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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 5

Instinctively, Mitchel pulled back the moment Lauren wrapped her arms around
his waist.

Lauren’s arms were left hanging.

She looked surprised, to say the least.

The room fell into a dead silence in an instant.

Embarrassed, Lauren withdrew her hands and clenched them into fists.

Her eyes turned red as she asked, “Mitchel, do you hate me now?” “Of course
not.” Mitchel handed her a piece of tissue as a

way to comfort her.

“I knew it.

I’m just a burden now…” Lauren burst into tears.

“I shouldn’t have come back.” “Don’t be silly!” Mitchel took a step forward and
gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“You are not a burden to me.

No matter what, I’ll always take care of you.” “Mitchel, I know you would never
leave me.” Lauren held his hand tightly as she

looked up at him with obsessive eyes.

Mitchel didn’t leave until Lauren fell asleep.

As soon as the door closed, Lauren, who had been pretending, opened her eyes.
She had perceived a strange fragrance on Mitchel’s clothes just now.

It was so faint, but she could bet that it came from a woman.

There was only one woman around Mitchel now.

Only Raegan could have gotten so close to put her scent on him.

Ugh! Lauren gritted her teeth and her face contorted with anger.

“I swear, I’m gonna fuck you up, Raegan!” She vowed to make Raegan pay for
approaching Mitchel when she was away.

She looked forward to seeing Raegan grovel at her feet as Raegan begged for

Meanwhile, as soon as Mitchel got in the car, his assistant asked, “Where to, Mr.
Dixon?” Mitchel loosened his tie and pressed his fingers on his temples.

He answered tiredly, “Crystal Bay.” Upon arrival, he went straight upstairs and
inputted the password to the apartment with ease.

The door of the main bedroom was ajar.

As soon as he walked in, Mitchel saw Raegan sleeping on her side.

Her hair was disheveled, and the strap of her nightdress was hanging off her
shoulder, revealing part of her collarbone and


Mitchel felt her forehead with the back of his hand and found out that her fever
had been reduced.

He extended his hands to tuck her in.

At this time, Raegan suddenly turned over with her face a little red.

She said unconsciously, “Water…

I want water.” Mitchel quickly grabbed her a glass of water.

He bent over to call her name softly.

She didn’t answer.

His eyebrows were slightly raised as he sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her
into his arms, and fed her the water carefully.

It seemed she was very thirsty because she drank more than half of the water in
the glass.

Under the dim light, her rosy lips shone after it was moistened by water.

They looked so inviting.

Mitchel’s eyes wandered to her bosom while she lay weakly in his arms.

As he got turned on, Mitchel wiped Raegan’s lips with his index finger.

It seemed Raegan sensed his presence because she muttered inaudibly. In the
end, Mitchel withdrew his hand. His fngers could still feel the warmth of her lips,

and this sent a heat all over his body. He quickly put her down on the bed and
tucked her in before fleeing the room. It was almost noon when Raegan woke up
next day. Since it was the weekend, she didn’t have to go to work.
If there were any exceptions, Matteo and the other four assistants could take
turns to attend to the president’s work needs during the weekends. She didn’t
have to worry as a result. Raegan got out of bed. When she saw the glass on the
nightstand, she was confused. She couldn’t remember drinking any water before
going to sleep last night. Strange! Raegan thought with a shrug. She took the
small first-aid kit and used the thermometer to check her temperature. Thankfully,
she no longer had a fever. She was feeling so lazy today. So, she grabbed a
quick bite and went back to bed. It was already evening when her phone ringtone
woke her up. The call was from Nicole Lawrence, her best friend who just got
back to town after going on a vacation. Nicole asked Raegan out for dinner.

As soon as the two of them met at the barbecue restaurant, Nicole hugged
Raegan tightly and shouted, “Raegan, I missed you so much!” Raegan had
known Nicole since the time back in high school. At that time, Raegan had just
moved to Ardlens. Nordan School just happened to be offering scholarships to
outstanding students. Raegan had always been a straight-A student. She took
the entrance exam and came out top, granting her admission to the school. It
was a school with a hefty tuition fee. As a result, many of the students were from
top families. Raegan soon realized that life in the school wasn’t all rainbows and
unicorns. Many students bullied and looked down on her for her humble
background. One day, Nicole stepped in to help Raegan after she was bullied.
This marked the beginning of their close friendship. It wasn’t until they grew
closer that Raegan learned that the Lawrence family was a famous energy
tycoon in Ardlens. And as such, Nicole was a trust-fund baby. But it didn’t afect
their relationship at all.

Their friendship had grown stronger since high school.

After the greetings and hugs, Nicole pulled the arm of a tall hunk of a man and
then introduced, “Raegan, meet my boyfriend,

Kieran Bradley.” Nicole secretly made a gesture with her fingers, indicating the
number 17.

Raegan took the hint and shook her head hopelessly.

She understood that this man was Nicole’s seventeenth catch.

“Hi, Raegan.

Nicole has told me a lot about you. You are much more beautiful than she
described. Nice to meet you!” Kieran greeted and reached out a hand. His gaze
lingered on Raegan, making Raegan a little uncomfortable. Out of courtesy, she
shook his hand anyway. Kieran scratched her palm with his index fingernail as he
withdrew his hand. Her skin prickled with goose bumps instantly. When she
raised her head to look at him, Raegan saw that Kieran was acting all lovey-
dovey with Nicole as if he hadn’t done anything just now. In the middle of the
meal, Kieran excused himself to use the bathroom. Once Nicole and Raegan
were left alone, Nicole asked, “How have you been?” Raegan knew what Nicole
meant. Raegan had never hidden anything from Nicole, including her relationship
with Mitchel. Even if Raegan didn’t tell Nicole, the Lawrence family had
connections, so Nicole knew more about Lauren than she did. Raegan opened
her mouth to speak, but she suddenly felt sick. She covered her mouth and
hurried to the bathroom. Raegan didn’t use the bathroom attached to the dining
room for fear of Nicole suspecting her pregnancy.

As she walked out of the general bathroom, a familiar voice came from behind.
“Ha-ha! I’m sure I can take her to bed tonight. At worst, I’d have to spike her
drink. I’m already sick and tired of that boring woman. Anyway, I must have a
taste of her.

Oh, that reminds me! Her best friend is gorgeous. It will be great to have a two-
some with her. I’ll make sure to take some photos and videos during the process.

We can use that to blackmail them later…” These disgusting words came from
Kieran. Raegan balled her hands into fists.
She stood on the spot and glared.

When Kieran turned around after ending the call, he almost suffered a heart
attack at the sight of Raegan.

However, he regained his composure soon.

A sly smile appeared on his face.

“Raegan, what a coincidence!” After saying that, Kieran pretended to be shocked
and said, “Forgive my manners.

I hope my reaction didn’t freak you out just now.” His nonchalance and voice
made Raegan sick.

“Behave yourself, okay?” Raegan warned, giving him a murderous glare.
Kieran turned a deaf ear to that.

He moved closer and leaned over.

“Oh, Raegan.

I think I have fallen for you.

It’s love at first sight.” After saying that, he couldn’t wait to grab Raegan’s hand.
Raegan quickly stepped away from him.

Kieran yawned, but he didn’t seem to mind it at all.

Kieran had been sowing his wild oats.

He soon lost interest in those women who slept with him.

Raegan’s beauty made his eyes shine bright.

Her beauty was natural and her skin was radiant under the light.

Her eyes were like that of a siren as she eyed him.

She was so tempting, so he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Kieran was a firm believer that women’s no meant yes.

In his books, Raegan was only playing hard to get.

He licked his lips and said in a low voice, “How about we go somewhere else and
talk?” Hearing that, Raegan felt as if she just

swallowed a fly.

When Kieran saw that Raegan just stared at him in silence, Kieran assumed that
she was left speechless because of his charm.

He took another step forward and uttered, “If you are shy now, tell me your

When I send Nicole away, we could meet up and you know…” Raegan nodded,
much to his pleasure.

Kieran smiled happily and whipped out his phone.

He looked at her as if he wanted to gobble her up.

“Baby, as soon as you walked in through that door, I fell for you.

It seems you are the one for…” Before he could finish her words, Raegan raised
the glass in her hand and aimed at his face.

“Oops!” She covered her mouth innocently.

“Sorry, my hand just cramped.” The drink Raegan ordered was a glass of

The liquid covered Kieran’s hair and body, making him look a bit funny.

Kieran grunted angrily, but when he heard her apology, he couldn’t bring himself
to get mad at her.

Her innocent look only made him more interested.

He acted like a gentleman as he said, “It’s okay, baby.

Mistakes happen.

I have to get changed.

How about we go to the hotel and you buy me a new set of clothes?” Raegan
eyed him with disgust before saying, “Oh, man!

You are so shameless! How could you say something like that to me?” Only then
did Kieran realize that Raegan was playing a

trick on him.

He lost it immediately and threatened, “Look here, crazy woman! I’ll teach you a
lesson today!” The so-called gentleman turned

into a beast in a split second.

He raised his hand and was about to slap her.

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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