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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 6

Raegan didn’t panic at all.

She just stepped to the side to avoid the juice that was spilled on the floor.
Kieran’s hand didn’t touch her, but he slipped by the juice and fell to the floor.
“Fuck!” Kieran cursed as he was on the brink of losing his mind.

He stood up painstakingly with one hand on his waist.

He gritted his teeth.

“You bitch! I’m gonna kill you!” “What’s going on here?” Nicole had begun to get
worried after neither Kieran nor Raegan returned

for dinner.

She came out to look for them, only to be surprised by this scene.

Before Raegan could utter a word, Kieran beat her to it.

“Honey!” Kieran supported his waist with both hands as he said with grievance,
“You won’t believe what just happened.

Raegan wanted to add me as her WhatsApp friend, but I said no.

She then got very angry and splashed juice on me.” This lie rendered Raegan

What a lying bastard! She cursed in her mind.

Kieran looked at Nicole with doting eyes as he added, “Baby, you know, I’m
faithful to you.

I said no to Raegan because I love you so much.

I…” “Ew! Eck!” Suddenly, Kieran’s words were interrupted by a series of retching

“Oh, my bad.

It wasn’t intentional.

Please continue.” Raegan covered her mouth with an innocent look on her face.
Her face looked slightly green as if she was indeed feeling sick now.

Anger was written all over Kieran’s face at this time.

After being interrupted, the atmosphere he had just created was gone.

He could only say dryly, “You have to believe me, honey.” “Oh, Kieran, ” said
Nicole, slapping Kieran’s chest playfully.

“How could you be so silly?” Hearing this, Kieran felt very proud of himself.

This wasn’t the first time he was playing such a trick.

He had a way with women to the extent that those who fell for him were willing to
end friendships because of his words.

It didn’t matter how strong the friendship was.

In his eyes, Nicole was just one of those stupid women.

Kieran stretched out his arms and tried to hug Nicole.

But before he could get to her, he felt a sharp pain in his groin.

Nicole had given him a hard kick with her bent knee.

“Ouch!” Kieran cried as he curled up like a shrimp while cupping his crotch.

His face turned red.

“Wanna know why I said you were silly?” Staring down at Kieran with disdain,
Nicole uttered, “You said that Raegan wanted to

add you as her WhatsApp friend.

It would be more convincing if you told me that pigs can fly!” “What? You are
taking her side? Have you forgotten how you said

we are a match made in heaven? Why don’t you believe me now? You are
breaking my heart, Nicole.” Kieran was unwilling to

give up just yet.

After all, Nicole was the biggest catch he had ever got.

She was young, beautiful, and filthy rich.

Most importantly, he was yet to sleep with her. He didn’t want to break up with
her now! Nicole’s eyes narrowed to slits. With her arms folded, she raised her
foot and brought it down on Kieran’s shoe. “How dare you try to break up our
relationship! Raegan and I have been friends for seven years! Do you think I’d
throw away my holy seven-year friendship with her because of our one-month-
old relationship? In your dreams!” After dealing with Kieran,

Nicole lost her appetite for dining here. She put her arm around Raegan’s
shoulder and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to another restaurant. This bastard has
contaminated this place.” Behind them, Kieran’s face was distorted with anger
and his expression was as cold as a snake. He mumbled to himself, “This isn’t
over yet, bitch. One day, I’ll make sure you pay for this!” Nicole and Raegan went
to another restaurant, which was a very famous high-end restaurant in Ardlens.
After they made their orders, Raegan said, “Nicole, the truth is, I overhead that
bastard saying that he would drug you…” Before she could finish speaking,
Nicole interrupted her by raising her hand. “You don’t have to explain anything to
me. I’m certain that he did something awful to you. You know I’m not that good at
noticing red flags. If it weren’t for you, I’d have fallen prey to that bastard and it
would be too late.” Later, Nicole watched as Raegan picked on her food. She
finally broke the silence. “What are you going to do next?” Raegan understood
what Nicole meant.

She stirred the bowl of creamy soup in front of her as she replied with a faint
smile, “I’m planning to resign from the Dixon Group.” “Are you sure about this?
What are your plans for the future?” Nicole asked worriedly, staring at Raegan’s
pale face. “My mind is already made up. Leaving is the best decision for me.
Actually, I plan to do some freelance design work upon resignation, ” Raegan
said indifferently. She turned away slightly and her profile was delicate and
beautiful. Now that the only woman Mitchel had ever loved was back, she was
nothing in his eyes anymore. The last thing she wanted was to be the third
wheel. Raegan thought she should be sensible and make room for Lauran as
soon as possible. Nicole was delighted that Raegan made this decision. After all,
Mitchel was a complicated man.

She was afraid that Raegan would get hurt if she kept this relationship with

“You should have realized it a long time ago.

Why should you serve Mitchel like that every day? You are smart and capable.
You won various prizes with your works back in college.

A brighter future awaits you once you leave the Dixon Group.” In the past, when
Raegan had a crush on Mitchel, there were

many things that Nicole couldn’t say, fearing that those words would hurt

Now that Raegan’s eyes had opened and seen through the situation, Nicole
couldn’t be happier for her.

“Have you heard the latest?” asked Nicole with her eyes shining.

“Henley is back in town! Remember how everyone in college always said that
you two made a good pair?” Raegan almost

choked on the soup.

She widened her eyes. “Henley is back?” “Yes, what rock do you live under? I
thought you had followed him on Twitter. Henley Brooks, search him. He is the
latest fast-rising personality in the investment circle.” Raegan shook her head.
After graduation, she gave Mitchel all her attention. She had lost all contact with
her schoolmates, except Nicole. “Honestly, I always thought that you and Henley
would end up together. You two looked like a good pair. And he was so good to
you despite the two-year gap between you two. I was a little envious of you back
then.” “Oh, please.

Henley was good to everyone back then. He never treated me special.” It was no
wonder that Raegan thought so. She did think that Henley treated her well only
because he was the president of the student union whose responsibility was to
take care of the newcomers. Knowing Raegan was so blinded to the affection
Henley showed, Nicole shook her head helplessly. She chewed on a piece of
steak and commented, “Silly girl.” “I heard Jarrod is back too. Are you aware?”
Raegan couldn’t help asking. Jarrod Schultz was once engaged to Nicole. Later,
something serious happened to the Schultz family, so Nicole’s father called off
the engagement.

Mitchel and Jarrod were quite close.

When Jarrod got back, they had a close partnership.

The smile on Nicole’s face froze before she said awkwardly, “Yeah, I know.” “Let
bygones be bygones, Nicole.

You guys didn’t work out.

Don’t waste your time like this.

I heard he’s going to get married soon.” Raegan tried to persuade Nicole
because she knew Nicole changed boyfriends

frequently to get over Jarrod.

Raegan wanted the best for Nicole, so she wished Nicole could stop torturing
herself like that.

Waving her hand, Nicole picked up her glass and raised it with a smile.

“I do not wish to dwell in the past.

Cheers!” After dinner, Nicole went to the underground parking lot to get her car
while Raegan waited at the entrance of the


“Raegan? What a small world!” Someone suddenly called Raegan from behind.
As soon as she turned around, she saw Tessa glaring at her while gritting her

The news of her being kicked out of the Dixon Group had spread in the fashion

To avoid problems, the remaining investors of her fashion company withdrew
their funding.

She had a huge loss within a few hours.

As a result, Tessa hated Raegan’s guts now.

To her pleasure, Lauren was back.

It was no secret that Lauren was the only woman Mitchel had ever loved so

Tessa figured that as long as she remained on good terms with Lauren, Mitchel
would have no choice but to help her out of this


Tessa raised her chin and sneered, “Oh, are you here alone? Where is your
guardian angel? There are so many men on the


Why don’t you use your talents of seducing men to get one?” Raegan rolled her
eyes and then smiled at her.

“How is your face, Tessa? Did you put some ice on it?” Tessa almost popped a
vein at this moment.

What a bitch! Raegan dared to add salt to her injury.

She must get back at Raegan for humiliating her in the Dixon Group last time and
her financial losses! Tessa snarled and was

about to tear Raegan apart with her bare hands.

“You bitch!” “Tessa!” Tessa was stopped by a gentle voice abruptly.

Following the voice, Raegan saw a woman in a wheelchair who was behind

This must be Lauren, Raegan thought to herself.

Lauren was wearing a graceful smile at this time.

Her demeanor and smile alone showed that she was a well-educated lady from a
reputable family.

The only drawback was that she was so ill that she could only get around in a

Raegan previously read somewhere that Lauren had a blood coagulation
disorder and she had to spend so much time abroad to

receive treatment from the best doctors in the world.

When Tessa saw Lauren, she suppressed her anger and said in a sarcastic tone,
“It’s a great honor to introduce you two.

Lauren, meet Raegan, Mitchel’s assistant.

While you were abroad, she worked round the clock to look after Mitchel.” Her
words were plain, yet explicit.

Anyone with a brain would understand what she was trying to say.

Lauren caught the drift.

Her face turned pale as she looked at Raegan.

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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