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COLD TRAP Chapter 27

Chapter 27


Am I dreaming?

Just a few minutes after that amazing session with my husband and his bulge is pushing into me from behind. He’s throbbing and I’m left to

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wonder how much stamina this man has.


too sore by the time he’s

“Are you good to go again?” He asks breathily and my body stiffens. I want to go again but I’m scared that done with me because this man is huge through and through and it’s a miracle that I’m not passed out at this point.

“What?” I murmur my question.

“Are you good to go again?” This time it feels more like a statement than a question and I gulp.

The sudden need to satisfy him engulfs me.

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“B–but you just came.”

“I’m not a one and done kind of man.” He blows out hot breaths against my back and his hips buckle into me. “It’s not a difficult question, Mirabella, it’s either a yes or a no. No pressure,” he quickly adds.


“Are you sore?” He questions.

“A little.”

Whom am I deceiving?

“Do you want me to go again? because believe me, Mirabella, I can’t get enough of you and it’s killing me that I’m not inside you just yet.” He groans his frustration and I chuckle.

“On one condition.” I mutter.

“What? Name it, I’ll give anything.” He rushes out desperately

“I need you to apologize for bringing your whore into the house back in Milan.”

He chuckles dryly.

“What the fuck? Don’t push your luck with me just because I’m asking to fuck you. Make no mistake, I can survive without pussy so don’t try to get ahead of yourself” Matteo grunts in anger but he’s not letting me go. He only just loosens the knot of his tie, setting me free from the blindfold.

“Forget it then.” I try slipping out of his grasp but his hold on me gets tighter as he curses under his breath over and over again, “Fuck, Mirabella! Why are you so difficult,” he growls. Fine then, I’m sorry for bringing my whore into our house and I promise not to disrespect you in that manner ever again?

Dramatic pause.

Did he just apologize to me?

Hell to the fuck yes!

12:16 Sat, 22 Jun ju

Chapter 27

This thing called pussy power is real then.

“Well then, go ahead and fuck me.”

“Thank fuck,” he mutters and before I can reply, he’s fully inside me knocking every air out of my lungs. He lifts my leg, throwing it backwards on top of his waist while he slides his thigh in between my parted legs to give him more access.

“You’re going to pay for that apology you got out of me.” He says as he rocks his hips Into me at a slow and torturous pace as though wanting

to rile me up on purpose.

His dick naturally makes contact with my g–spot but he purposely makes sure not to add pressure to it just so he’s able to edge me.

“Please.“I find myself pleading.

“Please what?” He moans into my ear.

“Please go harder… Go faster…I need you.”

“Oh, my little vixen. I told you before, I’ll Fuck you torturously slow until you’re wetting yourself. I want you to make a mess. Although I must admit you’ve made quite the mess already but I can handle more.” His pace picks up just the slightest bit.

He grunts and groans, most times even screams but when he does scream, he makes sure to muffle it against my neck.

“Fuck!” We both bellow when I tighten my walls around him–If you indulge in pelvic floor exercises, you should know what I’m talking about. “You’re killing me, Mirabella.” Matteo groans.

He begins pounding into me but at a controlled pace, hitting my g spot over and over again until my body begins shaking uncontrollably. “I can feel your pussy clenching, cum for me. Don’t hold back.” He slides his hand downward, taking my clit between his thumb and index finger, pinching the swollen bud until it’s almost painful.

“Matteo!” I throw my head back against his shoulder as I come undone. My body jerks and quivers vigorously as my pussy pulsates.

Disregarding my wobbly bones, I begin pushing my ass into him in an attempt to chase more pleasure whilst he thrusts into me with so much depth with low moans escaping his lips. My act of desperation gets a low chuckle out of him.

“Look at you, you’ve been rendered useless utterly and completely but you still chase my cock desperately like the fucking whore you are.”

I moan at his dirty words. “Yes Matteo…go harder…I can’t get enough.”

My body shakes with chills and I feel dampness between my thighs. “Matteo…I think I’m..”

Matteo picks up his pace and my eyes roll to the back of my head, a new kind of pleasure tingling in my spine and my muscles tightening as my legs shoot forward. The throbbing in my pussy intensifies and liquid begins oozing out of me.

An animalistic sound escapes the back of Matteo’s throat as he pounds into me relentlessly. “That’s what I’m talking about, princess, make a mess. I need you to make a freaking mess.”

“Oh!” I dig my fingers into his thigh and my tears blur my vision. “Matteo, pleasel Too much!” My bones wobble as my screams get louder.

Matteo whimpers as he sucks on my skin, the pace at which he pounds into me unwavering. “You let me have a taste and now I’m never leaving you alone. You. Are. Mine”

I can only manage to get out a, “please,” from my trembling lips.

“Are you mine? Mirabella?” He slows down his pace as though desperately wanting to hear my answer without any form of distraction.

Chapter 27

“Yes Matteo, I’m yours.” I moan.

“Are you my pretty little whore?”

His degrading words aren’t supposed to turn me on in this manner but my pussy thinks otherwise. My very eager pussy clenches so tight around his cock, causing him to hiss.

“Yes” I answer

“Only mine.” He says to himself as his eyes situate on how his dick goes in and out of me. “You’ll take only my cock, think only of me, speak only of me. I am yours if you’re mine baby.”

heart warms at the use of endearment and I’m all yours, Matteo. All yours.”

“Fuck! That’s right.” He grunts. “Tell me again!”

“I’m all yours Matteol” I practically scream.


“I’m all yours.”


“Louder, I want every ear hearing your voice as I claim you. Keep chanting it…fuck! I think I’m insane.”

“I’m all yours, Matteo! Please fuck me harder. I need you deeper.”

And that does k

He flips me over so that I’m on all fours, arching my back so much that I think my spine might snap in half. “Tap me twice on the thigh if you need me to stop.” He breathes into my ear and before I can fish out an answer, his large hand clasp my face.

Particularly pressing down on my nose and mouth, leaving me no chance to breathe in oxygen. He pounds into me from behind like an animal and even when I know I’m screaming as loud as I can, my voice is barely heard because of how tightly his hand is secured against my


My tears spew uncontrollably and my vision becomes hazy. “Oh fuck, Mirabella! Keep doing that, keep suffocating my cock.” The slapping of our skin becomes the loudest in the room.


y body gives out on me again and I think I’m full on peeing on the bed at this point considering the amount of liquid that oozes out of me. Matteo grunts his approval and like a monster unchained, he loses control and fucks me so hard that I’m sure I won’t be able to walk by


“I’d very much love to save this sheet; keep it as souvenir, a reminder of the first time I fucked my wife’s tight, innocent, little cunt.”

He grunts.

He whimpers.

He continuously speaks words of encouragement mixed with degrading words. He doesn’t care to hide the fact that he’s attaining heightened pleasure from fucking me.

Suddenly, my head gets dizzy, making me feel as though I’m about to pass out. I lazily slide my hand to the back, placing it on his thigh, ready to let him know that I’m unable to go further but a new kind of energy surges through me when he screams. “You’re doing so fucking good, Mirabella. Fuck! I’m so close!”

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Chapter 27

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I roll my hips, pushing my ass back to meet him halfway and he moans, Indicating that he likes it. I do it again, this time tightening my walls around him, causing his body to go limp on mine as he muffles, “shit baby, do it again. Fuck me. It feels so good.”

I obey him. I strain my sore body, continuously rolling my hips and pushing my ass into him until his orgasm wracks through him with a force that surges me forward.

We both stay that way for minutes as we breathe hard and fast. Matteo showers my back with kisses and a small smile tug at my lips. I did a great job I suppose.

“Did I break you?” Comes his question in a small whisper and what seems like concern in his voice. I chuckle.

“A little.” He hums at my answer and slides out of me. Almost immediately, I hear the water running in the bathroom and I bite my lip as I hold back my tears. Maybe I expected him to pamper me and help clean me up after ripping my body apart in this manner, but it’s Matteo and ! should have known better than to expect anything from him.

My palms hold me steady as I gently slide my sore body off the bed. I gasp at how messy the sheets are. My liquid is everywhere and blood too. “Shit!” I hiss and curse at myself for the mess I made but as I bend over in an attempt to remove the sheets, Matteo’s arms wrap around me from behind and a small kiss is placed on the back of my head.

“Leave it, I’ll take care of it.” His thick voice reverberates in my spine and I nod timidly.

“You weren’t serious when you said you’d keep it, were you?”

“Oh I was. I am. I’ll keep it. I am keeping it.” My cheeks flush in embarrassment and I whisper, “you shouldn’t” And before I can say anything else, Matteo throws me over his shoulder fireman style and heads over to the cushion.

He plops down on the cushion and begins cleaning me up, making my heart warm. “I’m so sore and tired.” My eyelids become so heavy that I’m unable to keep my eyes open.

“I know, go to sleep and let me take care of you.” Matteo places a kiss on my temple and I give in to nature.

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