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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Derrick steps into the pack house, tall, broad, and brave. He must be at least six feet tall with jet black kissed skin, and sporting a stubble down his chin. His jaw was set and locked as his gaze ran through the heads in the room.

“We do not have business, why are you here and what do you think you’re doing?” Liam counters, face red with anger and maybe a bit of protectiveness towards the pack of course.

“You’re mistaken! We do have business, Alpha Liam and I’m here to sort out our business. Forgive me for barging into a private moment.” Derrick says, his voice was low and controlled reminding Erin of a caged animal. His gaze fell on Erin who was still kneeling, hair disheveled, face red and rough.

Liam moves his weight, shifting slightly to block Derrick’s gaze. He tilts his head sideways.

“I don’t appreciate you coming into my kingdom and territory without proper permission.” Liam puffed out his chest to look intimidating. His guards were already by his sides noticing his posture.

“I’m only here to sort out our business and you know exactly what I am talking about.”

Liam stared at the man before him for some seconds then sighed, letting his gaze stray towards the beta who understood the meaning.

“Leave everyone! The alpha would address everyone later.” Noah says, voice loud and commanding. The pack members began to walk out and soon the house was empty, well, leaving Erin, the guards, Liam, the gamma and the beta, and also the man standing behind Derrick. One that Erin hadn’t noticed due to the crowd in the room but now had the chance to see. He stood a foot shorter than Derrick, with deep brown hair that was tied into a man bun, lips pulled into a distasteful scowl. His eyes meet Erin’s and she looks away immediately. The mant certainly looks like Derrick, an uncanny resemblance they share.

“Take her, she will be addressed later,” Liam tells the guards who move to grab Erin by the shoulders. Erin goes stiff with fear at her coming fate. She’s doomed.

Derrick’s eyes follow the pale–skinned brunette being hauled up to her feet like a criminal, he looks at the ropes. tired around her wrists, the hand marks on her neck, the bruises on her cheek, the hollow look in her eyes as she’s dragged to stand. He quirks an eyebrow up, his lips curls upward, just the tiniest bit at the corner that Liam wouldn’t have seen it if he wasn’t paying attention to the man in his home.



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Chapter 5

023% 15:41

“Isn’t that your Luna? I haven’t gotten the chance to meet her before. I’ve always been intrigued to meet the Luna of the Blue moon pack.” There is a restrained power between each word.

His words had Erin freezing to her bones. He has always been intrigued.

Derrick takes a step towards the woman held between the two men but is blocked actively by the Alpha of the blue moon pack. His lips pulled into a distasteful scowl.

“Not another step. I’m sure you know you aren’t welcomed here. You crossed a line when you stepped into my pack house without permission but don’t dare take another step.” Liam growls out quietly, his gaze hard.

The two alphas stare at each other and gaze unwaveringly. Liam’s scent had grown bitter and harsh, a clear indication that he isn’t going to back down if need be and definitely won’t allow this Alpha to walk all over him and that too in his home.

Erin has heard of the feud the Blue moon kingdom and the dark moon kingdom have shared over the years. It all started from a plot of land and escalated over the years. The two alphas have a burning hatred for each other in their hearts which is why it’s surprising to see the Alpha of the dark moon kingdom in the pack house of the blue moon kingdom. It’s something no one has ever thought would occur.

“Take her away!” The beta, Noah tells the guards.

“No, wait. I have a proposition for you.” Derrick tells Liam, holding his hand up, signaling for the guards to stop. Liam quirks an eyebrow up just as Derricks‘ aide rushes to his side, telling him something silently.

“What do you want?” Liam asks, cutting to the chase.

“The treaty has been signed and trust me I hate it more than you do but I’m willing to compromise. I have four of your men in my kingdom and I’m willing to let them go..

“What’s the catch? You don’t do things for nothing.”

Derrick’s eyes stray over to a trembling Erin and smirk Her Hoow she’s your Luna or was, I don’t see a mark on her neck anymore and I’m guessing something happened.”

“Oh, what gave it away? The fact that there are guards dragging her out or the fact that she looks like she’s seen better days?” Liam deadpanned.

Derrick huffs “I can see you don’t want her in your hands anymore and so I’ll ease the burden off your shoulder



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Chapter 5

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Give me her in exchange for your men that are currently in my kingdom. Consider it a peace treaty.” Derrick


Erin’s heart sped up a thousand at the thought of being exchanged as a peace treaty. How did things go so wrong and that too so fast?

Liam chuckled bitterly, his heart hammering hard in his chest. He ran a hand through his hair



“She’s a burden but she’s my burden. I’ll take care of her but I refuse to allow her to be a peace treaty especially when she doesn’t deserve it. So no! I’ll take care of my burdens.”

Derrick’s jaw locks as he stared at the man before him. Liam has always been strong–headed and stupid. A perfect dose of calamity. He looks at the woman looking like she was barely living and felt a tinge of something deep in his chest. He hasn’t felt something in years but here he was looking at this woman that had just been cast out of her kingdom and felt a tiny tinge in his chest.

“Think about it, you’ve always been a little too hasty in decision–making.” He presses forward, knowing Liam might take the bait.

Liam doesn’t.

He stared at Derrick, gaze unwavering and hard. “Take her!” He commanded.

Derrick watched as the woman is dragged away helplessly, feeling another tinge in his chest to help her but then

again, it isn’t his problem or business.

He looks away and sighs inwardly as Liam smirked, it’s not very often one gets to see Alpha Derrick of the dark moon kingdom visibly irritated and pissed about something.

Erin is dragged back to her cell and she’s locked up. She stood behind the bar of the cell, recalling what just happened. Alpha Derrick just asked her to be given to him as a peace offering.

She didn’t know how to feel about it. Staying in the blue–moon kingdom was death, she knows this but then again, the dark–moon kingdom? It’s never been advisable to go there, in fact, because of the heavy feud between both kingdoms, they have cut off all trade and dealings among the people it’s been hectic but it’s been like that



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Chapter 5

right from time.


*023% 15:42

Erin sighs, bringing her hand to caress her flat stomach. Will Liam bring her out of this if she tells him she’s pregnant? Will he not want to cast her away to the vultures? After all, he wants a pup and she is carrying his pup even if he doesn’t know it. Will he… She doesn’t get to finish the train of thought as the cell jolts open.

She’s startled, turning to see Liam stepping into her cell. She swallows the lump in her throat. She was hoping the conversation between him and Alpha Derrick would last longer but looks like it didn’t and now he is here, staring at her menacingly.

Erin falls to her feet, eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“Forgive me, Alpha. Please forgive me. I- I made a mistake. I made a horrible mistake and I’m very sorry for what I did, please forgive me.” She cries out.

Liam stood tall, eyeing the poor and filthy excuse of a cell. Usually, he would leave the duties of the cell and its inhabitants to the beta or the gamma but right now, The ex–Luna and his ex–mate knelt in the disgusting excuse of a cell, pleading and crying her eyes out.

“You made the one mistake you shouldn’t have ever done in your life, Erin.” He says, taking a step close to her. From this angle, Erin could see his shoes, she trembled but looks up and gasps at seeing him much closer to her.

“You should’ve just stayed like the perfect little doll you were and not do things you shouldn’t have but look.” He shrugs and rolls his eyes.

“Come in.” He announces at who? Erin looks out the cell and sees the two guards from earlier coming into the cell with a chair and some things…

Her heart drops to her stomach as she sees why they were carrying.

“A–Alpha, p–please.” She pleads shakily but Liam ignored her, watching the way the guards set the chair up and take out the contents inside the bag.

“Tie her up.” He orders and Erin is hauled to her feet, Rough and calloused palms holding her up. She cried and pleads but it all falls on deaf ears as she’s made to sit down and tied to the chair with chains, like a rouge wolf

that’s lost its roots.

Liam stands before her, eyeing her disgustingly as he stretched his hand to the guard on right, asking for something. Erin had tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched Liam roll the belt on his hand, his eyes on



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Chapter 5

her, unmoving.

D23% # 15:42

“Liam, I beg you, don’t..” she’s cut off by the harsh burning sensation in her arm. Her eyes stung with tears, Liam cocked an eyebrow up after giving her the first strike.

“Don’t what?” He asks, remembering the state he had found Melissa earlier, all bloody and broken just because of her. Because of Erin. He hits her again, ignoring her cry of pain.

“You reap what you sow, Erin. I’ll make sure I break you to pieces.” He growls, hitting her across the neck. Erin cries out, unable to keep up with it.

hee you ton

“I’m–I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant and it’s yours so, please! I she’s cut off by a loud smack again. Her whole body hurts already and she’s just been hit three times. Liam rolls the belt in his hold, tightening his grip.

“You fucking Liar.” He growls out, his eyes changing to red, the veins in his neck popping as he growled, clearly angered by what she said.

Erin opens her mouth to speak but is cut off. He hits her, again and again, and again. Erin screams unable to do anything but sit there, tied and useless and collect everything given to her. He doesn’t relent instead he got more aggressive, whipping her harshly till she passes out from the pain.

Liam heaves heavily, slowly coming down from his high. He throws the belt that had now gotten weak and torn from being overused.

“Throw it away and get me a cold bucket of water. She’s not escaping her death.” His voice was venomously low as he stares at the woman before him, all marked up, her skin cut and bruised from the whipping she just got. The guards hurry away to do what he ordered.

In a minute they were back with an iced bucket of water, he takes it from their hand and dumps it all on Erin’s


Erin gasped for air, her entire body ached terribly and was cold. She blinks twice, her eyesight blurry at first then clears up. Liam stands in front of her, he leans down closer to her, watching her disheveled state.

“Welcome back to hell.” He grins wickedly at her, watching her chest heave up and down,

He brings his hand up to her cheeks and pats it harshly. “I’ll give you today so sleep well, Erin because tomorrow you will be meeting your parents in hell.” Erin gasps just as Liam grins, standing up straight.




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Chapter 5

023% 15:42

“Untie her, tomorrow she will be dealt with.” He instructs the guards, eyeing Erin one last time before walking

out of the cell.

Erin stays quiet as the guards untie her from the iron she was tied with. Her mind races and runs the extra mile. She can’t keep still. Liam didn’t believe her when she told him about her pregnancy. There is no hope for her here and she can’t get killed. She has

a pup on the way and will not let it have the same fate as Melissa’s pup.

She stays

silent as she’s dropped on the bed, she stays silent as she watched the guards pack their things and leave, finally leaving her alone to her thoughts.

She winced as she shifts slightly on the bed, Liam’s words come rushing back to her. She can’t let herself be killed nor can she let her pup’s life be useless just like that. She might be an omega and be weak but she’s not. stupid.

She’s suddenly reminded of Alpha Derrick’s offer. The Dark moon kingdom might be the Blue moon kingdom’s enemy but that’s the only place she can think of right now. She needs a chance, just a chance and she’ll be






The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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