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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 98

Chapter 98

Olivia was stunned. She had never seen Jason so aggressive..

After a moment of stalemate, Olivia was defeated. “Jason, I admit that I didn’t write that song”

Jason’s eyes were filled with disappointment. “Then who wrote it?”

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It was Gina.

On a weekend when Gina returned home, Jason was not at home. Olivia found that Gina had put the songbook in Jason’s room and left a note.

The note said that the song was for him, hoping to help his career. Olivia did not think that Gina could write anything good at the time, so she immediately wanted to throw the lyrics book into the trash can.

If Gina wanted to please her family and gain their love, she had to nip it in the bud.

However, Olivia instantly changed her mind. She tore up the note and threw it away, but the lyrics book remained.

When Jason came back, he asked who had put it in his room.

Olivia came out to claim credit. She said that she wrote the song and gave it to him, hoping to help him advance his career,

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Jason was very touched to see his beloved sister so considerate of him. He even said that he would definitely use that song. At that time, they did not think that the song would become popular, but once it was publicized, it had already become popular. Jason had also gone from being a D list singer to a top celebrity.

However, Olivia would never tell Jason the truth.

She braced herself and said, “I bought it.”

“Who did you buy it from? Tell me clearly. I don’t need to ask you. Just tell me clearly. Why is it so difficult to talk to you?” Jason said.

Olivia could not stand this kind of grievance. “Jason, don’t be anxious, okay? Don’t be fierce with me.”

Jason sighed and looked speechless.

“I don’t know who the other party is either. We communicated through an intermediary. The intermediary said that the other party’s identity has to be kept a secret.”

“I have to find her! Give me the contact information of the intermediary.”

No, I deleted iL”

“Olivia, are you lying to me?”

When Noah heard the commotion downstairs, he went upstairs to see what had happened. When he saw Olivia’s aggrieved expression, he still could not help but feel his heart ache.

“Jason, what are you doing? Can’t we talk things out? Have you forgotten?”


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herself. She didn’t write the song. She bought it.”

Noah was stunned.

This was because during this period of time, he realized that Olivia had told too many lies. Moreover, after being exposed one by one, he now had some credibility in Olivia’s words. He was also puzzled.

However, when he thought about how his relationship with Olivia was no longer that of an ordinary brother and sister, he braced himself to speak up for her. “The most important thing isn’t whether he bought the song or wrote it himself, right? The most important thing is that, as your sister, she misses you, thinks about you, and helps you resolve your troubles.”

Jason was silent for a moment before he changed the topic. “By the way, did Gina really put the pesticide in my



That time, if he really drank the pesticide in one gulp, there would be nothing he could do. This also caused him to think that Gina was very vicious and to hate her deeply.

Jason looked up at Olivia. “Did you really see Gina sneakily pour something into my milk?”

Olivia immediately became nervous. For the first time, she deeply felt that the Miller family had already developed a serious crisis of trust in her.

“Yes.” Olivia secretly made up her mind. She would never let go of this matter!

Jason, didn’t we find half a bottle of pesticide in Gina’s room? That’s what she poured out.”

“But we haven’t found her purchase records.”

“She can get someone else to buy it for her.”

“Who?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know either, Jason, did you meet Gina today?” Olivia stammered and asked.

Jason nodded calmly and turned to leave without saying anything.

Olivia secretly clenched her fists. That s**t Gina must have said something to sow discord with Jason, which led to Jason’s bad attitude towards her.

At the same time, Olivia felt that she could not just sit there and wait for death. She had to think of a way to make Gina and the Miller family’s enemies.

Olivia seemed to have thought of a vicious method. Her lips curled into a cold smile.

Noah looked at Olivia and asked, “What are you thinking about? Why are you so engrossed?”

“No, nothing”

Olivia came back to her senses. She looked at Noah because something that should not have happened between the two of them had already happened. Now, she felt that when they were alone, the atmosphere had become a little ambiguous.

“Olivia, what do you plan to do about the design league?”

Olivia was already in a bad mood. When she heard Noah talk about her troubles, she was about to go crazy. Previously, she


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Chapter 98

had clearly learned from one of the judges that she had gotten first place.


However, she did not expect to not see his name when the official website announced the final results. Olivia did not intend to let it go just like that. She had to go and ask for an explanation. Coincidentally, the award ceremony was in a few days. She would go straight to the venue and let the judges give her an explanation.

“If there’s anything you need my help with, just let me know,” Noah said.

Olivia’s heart s***d a beat. She felt that if she asked him for help, he might ask her for some kind of benefit in the future.

Their abnormal relationship might not be able to develop.

Olivia was still a little resistant to having some sort of relationship with Noah.

That kind of ridiculous thing was enough once.

Hence, Olivia rejected him. “I’ll handle these matters myself. Thank you for your concern, Noah.”

Hearing Olivia’s clearly distant tone, Noah frowned unhappily.


In the blink of an eye.

On the day of the auction at the Oriata City Treasure Hall.

Gabriel followed Gina to Oriata City.

Gina directly met with the owner and discussed with him when she would meet with some old customers who came to buy herbs to give an explanation.

“I don’t intend to show my face,” Gina said.

“Okay, okay, Miss Miller. When the time comes, just say a few words and explain a little.”

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