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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 97

Chapter 97

“How is that possible? It’s a good thing that you want to take over the family business. Previously, I didn’t let you enter the company because I think you’re too young and don’t have the ability to control your family’s business. However, it’s different now. You’ve grown up. I think it’s time for you to take on heavy responsibilities. When do you want to enter the company? Don’t talk about starting from the bottom. It’s too tiring. Just enter management”

When Aria saw Yolanda’s pale face, while she felt happy, she also felt a little sad. Aria knew very well that her father’s complete change in attitude was completely because he had found out about her friend, who was also Mr. Jackson’s friend.

Hence. Felix started to curry favor with Aria.

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However. Aria was not very sure about the relationship between Gabriel and Gina.

Ever since Gabriel helped Gina fight Ethan and Aria over the phone at the bar, Aria had also vaguely sensed that their relationship should not be ordinary.

Yolanda also braced herself and said, “Aria, quickly persuade your friend! It’s all my fault. Miss Miller, if you’re angry, come at me. Please ask Mr. Jackson to be magnanimous and not cause trouble for our Torres Group!*

Yolanda’s submissive manner was completely different from her arrogant and despotic persona just now.

Gina said calmly, “Alright, then I’ll let it go on account of Aria.”

Gina sent Gabriel a WhatsApp message that read, “I’ve changed my mind. Let the Torres Group go.”

Gabriel did not ask for the reason first. Instead, he instantly replied with an “Okay”.

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quickly received the news that the crisis had been resolved. He broke out in a cold sweat and said fawningly on the other end of the phone, “Aria, bring your friend home when you have time. It’s good that you have the opportunity to apologize to your friend for what happened today.”

“No need Gina rejected coldly.

Feli laughed awkwardly. “That’s all for now. I’ll hang up first!TM

After hanging up the phone, although Yolanda looked at Gina with an unconvinced gaze, there was a hint of fear in her eyes. She left with a stiff expression.

Aria was very happy to see her finally leave. He turned to look at Gina gratefully. “Gina, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. What are we friends for?”

Gina smiled lightly.

Aria nodded vigorously. “Gina, do you know? If you didn’t help me today, I don’t think I would have the courage to fight for the family assets I deserve because I don’t have a family. I’m on my side.”

Gina could empathize with this feeling of being alone and helpless.

“It’s good that I can help you,” Gina said.

Aria took a deep breath. I understand now. Back then, it was my mother who helped my father build the Torres Group. Her hard work is part of the company. I have to take back what should have belonged to me.”

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Chapter 97

Gina nodded in agreement.

The two of them finished their afternoon tea. Aria had yet to finish her classes. She still had classes in the evening, so she went back to school first while Gina went home.

When she got home. Gina looked at the time.

Gabriel should be getting ready to get off work at this time.

This was because Gabriel was meticulous. He always reported everything to her. She passively understood Gabriel’s habits bit by bit. His life could be said to be regular and monotonous.

Work, eat, sleep, talk to her, and ask her out.

C i n a looked at Gabriel and replied with an ‘okay. After that, she did not send any new messages.

Gina had always felt that Gabriel seemed to have endless things to say to her every day. He was clearly cold and aloof to everyone else.

Who would have thought that Gabriel, who was like an emperor in the business world, would have something to talk about in private?

It seemed that she was the only one who knew.

But why did he not give her any other new information this time?

It was a little strange. Was he too busy?

What was keeping him so busy?

Gina did not even realize that she was starting to care about Gabriel.

After hesitating for a moment, Gina sent Gabriel a message. “Are you there?”

Gabriel replied quickly. “Always”

“Actually, I wanted to tell you about what happened just now after I finished the call. I was just pretending to intimidate the other party. I didn’t really want the Torres Group to go bankrupt.”

However, she did not expect Gabriel to move so quickly.

“You don’t think I’m playing with you, do you?” Gina asked.

“No, Gina. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it according to your wishes. You can trouble me more in the future.”

What Gabriel actually wanted to say was that Gina could rely on him more in the future. However, he had discussed the art of chatting with David in depth. Sometimes, there were some things that could not be said too bluntly, especially before they confirmed their relationship. Otherwise, it would seem too greasy, causing Gina’s favorability towards him to plummet!

In fact, even if she really wanted to uproot the Torres Group, Gina could do it herself. However, she did not want to reveal her identity, so she could only rely on Gabriel

After relying on him once, it felt pretty good.

“So, Mr. Jackson, you’re a helpful person. Aren’t you afraid of trouble!” Gina teased.

Chapter 97

Tm willing to be troubled by you.”

Gina’s heart palpitated, and she was at a loss.

At the Miller family’s villa.

After Jason returned home, he went straight to Olivia’s room to look for her.

“Jason, what’s the matter?”

Olivia stuck her head out.

Jason’s expression was serious. “Olivia, I need your help now. Help me write a good song immediately to cover up this


Olivia was stunned. “Jason, but I don’t have any inspiration now. The song I got previously was just an improvisation. Now, I might have used up all my talent for composing lyrics and music. I can’t write it at all!”

Jason was a little speechless. Gina’s words were still echoing in his mind, causing him to feel a little frustrated. Because of the engagement party, his tour had been forced to stop, and he had lost a lot of endorsements. He was simply anxious now. He simply laid his cards on the table and said, “Actually, you didn’t write that song at all, right?”

That song was indeed written Olivia widened her eyes and started to pretend to be confused. “Jason, why would you say that? That song by me. I stayed up late for three days and three nights to write it and almost got sent to the hospital.”

Jason was impatient. He was not in the mood to listen to Olivia’s sad words. “Alright, you wrote it, right? My agent praised you for being a gold-medal composer back then. He even wanted to pull you into the company to continue creating good works for his idols. Now, I won’t force you to write a song for me, and there’s no need for the song to be popular. Instead, compose the simplest song for me right now.”

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They said she was nothing…Gina Miller was found by her biological family when she was nineteen. She had expected a grand reunion and being showered by love. However, her parents and brothers looked down on her lowly upbringing and country manners and instead loved the daughter they adopted when Gina went missing. After much disappointment, Gina left and never looked back.He had everything but was dying… Gabriel Jackson was rich, successful, and handsome. He had everything others wanted and more. Too bad he was ill and was predicted to die before thirty. His father wanted to set him up with someone, but Gabriel was afraid of being a burden to her. Besides, Gabriel had his sights set on someone already.But she was more than she seemed…Gina didn’t want to play nice anymore. No longer hiding herself, her various identities were revealed one by one. She was a multi- billionaire, superb doctor, top hacker, and renowned designer. The powerful respected her. Those who once disdained her were deeply regretful.After Gabriel took her side multiple times, Gina could tell he was interested in her. But Gina didn’t remember that their paths had crossed many years ago…


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