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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 24

Chapter 24

“So he is not your real husband?”

1 shook my head.

“So you

u were never married?”

Again, I shook my head.

“So this is your fake marriage.”

Turning my head toward Clara, I shot her a sharp look. For the past five minutes, she had been asking the same question in different ways.

“I mean, her eyes darted around as she tried to process the information, “I just went away for one month, and so much happened in your life. You didn’t even call me.”

Clara, my college friend, was the only person who knew almost everything about my life. During college, we had grown so close that I started spending nights at her place, especially after rough days when I didn’t have the courage to face my aunt. She always welcomed me into her house and even gave me spare keys in case of emergencies. That’s why, after running away from my wedding. I chose to come here. She didn’t know anything that happened with me in the last one month as she had to leave for her parents’ city one day before my wedding. I had felt compelled to share everything with her, trusting that she was the only person who could keep my secret safe.

“I didn’t want to bother you. You went there because your parents had an emergency,” I explained.

“But if it is your fake marriage, then why can I see love in Mr. Valentino’s eyes as he’s staring down at you?” Clara held up the pictures we had taken for the catalogue, where Luciano was holding me in his arms while looking down at me.

“That’s because he’s really good at pretending,” I replied.

Clara clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

“I’m not ready to believe that,” she asserted.

My head snapped up at her.

“When I first saw your pictures, I was completely shocked to read the news. I did proper research about him, and I’ve never seen him look this way at any other woman, even the one with whom he is rumored, one of his famous models, Sabrina,” she added.

“You don’t know him, Clara,” I shrugged, dismissing any thoughts she might be entertaining in her head.

“Yes, I don’t know him, but you know really well about my research abilities. When I want to know about someone, I do deep research and read those interviews that are neglected by others. And you know what I found after reading everything about


I blinked at her, waiting for her to continue.

“He is not the one he shows to the world,” she added, making me somewhere agree with her words. “The world thinks that he’s a playboy because this is exactly how most of the top-class businessmen are, but he is not like them.”

“How could you be so sure?” I asked her.

“I read an interview of one of his ex-assistants who worked for his father and then for him. Through his interview, I got to know that he doesn’t want to change the perspective of the people because he doesn’t care about what the world thinks about him. In reality, he doesn’t have any women in his life. Women throw themselves at him for his money and power.”

I gulped, and my eyes moved between hers.


13:55 Wed, Apr

Chapter 24

“You’ve been stayi

with him for the last month. Have you seen him with any other woman?” she asked me.

“No,” I shook my head, “but that’s because if he got caught with any other woman while being married, then it will tarnish his image.”

Oh, come on. I already told you that he doesn’t care about his image. I am sure his purpose of making you his wife is something else.”

She’s not the first one saying this, but I myself have felt that.

“Forget about this! If he is really a womanizer, then tell me, has he forced you during your stay with him?”

I gulped and shook my head.

“First night, in the bar…

“You said that you were not in your senses, she interjected before I could complete myself. “He is the kind of man who could get any woman with the flick of his finger. I am sure he didn’t force you that night.

“No, he didn’t.” I said. “I am sure about that”

“Do you by any chance know him from the past?” Clara asked me

“Umm, no. I know him only as the CEO of our company.”

“So, is it possible that he fell in love with you while you were still working under him?” She asked me.

“In my two years of working under him, there was barely any chance when I faced him,” I said.

“Could it be love at first sight?” she nudged, joined her hands together, blinked multiple times dreamily. “CEO of Dreamy Weavers falls in love with his employee at the first sight. He took advantage of the rumor and made her his wife,” she turned to face me. “Wow! What an incredible storyline,” she giggled.

I playfully slapped her head.

“Come back to earth. Nothing like that has happened. That person doesn’t even respect me.”

“But he gets jealous when he sees you with another male. He spends thousands of dollars on your clothes when he sees you wearing someone else’s coat,” she blinked again. “Aww, how romantic and possessive.”

She jumped around me.

“You don’t know, girl. You are living the dream of many girls out there,” she pouted.

“Clara, how could you say such things when you know the reality of my life?” I asked her.

She blinked, and her lips curved downward. A brief silence followed my words.

“I am sorry, Vanessa,” her hand rested on my shoulder. “I know everything about your past, about your parents, the treatment of your uncle and aunt, and the betrayal from Nathancil, but now I actually want your happiness.”

She sighed.

“Even when you were with Nathaneil, I warned you that he is not a good guy, but you didn’t listen to me. You were attracted to the love and care he showed. You failed to see his real face, yet all I wanted was your happiness, that’s why I didn’t push you much. Even now, I only want to see you smiling. That’s why am asking you to move on.”

She took a deep breath.

“I think it is the wish of the Almighty that you met Mr. Valentino on your wedding night, and the series of events led you here. I am not sure about love, but I could bet that there is something which Mr. Valentino feels about you.”


13:55 Wed, Apr 3 M.

Chapter 24

1 gulped.

“You know the first step in love is jealousy, and he is showing a proper sign of that. Isn’t he?”

My chest heaved as I breathed.

“But, but I don’t feel anything like that for him. After Nathaniel. I have stopped believing in love, and I don’t think that I could ever fall in love with anyone else,” I said..

“I have already told you this multiple times in the past, and I am again telling you that you are not in love with Nathaneil, you never were!” She stated. “You were only attracted to him because of the fake care he showed to you. He knew your weakness, and this is over which he worked.”

I sighed and looked down. I am so confused.

“You are yet to find the real love of your life.” I felt her palm over mine, “and this could be Mr. Valentino as well,” she squeezed it tightly.

I shook my head.s

“I-I don’t like him.”

“You will,” I looked up. “Not everyone is perfect, I am sure he must be having flaws, but if he really feels something about you, then I am sure he would never leave your hand.”

“Clara, you are talking as if you know him from years” I said.

She chuckled

“There is so much about him available on the Internet that if someone does a proper research than anyone could know everything about him”

I exhaled a breath.

“I am not sure I shrugged.

I already had a lot of questions in my head related to the way he looks at me, calls me Dove, and knows about many After the conversation with Clara, I became even more confused than before.

“It’s fine, Vanessa. Recently, a lot has happened with you. Take your time, but I would request you not to ignore you feelings.

I nodded to end the conversation.

“Let’s make something to eat,” she suggested.

My phone pinged the moment we stood up.

“You need to get ready for the party. I don’t want to get late because of you. Be quick, the driver is waiting for you outside.

I looked up to find that Clara has also read the message.

“I am sorry,” I apologized as I was supposed to spend more time with her.

“It’s okay, we will hang out next time,” she smiled.

As I journeyed towards the penthouse, I couldn’t shake off the words of Clara.

Does he really have something for me?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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