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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 105

Chapter 105
“No, it’s all a misunderstanding. I’m sorry. My daughter misspoke just now. She’s still young”
Ella tried to appease Caleb’s anger with such a nonchalant apology,
Caleb palled a long face. “Still young? Can an adult in her twenties still be called a child? An adult should be responsible for her words and actions. Moreover, not only did she slander me, but she also slandered Gina. Isn’t Gina about the same age as her? It’s useless to say anything more. See you in court!”
After Caleb finished speaking, he had no intention of continuing to communicate with Ella.
Olivia’s legs went weak as she admitted defeat. “Gina. I’m sorry. You’re right. I was jealous that you could have a good chat with the judges, so I slandered you. I know I was wrong. Can you persuade Caleb not to be angry with me?”
Olivia was really scared. She knelt on the ground and confessed for the first time, “Everything that happened in the past was my fault. I tried to take something that belonged to you Gina, I’m willing to return everything that originally belonged to you to you!”
Gina sneered. Give it back to her?
She no longer cared!
“Gina, please!”
Olivia cried.
“Do I have to agree to your request? If you want to beg, go ahead!”
Gina mocked.
Ella felt humiliated and ashamed. She could not shamelessly plead with Caleb.
She turned around and left.
Olivia was stunned for a moment before she followed her in a panic. “Ella! Ella!”
Caleb was furious. He took a deep breath and sighed. “Gina, with such a family, you must have suffered a lot the year you acknowledged your family, right?”
Caleb was secretly glad that Gina had soberly chosen to sever ties with them.
“It’s all over now,” Gina said lightly.
She was not someone who liked to reminisce about the past. Moreover, they were all unpleasant memories. Naturally, she should not take them to heart.
“Gina, I’m going to contact a lawyer. We’ll talk about dinner next time.”
“Alright” Gina could understand Caleb’s current mood. He must have been speechless and angry. At his age, he had almost lost his integrity because of such unbearable rumors. It was completely understandable that Caleb was so angry that he was
not in the mood to eat.
Gina left to look for Aria.
11:04 Thu, 23 May
Chapter 105
The award ceremony began.
Gina sat below the stage and watched the host announce the winners. Aria went on stage to receive the award. After receiving the award, she held the trophy and sat back beside Gina to share her joy
Suddenly, an untimely yet familiar voice sounded. “First place, your work isn’t that good either?”
Gina looked up and saw Jasmine.
Jasmine originally came for Aria, but when she saw Gina, her anger began to shift to Gina. “Why are you here? Gina, you’re really persistent. Or did you deliberately come to make things difficult for me? Did you know I was here, so you came over?”
“You’re thinking too much, Gina said indifferently.
Jasmine was unconvinced. “I don’t care why you’re here. Get out of here right now!”
Aria could not stand it anymore. “Miss Bush, please be polite to my friend!”
Jasmine glanced at Aria and sneered. “Do you think you have the right to speak here? Who do you think the Torres family is? Why don’t you think about what you’re capable of? How dare you shout at me? If you help this b**h again, I’ll make you get
out of here!”
Gina looked at Jasmine coldly. “What right do you have to ask us to get out?”
“I’m too qualified! The Bush family has sponsored the funds for the league tournament! Jasmine said proudly,
That’s it?” Gina chuckled.
That’s it?” Jasmine was displeased. ‘Security? Where’s the security?”
The security guard was quickly called over.
Jasmine pointed at Gina and said, “Now, kick her out immediately!”
The security guard was dumbfounded. Why would he need to kick someone out all of a sudden?
“Miss, what happened? Can’t we talk things out?”
“Our Bush family is one of the sponsors of the league. If you don’t chase her away, you’ll offend me, our Bush family, and one of the sponsors of the league. Have you thought it through?”
The security guard was speechless. He was really under a lot of pressure!
The security guard had no choice. He was just an employee. He could only brace himself and discuss with Gina. “Miss, why don’t you leave?”
The security guard hoped that Gina would understand his difficulties. After all, the unreasonable party was rich and powerful
“You’re the one who should go out!”
Caleb was originally at the judges’ table, but because of Jasmine’s unreasonable behavior, everyone’s attention shifted to Gina. Caleb also came over to see what was going on.
Jasmine turned around and saw Calely. She immediately restrained her arrogance because she knew that Caleb was the most
11:04 Thu, 23 May
Chapter 105
experienced among the judges. He was also one of the internationally renowned designers who had won an international
It was rumored that Quaria’s chief designer was once a student under him.
“Caleb, why do I have to get out? I admit that I’ve disrupted the order of the scene, but the Bush family is one of the sponsors of the league tournament!” Jasmine gulped.
Caleb said mercilessly, “This is also the first time your Bush family has come to sponsor this year. Don’t you know what the purpose is! Your family wants to use the sponsorship to ensure that you can get a good ranking in the competition. They didn’t succeed in bribing you, but they don’t want others to think that your family is anxious and didn’t withdraw their investment because they didn’t want to be angry. If the Bush family wants to withdraw their investment, they can do it at any time! The league has never lacked the Bush family’s sponsorship money!”
Jasmine bit her lip. She never expected Caleb to not show her some respect, ‘Caleb, let’s not talk about anything else for now. Why are you protecting her?”
Im not protecting you. You’re the one who doesn’t have the right to kick Gina out.”
“Why wouldn’t I be qualified?” Jasmine was furious.
“Because she’s the final judge of the league!”
Gina was the largest sponsor of the league fund.
Before Caleb could finish his sentence, Gina interrupted him. “Caleb, there’s no need to explain so much to her.”
Caleb paused. He understood that he was a little too agitated just now. Gina did not like her private matters to be known by too many people. He almost let it slip.
Jasmine was shocked, “She’s the final judge?”
“Yes,” Caleb replied with a dark expression.
Jasmine found it hard to accept this reality.
What right did this country bumpkin have? Besides, all the judges in the league had resounding qualifications. She was Gina. What could she have?

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