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Pursuing My Ex Wife in a Blooming Spring Chapter 150

Chapter 150
“But she is pretty.”

“Heh! But she’s old! She’s not as young as we are.”

“Obviously, but a woman looks beautiful in every different stage in life.”

“Tsk, tsk! What a load of bull!”

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“This is a fact, alright!”

All of them in the room started talking while looking at the young man heading toward Naomi.

Sasha was the only one still drinking her wine, ignoring everyone else.

No one stopped her. They left her alone.

Naomi did not know that someone was walking toward her. She was looking at the night view while engrossed in her thoughts.

Suddenly, a knock came at the door. She collected her thoughts and looked at the door.

The glass door was clean and clear. She could see the person standing outside clearly. He was a tall, lanky, and rather handsome young man.

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Seeing her looking over, he smiled at her. He was flustered, sure, but he was not backing down. He was determined.

Naomi got up and walked over to him. She opened the door. “And you are?”

The young man blushed a little. “Hello, miss. I’m Lucas Cook.”

Lucas Cook?

Naomi did not have any recollection of the name. She looked at his polite expression and clear eyes. “Do we know each other?”

Lucas was a little stunned. He did not expect Naomi to respond in this way; this was not how people who met the first time responded.

Naomi noticed Lucas’ reaction. It was as if they knew each other in the past and she had forgotten about it. She said, “I’m sorry. I have a bad memory and am bad with faces. I don’t remember you anymore.”

Lucas looked at how serious she was. She clearly did not realize someone was trying to flirt with her.

He was stunned, but his eyes sparkled even more after. He got even bolder. “We’ve never met before. I was just seeing you there alone, so I thought of coming to know you better.”

He was extremely sincere, not at all pretentious. He blushed even more, but his gaze remained innocent, gleaming brightly.

This time, it was Naomi’s turn to be stunned. She finally realized that he was trying to hit on her. Truth be told, she had been hit on before, but the guy would ask her directly for her phone number or ways to contact her.

No one acted like this young man.

Lucas realized Naomi was not responding. He quickly added. “Don’t get me wrong, miss! I—I’m not a bad person. I—I’m just…”

He scratched his head shyly. He wanted to look at Naomi but did not dare to. He lowered his head before looking up again and lowering it once more. He blushed and said, “I just think you’re really pretty. You’re my type, so I want to get to know you better.”

His intention could not be any clearer.

Naomi blinked. She looked at the embarrassed young man in front of her. She noted how simple and innocent he was.

She smiled. “Hello. You’re still young. You’ll have a better match out there.”

She declined him gently with a smile. It was not mocking nor smug. She was extremely gentle.

Lucas was stunned.

Naomi smiled at him and turned.

Lucas quickly went up to her. “Miss, do you think I’m too young? I’ll grow up. I’m already twenty! You look quite young too. We can’t have that big of an age group, surely.”

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