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COLD TRAP Chapter 28

Chapter 28
No one could’ve prepared me for that incredibly amazing night I had with my wife. I think I’m high on p u s , Never in my life have I imagined or experienced such heightened pleasure and now I’m obsessed. I’m f u i n g obsessed with my wife’s p u s s y and I don’t plan on letting her go
just yet.
Last night after she had slept, I cleaned her up, changed the sheets, put her into comfortable clothes-my shirt, got her into bed, and sat on the cushion, watching in awe while she slept.
And yes, I did in fact keep the sheets just like I had said to her. I want to be able to have something that reminds me of the best night of my
I watched her as she slept peacefully and I must confess, I did in fact sleep off at some point and for the first time in forever, I slept and woke up without the nightmares and that’s how I know she’s my one.
She’s the breakthrough I’ve been searching for
And the best part is that throughout the night, she didn’t wake up in panic and that means she had a peaceful night rest just like i did.
I guess we compliment each other so well.
It’s almost twelve noon and she’s still sprawled out on the bed, breathing evenly and looking exceptionally beautiful in her sleep; especially with my marks all over her body.
I place a kiss on her forehead and I can’t stop myself from kissing the rest of her face well, except her lips. Those lips; I can’t wait for the day | kiss them. I’m certain they’d taste as good as they look.
Mirabella grumbles as she turns, “what is it? I’m trying to get some sleep.” She breathes out and I chuckle at her cuteness
“I know but you need to get up. Mother says she needs you to join us at the dining.” I muffle against her neck and she hums.
“Can’t I pass? I’m so tired and whose fault is that?”
“I’m sorry,” I scoff, “but it’s our first lunch as a family since they got to know about your true identity so you cannot pass,” She jumps awake from her slumber, blinking at me rapidly.
“Lunch? Lunch!? How long have I been asleep for?”
“Long enough. Now get your gorgeous self out of bed and freshen up, I’ll be downstairs, hmm? I can’t imagine missing out on your walk of shame.” I breathe out.
I’m in such great mood this morning and whose doing is that?
“And Mirabella?” She turns around to meet my gaze, giving me her full attention. “Thank you for last night.”
Mirabella giggles shyly at my
y comment with a nod as she walks into the shower and it takes every form of self control in me not to walk right in with her and f k her into oblivion.
I halt everything I’m doing and intently watch Mirabella as she walks down the stairs in all her glory. She’s unbelievably beautiful and what
Chapter 28
Sat, 22 Jun
warms my heart the most is that she’s wearing the dress I picked out for her. Her hair is in a loose bun and she has minimal makeup on but her face still glows.
She’s golden.
So unreal
And just like that, she has me in a trance. I’m so lost looking at her I don’t realize that my legs are moving. My legs are moving and they’re moving towards her direction until I meet her half way, only then did I realize how insane she’s driving me.
“Hey,” Ishamefully whisper.
I fixate my eyes on those immaculate orbs of hers that has me losing my mind.
She flashes me a smile that weakens my bones. And her teeth!
ceeth twinkle. “Hello husband. I thought you wanted to watch me walk the walk of
I chuckle and back away from her a bit. “I wanted to, but you’re just too captivating and I couldn’t help myself” Soft laughter bubbles out of her and it takes everything in me not to smile.
Mostly because they’re soldiers in this house who are probably waiting for the Don to fumble over a woman he supposedly hates.
Mirabella and I hold our intense stare for what seems like minutes with a lot of sexual tension lingering. But I’m snapped back to reality when she clears her throat and speaks. “You’re in my way.” She quirks a brow and I nod still not wanting to move
“Are you sore?” I ask in all seriousness.
“Well, you go grab lunch and I get you something to take care of that.” Laffirm and she furrows her brows as she asks, “what about you? Won’t you have lunch with us?”
I want to, I really do but I feel as though I’ve made a fool of myself already and I’m not ready for the awkwardness I might be faced with on that table.
“I’m sorry but I can’t. I have somewhere to be and I need to get ready as swiftly as possible. I might be out before you come upstairs.” I answer and her lips form into an ‘o. The disappointment that clouds her features doesn’t go unnoticed.
I walk up the stairs but I don’t go into my room, I stand by the corner where I have a clear view of the living area and watch as my wife blends in with the rest of my family members, I hear her apologize to mother and Julia for lying to them but mother is a very understanding woman.
And she likes Mirabella a lot.
I smile to myself as I walk into the room so that I can prepare for my short trip.
“Jesus, Matteol You scared me,” Mirabella put her hand on her chest, heaving out a long shuddering breath. “Thought you’d be gone by now.”
Of course I’m supposed to have left but I’m somewhat stuck in this room and it’s all because of my wife. I couldn’t leave just yet because I felt the need to help ease up her sore body before leaving her; I should at least do that much for her since I’m responsible for her discomfort
“I thought to say goodbye to you before leaving seeing that I’ll be gone for a few days. Lay down, let me help with the soreness.”
12:17 Sat, 22 Jun
Chapter 28
Mirabella curls a brow at me and her lips tilts into a smirky smile. She knows what she’s doing to me and she loves every bit of it. “What are you going to do?” She asks in a core clenching voice.
“Kiss your y u ntil it’s no longer
“And if it takes the whole day?” She asks in a sultry voice as her teeth grazes her bottom lip.
“Then I’ll be here the whole day. Lay on your back and spread your legs.” She gulps but still obliges me and it doesn’t go unnoticed how shy
she becomes.
I place my head in between her thighs and flatten my tongue on her p s y, causing her to release a sigh of relief.
I work her s sy ever so gently with my tongue, making sure to enquire how it feels from Mirabella but from how she squirms and wriggles beneath me, I’m certain she loves it.
“Oh my…” she thrashes her head back and moans as her thighs tighten around my neck. “Do you want to c u m?” I tease her and begin placing chaste wet kisses all over her glistening p u s s y.
“Yes please…I need to.” I hum as I continue placing kisses on her entrance, probably my f
c k e d up way of thanking that tight hole for taking me so well last night.
I’m not rough with my tongue, I edge her slowly and gently. I tease, lick and flick at her , practically loving her with my tongue until she shatters with a e d c ry.
I take the warm towel and begin cleaning her up with it, “does it feel good?” I enquire with hopes that I’m doing the right thing and Mirabella nods enthusiastically with a smile.
Why does she always have to smile at me?
“I have to go now or I’ll be late.” I place a kiss on her temple and she hums as she shuts her e y es. “Be better before I return,” I speak to her p u s s y knowing well that once I return from my trip, there’d be no rest for her; the both of them.
Mirabella snorts at my
it my remark and gives me a look that says she finds me cute.
I shake m 曲

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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