only thing I want right now is you not some family heirlooms or jewelries or whatever was stolen from you”

“It’s not that!” She exclaimed!.trying to hide her face,she was flustered!. There’s a chance for me!I’m sure of it.

“Fine, fine!,what’s this something valuable?” I asked mockingly and She seemed to be suddenly nervous.

I smiled. It was probably a childhood toy that was taken.

“Promise me” she bit out nervously.

“Fine!,I promise!,what is it?”

In Silverpine community,an Alpha’s promise was his bond,he never broke them,it was considered a huge disgrace and dishonour for an Alpha to go against his words.

She looked at me for a while,as if she was contemplating on whether I could be trusted to keep my word or not.

“An Alpha’s word is his bond” I reminded her and she looked down at her palms pressed together awkwardly and finally back at me.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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