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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Erin sighs, her hands running up her arms. She gnawed on her lower lip, eyebrows knitted in worry as she looks out the cell. She couldn’t sleep all through the night, her mind wasn’t at rest but then again, whose heart would rest when they hear of their death?.

Her heartbeat hammered hard in her chest, she felt sick from within, reminded of her pregnancy again. She brings her hand to her stomach, gently rubbing it. She has to find a way out of here, she can’t let her fate be decided to doom just like that.

Her eyes stung with unshed tears again, she was reminded of Liam’s harsh words. How does he believe Melissa when she told him she’s pregnant but not Erin? Why does everything have to go south for her? Her wolf has been mute since Liam broke off the mating bond that it worried Erin. Yes, she might be the weakest wolf in the kingdom but it doesn’t mean she still doesn’t feel her wolf because she does feel her wolf. Although, right now,

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completely blocked her from feeling her. Her wolf must be broken after what Liam did.

Erin exhaled, rubbing her hand through her hair, she began to pace around the cell, feeling very much unsettled and worried. It’s a matter of time before she will be dragged out of here again and for the last time. Liam will not have mercy on her so what can she do? What can she-

She doesn’t get to finish that train of thought as the guard’s heavy footsteps boom in the hall leading to her cell. Erin was frozen with fear, her heartbeat pounding hard in her chest she feared it would burst out. The guard from earlier marches to her cell, eyes filled with disgust as he stared at Erin while unlocking the lock to the cell.

It’s easy how these people switch sides once you’re being castigated. When Erin was Luna, she wasn’t treated the best but still wasn’t treated this worse. She’d spend hours in the kitchen, trying to prepare food so the warriors wouldn’t starve. She would spend hours with the maids, teaching and helping them with whatever she could since she wasn’t fighting material. Truly hilarious if you ask. Not once has these guards bat an eye when dragging her back and forth. Not once do they even behave like they remember the times she was there, instead they show the real amount of hatred they have towards her?

The iron–barred door jolts open, and the guard steps into the cell. “It’s time to face your punishment.” He spat out, grabbing Erin by the arm and pulling her towards the entrance. Erin gulps, already starting to tremble with fear coursing through her veins.

“Larry!” Another voice boomed from deep inside the hall. Erin recognizes it as the other guard’s voice. She has no idea why they are the only ones looking after her after all, there are other warriors and guards but then again, they’re probably Liam’s most trusted guards and that’s why they are watching her.


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Chapter 6

*016% 15:46


She sighs inwardly, Yes, she and Liam didn’t have the most perfect marriage. In fact, it was a sham but it wasn’t like no one knew in the pack. Liam only tolerated her, especially after she was unable to provide an heir. She was immediately turned into an outcast in her very own kingdom. Erin remembered the snide talks she would get while walking down the stairs, and the pitiful looks she would often get from the maid when cooking. The mocking comments Liam would throw at her and Melissa’s taunting. All of those seemed to have not mattered now as she was being dragged out of her cell to face her death. She remembered the look in Liam’s eyes when he told her she would be dealt with tomorrow. The disdain and hatred embedded in his orbs. At that moment, she knew, she had to escape but how?

“What? Alpha has ordered that I bring her up. She’s getting killed today for what she did.” Larry yelled back, pulling Erin’s arm behind her so he could tie her.

“Well, hurry up! Everyone is waiting.” The other guard yelled back and left, his footsteps fading with every step he took.

Erin winces just as the guard grunts, tying her arm tightly so she couldn’t untie the ropes. He takes some step. back and looks at her then bends to pick up his sword. He grabs Erin by the arm and pulls her out of her cell while she grunts, trying to suppress the pain shooting up her arm at the way she was tied and also the whipping she got yesterday. It still hurt like hell.

“Come on, everyone is waiting to see you die.” He grins, pushing her forward so that she stumbles lightly.

“Stop being a fucking wimp and walk!” He snarls but still helps her stand properly. They began to walk down the hall. Erin gulps hard as they walk past some cells, the wolves in them screaming to be killed and some just staring at her blankly. She shudders internally as their eyes met one another. His brown orbs, were emotionless, dull, and resigned.

This could be me, she thought to herself.

“I can’t wait to get this over with and finally do something worthwhile. Like fighting and going to war for the kingdom.” The guard mutters beside her, clearly done with the whole Liam losing his pup thing.

Erin wondered if this is how she would end, unable to escape this and die because she’s such a weakling and couldn’t.. She pauses, eyes narrowed slightly. What was that?

She stylishly glanced at the guard who was still grumbling distractedly beside her then looks away just like that. Her heart beat plummeting hard in her chest. She could feel the air stuck in her throat, palms already clammy at the thought of what was going on.



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Chapter 6

*零售16% 15:46

From the corner of her eyes, she could see one of the cell mate they had just passed, stretch forth his hand into the tiny hole a person’s hand shouldn’t fit. She gulps hard, a knot settling in her throat, she’s struck with fear, moving as slow as she could and hoping the guard wouldn’t notice since he’s still ranting on how much he wants to fight in a war.

The cell mate succeeds in bringing his hand out but a mistake has everything crumbling. The lamp which has been lit with fire and kerosene fell down, alerting the guard who looked back immediately, eyes bulging open immediately, his grip on Erin’s arm loosened.

“What the hell?” He muttered, eyebrows creased in worry and confusion. Erin turns back and just then did Erin notice the small fire already made by the lamp which was now open.

“It’s leaking.” She yells, seeing the lamp leak a bit of kerosene out, spreading the fire a bit. The guard runs towards the cell where the people in it were already yelling, trying to remove the key stuck in his jeans hook, sweat bead tricking down his forehead, he was shaking hard, unable to think of something to stop the fire. Erin staggers back a bit just as the fire catches on a rag, already fast and spreading.

The guard succeeded in opening the cell but it doesn’t turn useful to him as the prisoners run out of there into the fire, yelling, screaming and running out. Erin stood there, feet deep rooted into the floor as she watched the scene unfolding right in front of her. The fire spreading quickly now and more of the prisoners trooping out of

their cell.

The guard unable to keep everyone in place as they ran, the fire still spreading out as it began to latch on woods and clothes.

People outside could hear the commotion coming from the dungeon, all eyebrows raised and worried. Liam asks one of the guards to check what’s going on and he does but doesn’t come back, instead his screams could be heard and soon the prisoners came running up, disrupting the people waiting for Erin and her death.

Soon the entire place was in chaos, the fire had gripped the dungeon and now speeding to the east wing of the pack house. Everyone on their feet to survive the fire and also put it out. In their haze of putting the fire off and surviving, Erin is forgotten for a minute.

All it took was a minute. Erin comes bursting through the doors, taking the least used entrance to the pack house. The door leading to the region four lake. No one ever used here because of the thick forest here, covering the part that leads to the lake, it was casted. They would rather go to the blue hills lake instead so this place

wasn’t used.

She runs out, a shawl draped over her head in case she’s recognized but no one does. Everyone is busy fighting




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Chapter 6

D16% 15:46

and running for their life, Erin totally forgotten.

She ran through the thick bushes. She ran like a mad woman, breathe sharp and frantic, pushing through very thorn in her way. Fear washes over her at the thought of being followed and chased so she doesn’t give up, running with every energy she could muster. She crosses over the lake, trying her best not to fall into the lake, so she crosses over with the tiny rocks placed to allow people walk. Thick layer of sweat covered the nape of her neck, she manages to cross it and resumed running, not knowing exactly where she’s running to but knew she had to be far away from Liam.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins, body racking with horror. Her calves burned, breathe beginning to form clouds in the air but she doesn’t give up. Her feet flying over stones and leaves. She bumps her toe into a nail, immediately clasping her hand over her mouth as the pain hits her, heavy and gut wrenching. She swallows hard,

eyes brimming with tears but manages to pull the nails from her toe. She looks back and could only see bushes, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe. She’s not safe. She bends, biting on her lower lip and wraps her palms over the bloodied toe, squeezing her eyes close in pain. She stands up, panting hard but pushes forward, She couldn’t give up.

The life of her pup is at stake.

Erin goes harder, feeling the wind whip her face harshly, she reaches the blue moon pack’s border and sprints out, thankfully it was weirdly free of wolves and beside she was using an unseen path to leave. Normally, the mark on her neck would’ve alerted the alpha about a pack member venturing out of the kingdom but right now, since her mark has been cut off, she’s more or less pack–less. Erin manages to cross the border and keeps running.

Erin ran as fast as she could even with her legs nearly giving out. From the corner of her eyes, everything had began to blur, breathing quickens, trying to appease her need for oxygen. She doesn’t give up nor slack but keeps running. The dark of the night finally catching up to her,

Three days later, Erin wakes up in an unfamiliar place.




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The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

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Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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