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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 84

Chapter 84
I knocked slowly, anxious about their reactions when they opened the door to see me with Greyson.
I remembered Rolan telling me that even if I get caught, I shouldn’t rat them out. But that was exactly what I just did.
The door swung open.
“You brought him here!” She was seething with rage and I swallowed hard. I was expecting this reaction.
The others rushed out upon hearing the commotion and I saw Giselle glare at me with fury.
“Well, da mn! I told you not to rat us out if you get caught,” Rolan said. He was the most calm out of all of them.
“He’s not please listen to me,” I said as they all started blaming me, talking about how I should’ve stayed back,
how I had brought a threat to them.
“I’m not with the blood creek or here to take you all back,” Greyson spoke and they all kept quiet.
“I miss you, Gis. I really do and I’m sorry for the recent behavior that has made you distrust me,” he said with
sincerity in his eyes.
“Let’s leave the lovers to themselves,” Rolan said and Eve went back inside. Norman continued to glare at Greyson before Rolan dragged him back.
“Amara, are you seriously going to become a third wheel?” he questioned, making me walk inside.
As soon as I got inside, I plopped onto the sofa, beside Eve and narrated how he kidnapped me.
“He promised to help us,” I announced and Rolan scoffed, earning a glare from me.
“I didn’t call you into this conversation.”
“Then get a room and discuss privately,” he stated and I hissed.
Emergency calls only M
Chapter 84
“You know I don’t trust him!, you don’t trust him yourself,” she bit out and I nodded.
“Yes, but he’s not who we thought him to be. He’s not a member of the Blood Creek,” I announced and whispered to her, telling her how he had used wolfsbane and it wasn’t because Rielle spoke to him.
“He might not be the blood creek, but there is something suspicious about him.” She said firmly and exhaled.
She was right. There was something suspicious about him.
I was about to say something when Giselle and Greyson entered. They seemed to have reconciled with the way
they sat, huddled close to each other.
I had agreed to bring Greyson here after we had a deal that he’d help me find Kai and get Rick out of the mansion. He also spoke about capturing Rielle and torturing her to confess who the leader of the Blood Creek was. It would be hard but it was possible as he had access to the mansion and the guards whenever he wanted. I told him about Selene and he disagreed.
He said the same thing as Eve, that it was risky as she now belonged to another pack.
“Greyson, there’s something you should know,” Eve said, earning a glare from both me and Norman as I feared that she was going to talk about what I had thought of.
Giselle had a puzzled expression on her face.
Rolan chuckled. “More surprises. A few weeks here and everyone is getting the surprise fever.”
“Contrary to what you believe, I’m not your mate-
“I know,” he said and I glared at him. He knows? He must’ve figured out that by himself.
“Oh, how. I and Norman had to go through a very difficult process to know the truth,” She said and I nodded. I
had heard that it was hard.
“You said Norman’s your mate so I figured out that we were mistaken,” he was still talking when I cut him off.
“So you don’t know who your mate is,” it was a statement rather than a question and he nodded.
“Interesting. Very interesting.”
Emergency calls only M
Chapter 84
“Rielle or the blood creek rather has put a curse on you. They did on me too, and Norman,but we found a way to lift it. It was a crossing of some sort. Norman was made to think that Rielle was his mate and I was made to think that you were my mate. I think only Rielle was freed from it as she must’ve done it herself for whatever reason –,” Eve was still saying when Greyson cut her off.
“You mean, Rielle’s my mate,” he asked, slowly, a look of disbelief on his face as he shook his head in denial.
Giselle’s mouth was wide open and her eyes bulged. Rolan was just chuckling.

“That’s some f ucked up s it. I mean, Rielle?” Rolan chuckled again.
“You’ll soon begin to feel some kind of bond towards her now that we’ve told you,” Eve said.
She had told me that the seer said that opening Greyson’s eye wouldn’t be difficult since he was the one left. All they had to do was inform him.
Greyson looked like he was trying so hard to believe what he had just been told.
Giselle held his hand reassuringly and his jaw clenched.
ahead with the plan, Amara. Everything is now even simplified,” he stated, giving me a knowing look.
He had told me about his perfect plan to successfully capture Rielle.
“And she’s also going to have that bond to me,” he was saying and Eve nodded.
“I will seduce her and get her out of the mansion and then have some people waiting to capture her-”
“It sounds so simple as you say it, but what if the bond becomes so strong that you fall in love with her and do
her bidding?” Rolan questioned and he shook his head vehemently.
“Not going to happen.”
“You sound so sure,” Norman finally spoke and he turned to Giselle.
“I have my true soulmate here, why would I find someone else?” he smiled at her.
Chapter 84
“What if you get caught?” I questioned, realizing that Rielle was c un ning, she could find out about his plan before he could even do anything.
“I will try not to,” he responded calmly and I nodded.
“I wish you success in your plan. While you’re getting Rielle, I’d be getting Selene,” I said, making all eyes turn to
He sighed. “I didn’t want you to change your mind about bringing me here and that’s why I didn’t tell you,but this isn’t a good idea,” he pointed out and I shook my head.
“I don’t care,I’m doing it.”
“What about your children?” Rolan asked.
“I’ll leave that to Eve,” I smiled at her and she shook her head,still trying to dissuade me from going to find Selene.
But my mind was already made,I didn’t care what happened but I would find Her.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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