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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Locking the apartment of my friend, I came out with only my phone because I had nothing here. I used to wear my friend’s clothes whenever I spent a night or two with her.
I was lost in my own thoughts throughout the ride. I assumed that he was taking me to his penthouse but to my surprise, he applied the brake earlier than I expected.
I was even more astonished when I saw where he had brought me. I looked at him with complete surprise and he just co cked his head.
“Go and collect your things,” he said.
I blinked up at him. I actually needed a few things but I didn’t expect him to take me here and ask me to do the same. I decided to come tomorrow and collect my things alone.
I have met him for the first time but the way he understands my thoughts and what I want reflects that he has known me for a long time.
“We don’t have the whole night. Just Go!” He said it in a rude tone and looked away.
The way
he was talking to me back in my friend’s apartment, I forgot who he was. But he is back to his rude and cold tone. This man has two personalities and I would have to face both of them according to his mood.
Not wanting to create any fuss, I just stepped out of the car because my mind was already in a mess. Walking to
the door, I looked back to find him standing against the car, lost in his own thoughts. The taping of his shoes against the floor was a sign that he wanted me to return quickly.
He didn’t need to take me here; I could have come alone tomorrow.
Pressing the doorbell, I waited for someone to open the door and as expected, my cousin, Olivia, came into my view. She was shocked to see me. Her face reminded me of last night and the way she and Nathaniel were f ucking each other on our wedding bed.
“You bi tch!” She shouted, “Where the hell were you?”
My ears turned red as I heard her. It was not for the first time that she was talking to me this way but I was afraid. that Mr. Valentino might hear her. I have been disrespected and bullied my whole life but everything that has
Emergency calls only* Chapter 8 039% 16/22 O happened to me has been confined within the four walls. For the world, they were the perfect relatives who were keeping me to themselves like their own child. Hearing her screams, her parents came out of their room. “You punic!” Aunt shouted, “How dare you come here?” My eyes started pri cking with tears. I gulped down the emotions building in my throat. I am still not over the last night and the drastic turn my life has just taken. These guys are only adding to my emotional turmoil. “Cathe, let the girl at least come inside.” My uncle came to me and took me inside. I stepped inside and was relieved that Mr. Valentino couldn’t hear us anymore. “Where were you, Vanessa? I called you multiple times.” I could hear anger in my uncle’s voice but he was trying to keep himself under control. Whenever his daughter and his wife take charge of me, he always takes a step back. It is just because of him that the only thing that I have got from this house is two meals and a roof above my head, which has helped me to survive. “What an absurd question, Charles? How could she pick up your phone when she was busy f cking someone? My eyes snapped up at my aunt, who was talking rubbish about me. She always called me characterless without finding out what her daughter was doing behind her back. “What else could you expect from a girl who ran away from her own wedding without thinking about your reputation?” She shouted and took a step ahead: “How dare you come here? You have no place here now. You not only ruined our reputation but also wasted so much hard-earned money which we saved for our daughter’s wedding.” Liar! She always used to take all my salary from me, leaving only a handful of money, which I saved for my future. She came to know about it and sna tched that saving as well to spend on my wedding. They did not spend even a single penny on m me, not even the money that was rightfully mine. The wealth that my parents left for me is also theirs. Emergency calls only M Chapter 8 039% 16:22 “I want you to beg on the street, then only you would understand what luxurious life you were living with us,” she cursed. “I will leave this place and never return; I just want a few things of mine.” I finally broke my silence when it became too much. “You are not getting anything from here,” she spitted venomously. “Just get out.” And then she did the most unexpected thing. She pushed me off my shoulder. The push came unexpectedly and was so harsh that I tumbled and fell back. I was not ready for it and was about to hit my back against the floor when suddenly two strong arms came to my rescue. It took me a second to compose myself and when I looked at my savior, I was shocked to the core. It was none other than Mr. Valentino himself. I am sure he must have heard all the conversation between us. His eyes were narrowed at my aunt, and his jaw was tightly clenched. “How dare you talk to my wife like this?” My eyes widened even more when I heard ‘my wife’ from his mouth. “Wife?” Olivia’s voice came from the back while her uncle and aunt were too shocked to react. I am sure they haven’t seen the news. “When did you get married?” My aunt tried to intimidate me. “Last night,” he replied on my behalf. Both of them were really shocked to know this. “I could see why your business is facing its downfall.” Mr. Valentino said to Uncle, “you don’t read news.” “News?” Uncle’s eyebrows drew together. “News. Newspaper!” Olivia rushed and brought the newspaper. Her ears turned red and her eyes widened when she read the headline. She handed the paper to her uncle, who was equally shocked to read the news. Her aunt followed his suit. M-O Emergency calls only M Chapter 8 “After ruining our image, you went to…” “VOICE DOWN!” .039% 16:22 I flinched at my place when Mr. Valentino shouted loudly. I didn’t expect him to almost scream. His voice resonated in the hall and sealed the lips of the aunt. “Keep your voice low while talking to my wife or I will bring you three on the road. And I will make sure that your are not left with any other option than to beg!” He added. I could hear the seriousness in his voice. The harsh tone he was using was enough for anyone to pee in their pants. I could see all three of them shivering in front of him, just the way I used to do when I was small. “Vanessa,” I felt wierd as I heard my name from his mouth for the first time. “Go and collect your things. I will see who would stop you,” he stated, his eyes fixed on Aunt. He gently pushed me forward when I didn’t move and this is when I realised that all this time I was standing against his body. Gulping down and ignoring all the stares at me, I went directly to my room. I faced all this humiliation just because I needed photos of my parents. I have very few memories of my my parents because, in childhood, they burned them to give me the punishment. As a kid, I was traumatized to see the memories of my parents burning right in front of my eyes. Since then, I have been listening to her like a puppet because I am afraid that she might burn the remaining memories. In addition to collecting photographs and other memories of my parents, I also kept my documents and two pairs of clothes in the bag. When I came out with one bag, I found Mr. Valentino waiting for me outside while the uncle, aunt, and Olivia were at their places, fearful of the man standing in between them. They know that it wouldn’t take him much to destroy them and bring them to the streets. Mr. Valentino gave a look to each one of them as if giving a warning before wrapping his arm around my waist and walking out. Opening the door, I sat inside while he walked around to grab the steering wheel. 4/5 Emergency calls only Chapter 8 M*
039% 16:22
“Don’t take anything that happened inside as otherwise. I took your side because, as now, my name is associated with you and I cannot tolerate disrespect.”
I know that!
I have always craved for love and fell for Nathaneil when he showed a little bit of affection towards me. But now I have accepted my fate: I am alone and I could never get love in my life.
My only motive is to earn enough money to not stay dependent on anyone for the rest of my life.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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