Atypical Advantage Registration: Jobs for PwDs, Hire Talent | Shark Tank India Season 2

Shark Tank India Season 2 on Sony TV managed to bring unique talent and business ideas on their platform and some of them are really loved by the viewers and sharks as well. One of them is ‘Atypical Advantage‘ which is a mission based project to empower Physically disabled people and bring financial stability in their lives by offering jobs. Also, if you are looking for a talent for your company in any category, This company works for you.

atypical advantage

Atypical Advantage is Generating livelihood for Persons with Disabilities. They have empowered 1000+ PwDs and 150+ big brands trust in them and working together. They are having 500+ Performing Artists with disabilities across 20 states who are doing Live Shows, Virtual Events, Award Functions, Employee Management, Modeling, Ad Films, Voice-overs and more. Atypical Advantage firm is having wide collection of 1000+ ready-to-ship art prepared by 150+ PwD artists with 20 diverse disabilities across 17 states.

So, Atypical Advantage is giving Jobs to Physical Disabled (Differently abled) people. Also, if you are a company or an individual looking to hire Talent, you can contact Atypical Advantage and they will give you talented Artists in various fields. Many Big Brands have already worked with them.

Atypical Advantage Registration for Jobs: If you are a Person with Disabilities or Differently able, you can Register online or somone on your behalf can register on Atypical Advantage official website and they will reach out to you back in 2 business days. Also, you can Email your CV to mentioned email Id on official website.

Atypical Advantage Hire Talent: If you are a Company or an Individual who wants to Hire a unique talent in any category including dance, singing, radio artist, voiceover artist, modeling, ad films, content writing, graphic designer, photographer, Tech Analyst and more you name it. they will bring to you personl according to your requirements.

You can Watch Atypical Advantage founder and CEO, Vineet Saraiwala pitch his business idea in front of sharks and ask for an investment for some % of equity in his company. You can Watch Shark Tank India Season 2 Full Episode Featuring Atypical Advantage Pitch on Sony TV, Anytime on Sonyliv.

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