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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Amara’s Pov;

‘My Babies‘ I finally said,expecting the worst from him.

Perhaps he would ask if they’re his. I got scared at the thought of that,but I would tell him something else,anything at all. Seven years after all was a long time,I could’ve been married to a human and have his children. He might not even ask anything about the father of the children.

I realized that I had made a mistake and He might start to suspect something because I made him promise not to take them away.I hope he doesn’t suspect anything. Why did I say that?!.

‘You have children?‘ he stared at me incredulously and I held my breath in anticipation of the question he would ask,instead he asked something totally unexpected.

‘What are their names?, I raised my brow in surprise, their names,not ‘they’re mine?”

‘Kai and Rick.” I poured myself a drink too. I squeezed my face as the rum hit my throat.

‘You were married.” It came as a statement rather than a question and I looked at him,contemplating on telling him the truth or just ignoring him.

He might not put in all his effort to find the children since they’re humans, but if I tell him that they’re his, I’ll see my children very quickly. But he might take them away!.

‘How was he?‘ I am so not talking about this.

I downed the remaining drink in a single shot, ‘None of your business. Will you help me or not?‘

‘I’m obliged to help you as the Alpha of your pack. And it is against the law for rogues to harm a human… He ranted on about duties and obligations and whatnots that I zoned off.

He will help me,that was the only thought on my mind and I smiled at that .I know I could not possibly deceive Him for long. Once he finds my children,He would



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Chapter 7

see that they are an exact replica of him and that was all he needed to know to take them from me.

But I have his word,even if he finds out,He is obliged by law to leave the children- for me,I fought the urge to not scream at that. He wouldn’t be expecting that.I would see my children soon and nob*dy will take them from me anymore, they could have their father’s protection,but they’ll always be with me.

how do you feel now?‘ I asked,trying to change the topic as He was still asking about ‘the father of my children‘,

‘I’ll make them pay,whoever it is, you have my world and you’ll have your children


‘So you were married?‘ He asked again after a moment of silence.

I was tired of hearing him ask about my supposed ‘marriage‘ so I put an end to it.


‘Oh..who was he then?,how does being with a human feel?‘ I sighed and mentally face palmed. My children are being held captive somewhere and what he wants to know is how it feels to have S*x with a human!. Men..

Thankfully, the shrill ringtone of my phone stopped that ridiculous conversation.

‘Jessica!Are you alright?,I heard what happened!,i’m so sorry”

“Thank you sherry‘

I hope you get justice for your mother and you get your children back‘

‘I hope so too dear, I do‘

The call ended and I thanked Lucien and was about to leave before a thought occurred to me. My mother’s last words seemed insignificant and they weren’t clear, I didn’t understand them, but perhaps Lucien could understand them.

‘My mother said something before she died, blood creek,delta…something..”

‘Blood creek?‘ Lucien suddenly interrupted and I nodded.

‘It sounded like that,what does it mean?”




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Chapter 7

‘Sit,come sit‘ he said,beckoning me to sit down,his face giving a sense of urgency.

‘It wasn’t a human that killed my mother was it?‘ my heart broke and a sense of dread surged through me,if it wasn’t human,but a wolf,then why?‘

‘No‘ he said after a long silence. ‘you’re not safe,you’ll stay here until we’ve solved this issue‘

‘Wait hold on!,why would a wolf kill my mother?,she was very kind,she was a good woman and we never had any issues with any wolf even before we left‘

“Since you’ve been here,have you met other wolves,rogues perhaps?”

‘No,you’re the first set of wolves I’m meeting in seven years, I wouldn’t even know a wolf even if I passed one,i’m an omega you know”

He gently rubbed his jaw,a thoughtful expression etched on his face,as if he was thinking about something critical.

‘Doesn’t matter,it’s not safe. I won’t let you go back there‘

How dare he try to deceive me and make me stay here?I’m not falling for that!,what stupid threat?,black creek or whatever its called,I will deal with that on my own,I just needed my children‘

“I won’t. Whatever the black creek is,it won’t be coming for me. They already took all I have!” I said and stood up..

His jaw ticked as he looked at me,scowling,He seemed to be surprised that I wasn’t afraid.

Why should I be?,I tried ending my life after what he did seven years ago but my children gave me hope to live on. Without them,life would be meaningless.

“The blood creek is a group of extremely rogue and violent wolves and you know. what happens when rogue wolves decides to form a group.”

Of course,I am well aware,they become extremely violent and deadly, hoping to overthrow the current Alpha of a pack. I have never heard of a group called Blood creek but I’m sure they’re like other rogue groups I’ve heard. But what could they want with my children?

I gasped as realisation suddenly dawned on me,no,it couldn’t be. Besides my




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Chapter 7

mother and the crone,nob*dy knows who my children really are.

‘I don’t care about what you want,but you’re staying right here. Someone wants to use you to get to me. He said,his tone hardening with every word he spoke.

There was no use arguing with him,the look on his face told me that it would be pointless so I just sighed.

‘At least let me take a few things from my house‘ I said,as I didn’t know how long I would be cooped up in here and I needed to call Ellen,she would be worried,I know she would’ve come to the house already to check up on me and would be worried to not find me home.

Just then,my phone started to ring, I glanced at the caller ID and smiled,it was Ellen.

‘Your boyfriend?‘ Lucien asked and I could detect a hint of jealousy underneath his deep arrogant voice. I ignored him and answered the call,but he snatched the phone away from me before I could speak and I could only stare in horror as he spoke.

‘You listen to me,you miserable human twat,do not call this number anymore if you don’t want me to rip out your tongue and hang it like a trophy‘

I guess Ellen ended the call in horror as I saw the call end and he flung the phone back to me.

‘What have you done!?‘ I screamed out!,’that was my best friend!‘ I picked up my bag and pointed a finger at him, I knew I was playing with fire,but what He did was extremely dumb and stupid.

‘Screw you!‘ I yelled out and stomped off in a burst of anger.

I slammed the car door and peeled out of the parking lot,the tires squealed,matching my anger as the engine roared. I just wanted to get away from his presence.

The moment I got home,I saw someone standing on the doorway,she had her back turned to me and I stood still,trying to find a weapon I could use when the very familiar voice suddenly rang out.

‘Hello Amara,’I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding as I studied the face,olive skin with brown hazel eyes,blonde hair,full luscious l*ps that held a





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Chapter 7

warm smile.

I hugged her immediately as we both smiled.

‘How did you get here?..Never mind that!,i’ve missed you!

‘As have I!,I can’t believe it’s you!You’ve become so pretty!‘

‘And you still look the same‘

She chucked and we walked together to the house,talking about the old times.


I went to get a drink for her when she said something that nearly took my breath.

‘Eve is back.”



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The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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