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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 104

Chapter 104
Ella was stunned. She did not expect Gina to be so honest.
Olivia also cried immediately. “Gina, how could you do such a thing? Are you willing to sell your body to take revenge on
Olivia deliberately said the second half of the sentence very loudly.
“Your Caleb had lived for a long time. Being slandered like this made him so angry.
Olivia was secretly pleased with herself. Looking at the expressions of the people around her, she knew that it was impossible for Gina to explain herself
However, Olivia did not think that she was spreading rumors,
Gina was so familiar with the judges of the league that she could use this relationship to destroy Olivia’s award. Other than selling her body, what other methods could they use?
There was no panic on Gina’s cold face. She looked at the two of them and said, “It seems that after the engagement is annulled, the two of you will still be as close as mother and daughter.”
She gradually tore apart Olivia’s layers of disguise, but Ella still did not give up on hating Gina. It was within Gina’s expectations, and she even felt that it was a little ridiculous.
Come to think of it, Olivia had probably done something to remedy her relationship with the Miller family. There was no need to investigate to guess that it was Gina.
Olivia was stunned. Gina actually had the mood to mock her?
Without waiting for Olivia to speak, Ella said, “What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean by we are as close
part of the as mother and daughter? We are mother and daughter! All these years, Olivia has always remembered that she is Miller family!”
“Remember, Dale Group is withdrawing investment from the Miller Group. Olivia has been tirelessly working day and night, gaining recognition from the president of Dale Group. It was all because of you that the award was withdrawn! What about you, Gina? What did you do for the Miller family? On the contrary, you messed up everything for the Miller family!” Ella vented all the unwillingness and resentment she had accumulated in her heart toward Gina.
Dale Group canceled the withdrawal of investment?
Out of Ella’s meaningless tirade, Gina only cared about this sentence.
How was this possible?
Ella was still venting her anger. “Olivia’s design talent can convince the president of Dale Group. You’re colluding with the judges now. You used such a despicable method and caused Olivia to lose her award. Do you still have any shame?”
Gina looked coldly at the enraged Ella. “Are you done? It’s my turn to speak
“Olivia doesn’t deserve the award at all. Her work was made by plagiarizing. It’s only right for her to be disqualified from the award. As for me, I made the final judgment through the proper selection method, not what you’re making wild guesses. Don’t think that others are like you just because you’re useless and can only use your body to exchange for what you want. Or is your mind so lacking that you can’t think of any other possibilities other than selling your body? However, the biggest possibility is that you just want to slander me without caring about anything. This is your best and lowest-level method”
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Chapter 104
Ci a looked at Olivia and said word by word.
After all, this kind of numor making was low-cost but lethal. It was also the public’s favorite gossip.
Gina said to Ella, “You’ve seen her exciting private life on the day of the engagement banquet. You should know what she once described to you. She was the one who experienced my messy private life. Even now, you can still believe her nonsense. How stupi d.
Ella was fous. “What right do you have to educate me? You b a s t a r d! You’re judging? What nonsense are you talking about? What right do you have to judge? Why? Are you one of the judges?”
“Yes, I’m one of the judges, Gina answered firmly.
In an instant, the surrounding people who had been whispering were stunned,
You’re one of the judges?
Olivia was in disbelief.
“If you say you are, then you are?” Ella refused to believe it.
Gina calmly took out her judge’s name tag.
All along, she had been acting as the judge of various leagues with an anonymous and mysterious identity. Every judge had
their own name tag.
“Could she be the final judge who hasn’t appeared?”
“So young?”
The judges, who had been watching silently, were shocked.
“Impossible, this can’t be true!”
Ella could not accept this fact.
How could Gina, whom she despised for growing up in the countryside, be the highest-ranking judge in the league?
Gina did not want to waste her breath. There was a chip in the center of the brand name that could unlock the password of the selection system and enter the system to participate in the selection.
Although she rarely used the selection system, this was also a way to prove that she was one of the judges.
Gina did not waste any time. She got someone to bring over a laptop and let the computer scan the name tags in front of everyone to unlock the selection system.
The computer screen clearly displayed, “Authentication successful! Gina, welcome to the selection system!”
Olivia was stunned. Her lips trembled slightly and she was so shocked that she could not say a word for a long time.
How could this country bumpkin be a judge?
“Your work is just the work of the chief designer of Quaria. It was dissected and pieced together. I’ve already listed where you plagiarized it. Do you want to take a look?”

Gina opened a document stored in the ju

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