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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 25

Chapter 25

“Take this dress and change into it, quickly,” he ordered as I entered the room, still busy on his phone.

My eyes flicked to the black dress lying on the bed, which he was referring to. Walking to it, I picked it up.

“Don’t you think it is too short?” 1 questioned.

“Don’t worry, I would be there,” he looked up, locking his phone.

My eyebrows drew together in confusion.

“Be quick! It is not that short. You will feel covered once you step inside the party hall,” he assured.

My eyes blinked up at him.

“Don’t give me that look! Go to the adjoining room. The makeover artist is waiting for you. We need to leave in an hour,” he added.

“Makeup artist? But why? I don’t…

“The question is not what you want,” he interjected, “the question is what is expected from my wife. I want you to look perfect today. It is an annual meet of successful businessmen. I don’t want them to think that I don’t spend money on my only wife.

Only wife?

Do people have multiple wives?

“Now go before I decide to change your dress,” he took a dangerous step towards me.

My eyes widened in horror, and I immediately ran out of the room as if I was being chased by a ghost. I could bet I heard him chuckling. He did that on purpose.

The makeup artist gave me the room and I changed the dress.

As I slipped into the dress, I was surprised at how it accentuated my curves while maintaining the modesty. The length reached just above the knee, and the subtle A-line silhouette offered a perfect balance between allure and grace. The dress felt like a second skin. It was stylish and comfortable at the same time.

It wasn’t that short but the shortest and tightest dress I have ever worn.

Soon the makeup artist started with her magic, enhancing my features with a subtle yet striking touch. Soft curls framed my face, and a hint of smoky eyeshadow added a touch of mystery to my eyes. The final touch was a bold red lipstick that gave a touch of glamour to the overall look yet maintaining the innocence of my face.

As I glanced at my reflection, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of transformation. I was looking bold and beautiful.

My phone pinged and I got a message from Luciano.

I am waiting outside”

As I walked out, I found him waiting for me, his body leaned against the car, his eyes busy on the phone. His eyes lifted from his phone as he acknowledged my presence.

My breath caught in my throat when my eyes moved down his body. He was clad in a sharp, tailored black suit that accentuated his broad shoulders and lean physique. The suit exuded power and sophistication, emphasizing the air of authority that surrounded him. Luciano looked undeniably handsome, his dark hair perfectly styled, and an air of confidence enveloping him


13:55 Wed, Apr

Chapter 25

As my eyes flicked back-to-his face I noticed that it was not only me who was checking him out, he was also oogling.


I could sense his eyes tracing the contours of the black dress that clung to my form, his pupils were dilated and lips were parted. His body was frozen as if he wasn’t expecting me to look so beautiful.

The blowing wind caressed my face, the curls gently brushed against my cheeks

Luciano’s eyes, momentarily distracted by a stray curl, captured the moment as his fingers delicately tucked it behind my ear. His touch lingered as his hand cradled my face, guiding my gaze to meet his.

Though I could see admiration dancing in his eyes, yet I don’t know why but for some strange reason my heart wanted to hear words of appreciation from his mouth.

His lips parted and just when I thought that he was going to give me a compliment his hand dropped down.

“Let’s go

I sigh of disappointment left my lips but I covered it up before he could see me.

We sat back as the driver drove us towards the venue. I kept on stealing glances at him throughout the journey but he didn’t spare a single look towards me.

As we arrived at the venue, my eyes widened at the grandeur of the annual businessmen party. It was my first time attending such an event, and everything seemed larger than life. The venue sparkled with twinkling lights, and the entrance was adorned with luxurious decorations.

Suddenly, my vision was flooded with flashes from the paparazzis cameras. Blinking against the bright lights, I felt a hand covering my eyes, shielding them from the intensity. Simultaneously, an arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to Luciano’s sturdy frame.

Amidst the dazzling lights, I heard a barrage of questions from the paparazzi, their rapid-fire inquiries creating a chaotic background. The combination of the blinding lights and the clamor of voices disoriented me, but the secure hold around me provided a sense of comfort.

I could hear aww and whistles, giving us that title of cute couple when we walked towards the venue.

Once the paparazzi’s questions faded into the distance, Luciano removed his hand from my eyes. As I looked up at him, I noticed his gaze fixed straight ahead, avoiding mine for reasons unknown.

Walking in, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. The room was filled with successful businessmen, their elegant suits and confident postures making a statement. It was a different world from the one I was used to, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling of being a fish out of water.

The women at the party were adorned in short and revealing dresses, leaving little to the imagination. When Luciano mentioned that I would feel covered, he was referring to this glamorous yet daring dress code.

“Hello, Luciano” a girl in her late 20 approached us.

“Hello Vivian”

The girl looked close to Luciano as she is the first person who have referred him with his first name and he didn’t seem to mind it.

Long time no see. How are you?” She asked in a bit flirting tone.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to scratch off that smile from her face which was trying to seduce Luciano,

“The first step to love is jealousy

The words of Clara flashed in my mind making me gulp. I mentally slapped myself. I can’t entertain any such thoughts. I don’t even like him. We are not compatible..

“Meet my wife, Vanessa” Luciano turned to me,


13:55 Wed, Apr 3 D

Chapter 25

“Hello” I passed a small smile to her which was ofcourse forced.

Instead of replying to my greeting she rolled her eyes.

“I read about her in the newspaper. She is your employee. Right? What charm she used over you? I thought you will be marrying a successful woman” she passed a comment

“She is a successful woman Luciano came back taking me by surprise “whatever she is today she is self made. She has the ability to run the business on her own. She is not among those talentless girls who inherit their father’s business and call themselves as successful”

Vivian’s eyes widened when she understood where Luciano was referring to and my head snapped in his direction. He defended me in front of someone else and that too so nicely. He appreciated my talent.

My heart flushed with joy when I heard the words of compliment from him.

“Excuse me” Vivian excused herself.

Luciano’s eyes flicked to me for a second before returning to the other guest. The guests began arriving, and Luciano graciously greeted each one, making sure to introduce me as well After a while a bartender approached us with drinks. He took wine while I took soft drink.

We then walked to a vacant table and grabbed seat while looking at the couple dancing together. I wasn’t feeling comfortable here. I wanted to return home as soon as possible.

Suddenly Luciano’s phone started ringing so he excused himself as the loud sound of music couldn’t let him hear anything.

I was sipping the drink quietly when a 1 heard a man voice which grabbed my attention.

“If you don’t mind, can I sit here?” A man in his mind thirties asked me.

I could sense not so good vibes from him but he aura was authoritative. The way he was dressed and carrying himself it was quite clear that he was among influential people. My eyes wandered around, looking for Luciano. I didn’t want to mess up with anyone so I simply nodded,

“Of course”

He grabbed the seat in front of me.

“Michael Davis” he extended his hand for a handshake.

Hesitantly, I slipped my hand into his and I could bet he squeezed my palm before letting it go.

“Mrs. Vanessa Luciano Valentino”

For the first time I felt the urge of taking his name with mine while introducing myself.

“Hmm, he always gets the best of everything he commented as his eyes moved down my body. I could hear jeoulousy in


Instead of replying anything to him, I prefer to ignore him and his presence.

“By the way where is your husband?” His question again drew my attention to him.

“He has went to attend an important call”

A devilish smirk played across his lips.

“Oh, come on! What could be more important than such a beautiful wife? You have come here at a party with him. Don’t you think he should be spending his time with you?” He asked.


Somewhere it felt like he was trying to provoke me against Luciano.

“I hope he isn’t spending his time on the phone in the bedroom he chuckled.

My fist tightened when my brain grasped the meaning behind his words.

“Mr. Davis, you are now crossing your lines” I said politely

“Huh” he leaned forward, reducing the gap between us.


The small table didn’t provide much space. I decided to leave the place because he was not exhaling good vibes. It was better to maintain my distance from him until Luciano returns. But you are too fast in reading my move. He immediately placed his palm over mine halting me in my tracks.

“I have a really good offer for you” he whispered “I know it really well that you were his employee and you got married to him for his money.

A devilish glint danced in his eyes as he stared into mine, keeping his voice low so that only I could hear it. The loud sound of song couldn’t allow anyone else to hear our conversation anyway. His hold on my palm tightened and I could see pure lust in his eyes.

“If not less than I have equal wealth to him. I can provide you as much money and luxuries you want. All I want from you is a night of yours. I want to taste

“Mr. Davis…” It was enough of me listening to him. I need to stand up formyself but before I could complete myself I heard Luciano,

“How much could you give in exchange of one night with my wife?”

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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