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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“All she needs to do is rest now, that would be okay for her.” The doctor takes his bag in his hand even as he spoke to Amelia.

“What’s wrong with her exactly?” Amelia asked, eyeing Erin’s unconscious figure laying on the bed.

“I gave her strict instructions not to try shifting but she did and it caused this. She’s still very fragile and in a position where she shouldn’t be doing anything strenuous.” He says and now Amelia was confused. When did Erin have the time to go shifting to her wolf?

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“Shifting to her wolf? Why should that be an issue? Most women shift even when they are pregnant.” Amelia countered.

“Most women aren’t omegas, Her wolf has already been weakened enough and to top that, she’s also an omega. It doesn’t work in her favor if she’s shifting. It could disrupt her entire pregnancy.” The doctor says quietly.

Amelia hummed, it’s not like she didn’t know that Erin is an omega but what she didn’t know is that, her condition is this worse and that brings her to the question, why in the goddess’s name did she shift when she has been warned not too.

“I have to leave now but if she experiences any difficulties when she wakes up, please call me and I’ll get here as fast as I can.” Amelia nods, watching the doctor gather his things and walk out of the room.

She stood by the bedstead for some minutes, watching the slow rise and fall of Erin’s chest. She’s trying to understand why she shifted to her wolf when she knew not to and even more, where she was able to do that without anyone knowing of it.

Amelia sighed, bringing her hand up to the bridge of her nose and slowly massages it. She bends and picks the drugs he had left behind. She was supposed to to refrigerate one of it. Erin whimpers in her unconscious state, Amelia snaps her head towards her, looking at her with worry and keen eyes but it wasn’t anything.

Amelia walked out of the room with the dish in her hand, she couldn’t help but wonder if Erin’s state had anything to do with Derrick. Derrick who she had been looking for before she passed out. She shakes her head, willing the thoughts to fly out of her head. Amelia reached kitchen, humming as a response to the greetings of the maids and placed the drug into the refrigerator.

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“What are you doing?” A voice says from behind her. Amelia shuts the door of the refrigerator close and turned to


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Chapter 33

see Vanessa looking at her very curiously. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Erin is sick and I’m helping.”


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“She’s sick? What’s wrong with her?” Vanessa asked as they walked out of the kitchen together.

“She is just..

“Pregnant. That’s what’s wrong with her.” Samantha’s snarky voice came from behind. Amelia squeezed her eyes close, knowing she’d have to be the levelheaded one around here and not give into Samantha’s wimps.

“Erin is pregnant?” Vanessa asked, doubt, shock and curiosity evident in her voice.

“Erin is pregnant?” She asked, grabbing Amelia by the arm so she’d respond.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed?” Samantha walks closer to them now, her heels clicking against the marble tiles. On her slips sat a very annoying smile.

“B–but how? I didn’t think she was pregnant and now she’s-”

“A whore! She’s an omega yet she’s pregnant without being mated. Which man in his right frame of mind would ever want her to be their mate. No one I tell you.”

“Oh shut it, you’re calling someone a whore when you’re here, standing right in front of me. Why not make yourself an example of a whore.” Amelia shot back, anger seeping into her veins.

“Are you going to defend her over me. You’re calling me a whore just because I stated who Erin truly is even though it is the truth?” Samantha gasped dramatically although one could see right through her.

“You know what, Samantha. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.” Amelia spat out..

“Okay, that’s a time out. We don’t need this much negativity especially since Alpha Derrick isn’t around.” Vanessa cuts in.

“Yeah, I really don’t have the time to trade words with you, Sam.” Amelia turns to Vanessa, giving her a tight lipped smile.

“I’ll see you.” She mouths and walks away, leaving Vanessa and Samantha alone.


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Chapter 33

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Samantha wraps her arms against her chest, tongue poking her inner cheek. “What?” She snapped at Vanessa when she wouldn’t stop looking at her with that eye. The same one her mother would often look at her



“You know, one of these days. You’re going to get it from Amelia and no one would be able to get her off you. If you don’t stop inserting yourself where you’re not included. You might just have to deal with something you cannot handle.” Vanessa quirked an eyebrow up.

“Oh, fuck off and go scramble at Amelia’s feet. I certainly don’t need your advice and you know what, Maybe you should take your own advice and stop inserting yourself into things you were never included in. One day, it might just backfire on you.” A step closer to Vanessa, Samantha leans forward and whispered.

Vanessa gaped openly, eyes widening when she realized what Samantha was talking about.

“You–1-” she spluttered, unable to come up with anything intelligent. Samantha smirks, leaning back and dusts an imaginary dirt off Vanessa jacket.

“Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house, Vanessa.” She winks and then walks away, leaving Vanessa to overthink the situation.

Amelia walks into the room only to find Erin sitting on the bed, her back resting on the bed frame, hand placed against her forehead and eyes shut close. She shuts the door close, the sound making Erin wince, eyes shooting


“You’re here..” she croaks out and Amelia nods.

“I had the doctor come check on you and he said you’ve overworked your body.” She walks closer to Erin, touching her head just to feel her temperature but thankfully it isn’t there. At least, her wolf was fighting this whole thing internally.

She smiled at Erin whose eyes had been stuck on Amelia’s face. Erin watches Amelia move to the table beside her bed and pour her a cup of water and gently passed it to her after she was done.

She gulps the water, feeling the tightness in her throat loosen as she drank water. She passed the cup back to Amelia who proceeded to place it on the table.

“You shifted?” Amelia event straight to the point, unable to pretend like she wasn’t dying to know why.


Emergency calls only Mu

Chapter 33


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Erin’s mouth falls open for a second, Amelia could see the gears in her head turning. She shuts her eyes, sighing softly at the silence that followed after her question.

“Erin…he said he had told you it was dangerous for you.” Amelia says softly.

“I know, it just.. I wanted to.” Erin opted for instead. How is she supposed to tell Amelia she didn’t want to disappoint Derrick when he had told her even though she’s very aware that Derrick wouldn’t have wanted it.


“You just wanted to endanger yourself and your pup?” Amelia asked, baffled and very confused because who chooses to endanger themselves.?

“No–That’s not it.” Erin splutters unintelligibly.

“Then what is it? I don’t understand how you could be reckless and shift when you were told not to. It doesn’t make sense that you would willingly endanger your pup, Erin.”

“I–I didn’t want to endanger my pup or myself. That’s not what I meant.” She argued weakly.

“What do you mean then? I don’t understand anything and I want you to make me understand. What is going on?” Amelia’s voice rises a bit, frustration and annoyance seeping into her voice.

“Alpha asked me if i wanted to and I didn’t any to refuse. I didn’t think it was going to be like this.”

“You’re telling me Derrick caused all of this? He asked you to shift and you willingly did because he asked even though you knew your pups life could be in danger?” Amelia stands up, hands flailing around.

“No, no, no. You’re not getting me and..” she stops altogether, taking a deep breathe.


“He didn’t know. I didn’t tell anyone and I genuinely wasn’t planning on shifting because I care about my life and my pup’s but… after what happened, I just thought i owed it to him and try to clear everything up.”

Amelia is more than confused, she stops packing around, eyes on Erin. “What? What happened?”

Erin knew she had to tell the truth about everything and so she opened her mouth “I Um..”

“Tell me.”

Erin rolled her eyes at Amelia’s curiosity “I might have kissed him and avoided him like he had a plague and then, have him drag me into the woods last night, asking that we shift and communicate properly. I couldn’t


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Chapter 33

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refuse because I didn’t want him to feel bad and I genuinely missed my wolf because I haven’t been able to shift well in years so yes! I shifted and that’s it.” At the end of her ramble, Erin looks down at her thighs which was covered by the large duvet. Her cries flaring up in red.

Amelia was unable to come up with a single word. Did she hear correctly? Derrick and Erin kissed? Derrick kissed

someone? Derrick kissed Erin?

*Let me get you straight, you and Derrick kissed?” Amelia asked gently as she sat on the bed again.


“When was that? I mean, when did it happen?” She asked, loads of questions and realizations crossing her mind


“A day to his rut. Imight have triggered his rut.” She squeaks out.

Erin looks at Amelia, watching as realization dawns on her. “Oh, that’s why.” She muttered.

“Yeah.” Erin trailed off

“Why then did you ignore him? I mean, for you to kiss him, I’d like to believe there are some feelings invo right?” Erin didn’t need to think about the question. Of course, there was feelings involved but she can’t act upon her feelings.

‘Not even if they are requited‘

“There was.” Now this warm Amelia’s interest.

“Was? What do you mean was? His rut was like eight days ago so?”

Erin sighed, she’s rather tell her everything that’s been going on and so she opens her mouth to speak.

Amelia’s eyes widen as she listens to Erin tell her in details what had happened. Truly, she had notice the weirdness during the last days but didn’t have the time to dwell on it seeing as she had other engagements to work on, engagements like her uncle Maxwell. If she had dwelled on it sooner then she’d have noticed the weirdness between them.

At the end of Erin’s talk, she wasn’t only feeling sympathetic towards Derrick but also Erin, She might not be in her shoes and might not know exactly what had happened to her but she’s certainly sure the woman has been


Emergency calls onlyMu

Chapter 33

024% 12:32

through so many things. The first few days she stayed was something. She’d jump constantly out of fear, had random panic attacks that she tried to hide. It was saddening and that was why she, Amelia did everything she could to help her.

Derrick on the other hand was a different case..

Amelia leans closer to Erin, holding her hands. “I think, I think you should’ve given it more time especially when your feelings are requited, Erin. It’s unwise to spend your days yearning for someone that likes you back.

Erin’s heart squeezed tight inside of her. She knows it, she knows what she did was cowardly of her but still, she did it.

“I don’t think it’s fair on Derrick and on you. He has been through so much and I know it took him a lot to admit his feelings to you but you rejected him and not be us eh don’t feel the same but because you can’t handle it.” At this, Erin’s eyes clouded with unshed tears.

Yes, she’s heard of his mate’s death and of course she knew he would’ve taken it hard like she was told he did but now, she’s gone ahead and just…

Erin doesn’t realize when a tear fall to her cheeks until Amelia’s wiped it off her cheeks, a sad smile on her lips, “Think about it again, Erin. I think you deserve happiness after the life you’ve lived. You both deserve happiness and if it comes this way, don’t block it and allow it blossom. Your deserve to be happy, Erin.”




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Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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