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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Chapter 33 of the scarred Luna-

Two days later-

“Thank you Alpha Derrick for taking your time to come. It’s been an honor to have you.” Alpha Elvis says, shaking Derrick’s hand, a smile sat on his lips.

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“Thank you for having me. I look forward to our new partnership.” Derricks looks at the Luna who was standing beside her mate. Their child sitting on her hips and clapping.

He couldn’t help the smile that made it’s way to his lips on seeing the pup. The past two days that he’s used in the Crystal pack has only made him fond of the pup.

“Thank you, Luna. I appreciate your hospitality.” He tells her and she smiles.

“We’ll have to get going now, do let us know if anything happens.” He tells the Alpha who nods, understanding the sentiment behind the words.

Dylan horned the car loudly, letting Derrick know they had little time to leave the Crystal pack. Derrick chuckled and nods at Alpha Elvis and his mate. He turns and hops into the car. The two boys they had taken from the pack also with them.

Yes, what brought him into the Crystal pack was to sign the deal and have his packs name on them and it worked. Alpha Elvis is quite smart and able to know his weakeness which proved a lot.

“How many more hours?” Derrick asked Dylan through the mind link. He looks back to see the two boys huddled so closely to each other. He’s aware it’s a whole different thing to be away from home and your pack. The place they’ve grown to know as their and now they’ve been basically uprooted and taken from their comfort and home, it’s scary and frightening but it’s needed. If a war was to breakout between another pack and Crystal moon pack then it’s sure Crystal would have their ass handed to them after being obliterated. The two days Derrick spent in their pack was too see their strength and weakness. It’s a wonder as to how they are able to produce one of the best weapons but are so weak.

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Derrick spent two days watching and learning their ways. Their training sessions should be changed to dancing sessions since that’s what they do. The boys are only eighteen and nineteen, still pups to their parents but not anymore especially with the looming attack that’s being planned on Crystal pack. Derrick hoped with the recent


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Chapter 34

development he has with Crystal moon pack, things would get better.

“What are your names, again?” He asked the boys who he could tell were super nervous.

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“Noah and Aaron.” The eldest speaks up. Derrick hum, looking out the windshield. He’d have to subject both of them to training immediately. He had studied them during their training session and saw that they were the only two with the core strength needed and so he took them to be trained. He doesn’t understand how Alpha Elvis is alpha if he cannot train his people. He tries to make sense of it but can’t but the only thing he can understand is the fact that they’ve banked so hard on their weapons that they don’t fight. Life doesn’t work that way regardless of what you have at your deposition.

‘We have a lot of work to do if we plan on making them strong warriors‘ Dylan says through the mind link. Derrick looks at the two boys again through the rear view mirror, he meets Noah’s eyes through the mirror and the boy averts his gaze immediately, his body shaking. Derrick quirked an eyebrow up, wondering what was making the boy so nervous and scared.

‘Stop looking at them that way, you’re wondering why they’re scared but you’re looking at them like you would smack them to the moon. You really look murderous. Dylan’s voice cuts through the mind link. Derrick snaps his eyes at Dylan whose eyes was on the road, a ghost of a smirk sitting on his lips.

‘Fuck off‘ he snaps at Dylan

“You look grumpier than usual, why? You’re scaring the kids at the back. Is it Aaron? Aaron looks like he might shit his pants”

Derrick looks at the kid through the mirror again, his eyes netting with the pups. Aaron averts his eyes immediately, struggling to swallow the knot in his throat. Derrick sighs and look away, maybe he is scaring them truly.

‘I’m just tired. I’m going to shut my eye for some minutes or maybe hours.‘ He tells Dylan and blocks the mind link, already tired of the conversation and shut his eyes.

In other parts, A man cladded in black overall drops a brown colored file on the table.

“I told you it would happen. He says, voice filled with anger. He raised his head to look at the man before him. The man sitting on the chair, jaw locked hard as he stared at the file given to him.


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Chapter 34

“When did it?”

024% 12:32

“This morning, it happens this morning and I told you it would happen then. I don’t know why you don’t listen to me. I obviously know better than you.” He grits out, slamming his fist against the table.

“It’s not too late, we can still do something about it.” The man rushes out, trying to pacify the clearly angry man but also feeling his own anger. His grip on the file hardened and soon the paper file was turned to nothing in hist hands.

“What do we do now?” The man in black asks, walking towards the cabinet of alcohol. He grabs a bottle of wine and a cup, takes it back to the table and pours himself a glass of wine.

“We have to do something. I refuse to allow him win.”

“We cannot do anything now, he has his hands over the pack and anything we do will be considered stupid.” The man snaps, taking a full swing of the alcohol.

“Then tell me what we are supposed to do? We cannot sit still while their alliance grows. I have to show Elvis just who he messed with.”

“Don’t forget, Elvis is now with Derrick. If you make a move on Elvis then you’re indirectly making a move on Derrick and that, we don’t want.” The man grabs a chair and sits down. He runs his hand over his face, in the process pulling the cloak on his head down. His hair peeking out.

“Do you think I care about Derrick?”

“No but you care about your reputation. You already have enough with the scandal you went through months ago or have you forgotten?” The man says, cocking an eyebrow up.

“Yes I know but I cannot let Elvis get away with this. He did this intentionally. He brought Derrick into this because he knows about my issue with him. He knows and he took advantage of it.”

“Like any sane alpha would do. He took your opponent because he wanted to get rid of you.” The man says.

“Are you helping or just fueling my anger the more?”

The man sighs, running his hand through his hair. “I can’t be here for long but I came to tell you. If you had gone through with my plan then you’d have Crystal pack and it’s Alpha bowing to you but now. You have nothing and it’s due to your stupid decisions.”


Emergency calls only MO

Chapter 34.

*024% 12:32

He slams his fist against the table, a growl threatening to escape his lips at the condescending tone of of the


“Don’t forget who you’re speaking to.” His eyes flashed yellow.

The man sighs, standing up and adjusts the park back to his head. “Do better, we don’t have much time for this charity you’re doing.” He takes a last swing of the alcohol, drop the cup back to the table and walks to the door only to be stopped

“I’ll have Dimitri.”

The man cocks an eyebrow at the mention of Dimitri. “You’ll have him?” He asks

“Yes! That’s the only way I can bring Derrick down and have Elvis grovel at my feet.” The clear hatred in his face. and voice could be seen and heard.

“Do as you wish but be careful of what you do.” The man bows just for the sake of it, he lifts his head up and


“I’ll be on my way now, Alpha Liam.”

A minute after the man left, Liam thrashed his office in a fit of rage. He could feel his alpha threatening to take over, he felt crazed with anger. How dare Derrick take what belongs to him.?

He couldn’t stop, feeling the piping and rush of blood, his veins tightening just at the reminder of what had happen. What the man had said.

He won’t allow Elvis mock him this way. He was supposed to get that pack. He was supposed to have the Crystal pack joining the blue moon pack. He is the one who should have access to their inventory. He should have free and exclusive access to their weapons but instead Elvis ran to Derrick for support and protection. Oh, damn Derrick.

“Alpha… someone peeked into the room without his permission.

“GET OUT!” He growls, grabbing a glass cup and throws it to the door, the person escaping his brutality with just a slight second. Liam’s face grows red, he stood in the middle of his thrashed office, hands gripping the table for dear life, his chest heaving as he struggled to remain calm. Yes, what the man has said was right. He can’t afford


Emergency calls only Mu

Chapter 34

024% 12:32


another huge scandal like what happened with Erin. Everyone and their mother is aware of what happened now, he has to give it space. He cannot just put this huge dent to his reputation but damn Elvis. Damn Elvis for taking Derrick instead of him.

Three hours after, Liam walks into his room, his body heavy and still filled with the rage from earlier. He didn’t

leave his office until now.

He shuts the door to his room and walks towards the window, the window blinds already out up. He began to unbutton his shirt and just as he peels the shirt off his body, someone wraps their words around his torso, their body heat exuding.

Liam hissed lowly, trying to pry the hand away.

“I haven’t seen you all day and now you’re trying to get me off you?” She whined. It’s supped to be cute but it

only ticks Liam off the more.

“Get off me, Melissa.” He snaps, his scent growing bitter.

Melissa stiffens for second but brushes it off, her grip tightening as she began to pepper kisses against his back.

“I missed you so much, Alpha. I missed you that I wanted-”

“Get off me, Melissa. What don’t you understand about that?” Liam growls, pushing her off him.

Melissa stumbles backwards, eyes wide with disbelief.

“Are you dumb or deaf? Get off me literally means, get off me.” He snaps. Her eyes stung with unshed tears.

“Why? Why are you treating me this way? Why? Why? Why? I’m here so why won’t you see me? I’ve been here? I recovered and I’m here so please see me.” A tear falls to her cheeks.

Liam sighs, walking to his closet to pick something to wear but Melissa follows him.

“I’ve been out of coma for two months now! I’ve been out of coma and I’m doing okay, even better than I was so why? Why won’t you look at me? I am doing my best, Liam. I am doing everything I can so why?”

Liam continues to ignore her.


Emergency calls only Mu

Chapter 34

*024% 12:32


“Look at me! I’m here and doing all that I can. I am doing everything so look at me. Be with me. Wasn’t that what we wanted? Wasn’t that what we wanted? For her to be out of the way and then we can be together so why? Why won’t you look at me. I’m okay now, she’s out of our lives so look at me. Please look at me because I am here.”

“You’re here but you’re useless to me, Melissa so do yourself a favor and leave me alone. Accept the title you’ve been given because that’s the only thing you will get from me.”

Melissa’s jaw drops, a lone tear falls to her cheek.

“Why?” She croaks out, unable to come up with anything.

“You’re barren, Melissa. Your womb can never carry another pup. You’re just as useless than Erin if not more.” He spat out with any mercy, digging Melissa’s wound deeper.

“What?” Melissa staggers back, Liam’s words ringing in her ear. She’s barren? She’s barren like Erin was?

Liam smirk’s albeit sadly, taking a step closer to her. “You didn’t know but I’m telling you now. You can’t have a pup because your womb has been destroyed during your last pregnancy. At least with Erin, there was hope but with you, there’s none. You’re barren, Melissa.” He spits out.

“No, no, no, no. I don’t believe you. I don’t.”

“Well, that’s on you but I’ve told you the truth and the rest is up to you.” He turns and grabs a tank top and joggers to wear, walking out of the closet. Melissa runs after him.

“So why? Why then did you make me your Luna once I got out of coma? Why then did you get married to me?” She wiped the tears off her cheeks, anger brewing inside of her.

Liam’s stops what he was was doing and turns to Melissa. “I needed a Luna and you were there. It was easy.” He shrugs.

“I will not allow you treat me like you treated Erin. I am more than what she was and I’ll make sure you see it.” Melissa says as he changed his clothes.

“I have other pressing matters, Melissa. It’s better you stay and continue to be the good little Luna you are.”

“I think you’ve got your ex Luna and I mixed up. I’ve never been a ‘good little Luna and would never be one‘ You cannot treat me the way you treated Erin. I won’t ever allow it. You’re stuck with me now, Liam and you’re going to fulfill everything you’re meant to regardless of my ability to carry your pup or not.” Her voice grew


Emergency calls only Mu

Chapter 34


024% 12:32


Liam stared at her for some seconds and shook his head. He walked out of the room, leaving her to nurse the pain in her heart.

Melissa wipes the tears off her cheeks, swallowing the knot in her throat, the claws of her nails digging hard into her palms.

Damn you Erin.



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The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

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Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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