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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 7

Lauren was quick to get a grip.

She looked at Tessa and said sweetly, “Oh, I just realized that I forgot my bag in
the restaurant.

Tessa, could you please fetch it for me?” Tessa had wanted to say something
more, but she swallowed it.

She then walked back into the restaurant after giving Raegan a good glare.
Once Lauren and Raegan were alone, Lauren smiled up at Raegan and said,
“Thanks for taking care of Mitchel for me in the

past two years.” This simple sentence was a clear indication that she was
declaring possession of Mitchel.

Raegan found this very ironic because technically, Mitchel was hers since she
was legally his wife.

Lauren continued, “I don’t know what I was thinking when I upped and left the
country after a mere argument with Mitchel.

I thought it was over between us, but to my surprise, he had been waiting for me
all these years.

I’m so touched that I have decided to marry him soon.” Raegan was too stunned
to speak now.

In an instant, Lauren’s voice became vague and distant.

It was as if an invisible hand grabbed Raegan’s heart and pulled her into an

She soon experienced shortness of breath.

They were getting married? So, Mitchel couldn’t wait to divorce her? “Raegan?
Raegan?” Lauren called twice and snapped her

fingers before Raegan came to her senses.

“How may I help you?” Looking at Raegan’s sullen face, Lauren was very

Lauren took out her phone, logged in to her WhatsApp account, and said,
“Raegan, let me add you as a friend on WhatsApp.

Mitchel is so kind to me.

I want to give him a surprise.

Maybe I would borrow a favor from you by then.” The last thing Raegan wanted
to do was keep in contact with this woman.

But when she saw the eager look on Lauren’s face, she still gave Lauren another
account of hers.

The sun was shining outside, and there were fine beads of sweat on Lauren’s

Lauren put away her phone and asked shyly, “Could you please help me move
over there?” Raegan nodded and pushed the

wheelchair gently, but it didn’t move.

She pressed the armrest and bent down to check the wheels.

When Raegan lowered her head, Lauren suddenly grabbed her arm and asked
with a sneer, “It must have been fun for you to

fuck my man for the past two years, right?” This vulgar question gave Raegan a
bad feeling.

Before she could blink, the wheelchair did a forceful lunge backward.

“Ah! Raegan!” Lauren screamed at the top of her lungs.

She had a look of horror as she fell back.

Raegan’s eyes widened in shock.

She immediately reached out to pull Lauren, but it was too late…

Aloud bang was heard.

Lauren fell to the hard ground, her forehead shedding blood.

“Lauren!” A familiar voice came from behind.

Before Raegan could react, she was shoved aside by a great force.

Her side hit the handrail.

A sharp pain shot into her brain.

It left her numb and unable to tell if she hurt her knees or lower abdomen.
“Ouch! It hurts, Mitchel!” Lauren cried as she grasped Mitchel’s shirt.

Her forehead was marred with blood.

She looked like she was in a lot of pain.

Mitchel held the back of Lauren’s head and looked at her wound with a worried
expression. The whole time, he didn’t spare a single glance at Raegan whom he
had just pushed. There was a tight knot in Raegan’s chest at this time. The air in
her lungs escaped faster than normal. “I saw it with my own eyes, Mitchel. This
crazy woman pushed Lauren!” Out of nowhere, Tessa appeared and pointed at
Raegan accusatorily. She was telling a blatant lie. She hadn’t seen anything, but
she just wanted to get Raegan in trouble. Mitchel sharply turned his head to look
at Raegan. His eyes were blazing with rage. Although his gaze was frightening,
Raegan still had a trace of expectation in the bottom of her heart. She mumbled,
“Mitchel, I didn’t…” “Save it!” Mitchel cut her off with a roar. His eyes were burning
like infrared lights as he said to her, “Just pray that nothing bad happens to
Lauren. Otherwise, I won’t let you go scot-free!” He didn’t even want to listen to
her side of the story. The hope in Raegan’s eyes was dissipated slowly. It was as
if someone had driven a spear into her heart and left it there. Her heart was
bleeding and aching. Oh, how stupid of her to have been hopeful! It turned out
that Mitchel already saw her as a vicious woman. He must hate her for “hurting”
his beloved! Suddenly, Raegan began to shiver. She hugged herself and still
couldn’t figure out where exactly was hurting.

Mitchel paid no attention to her after that roar. He just picked Lauren up and took
giant strides to his car. Tessa followed him. Over her shoulder, she scowled at
Raegan with disgust as if she was looking at a dirty stray dog. “This should be a
wake-up call to you. Now, you are nothing but a rat in a ditch.

A strand of Lauren’s hair is worth more than you are, ” Tessa cursed, but Raegan
seemed not to hear it.

Raegan was just staring at Mitchel as he walked away with Lauren in his arms,
concerns written all over his face.

She had never seen Mitchel look so worried about anything.

It wasn’t until a few seconds ago Raegan realized Mitchel had never taken her

The black Bentley started, gathering up a cloud of dust.

An extreme pain came from Raegan’s lower abdomen.

She finally came to her senses.

Something dawned on her.

She held her belly and cried softly, “Ouch! My baby…” When her phone rang,
Nicole said that she was stuck in the parking lot.

It was as if some sharp teeth were gnarling at her lower abdomen now.

Raegan panicked.

She couldn’t get a taxi here, so she had no other option.

She stood up, intending to flag down Mitchel’s car.

She dragged herself down the steps and waved her hand with all the strength
she could muster now.

Unfortunately, the car sped past her and disappeared into the road. Raegan
watched on as it went out of sight. The pain in her belly worsened. She sank to her knees slowly. Just as the world began to spin, she held her belly with tears in
her eyes.
“Baby, I’m so sorry…” And then, everything went black. In a private ward. Lauren
lay whimpering on the bed as a doctor examined her. Standing in the corridor,
Mitchel was on the phone. The sunlight fell on his face through the window,
reflecting his handsome face. “I’m sorry, Mr. Dixon. I couldn’t find your wife. It
seems she left all by herself, ” Matteo reported on the phone.

“Okay, I see.” After hanging up, Mitchel couldn’t shake off the image of Raegan
falling to the ground after he shoved her aside.

It had happened in the spur of the moment because he was so worried about

He couldn’t recall seeing any injury on her.

However, he could remember that she looked hurt later.

Mitchel had been worried about her.

But since she was nowhere to be found at the restaurant, perhaps she was fine.
He wanted to believe that.

Yet, he still felt uneasy and annoyed.

He couldn’t help thinking of Raegan’s red eyes and tearful face.

Logically speaking, he shouldn’t be worrying about her since she had hurt

But then again…

Raegan had been nothing short of a good wife for the past two years.

She never crossed the line.

Even though she was married to a powerful man like him, she never looked down
on or tried to harm anyone.

Maybe it was really an accident.

If it was an accident, was there more to it than meets the eye? What role did
Lauren play? Doubts crisscrossed Mitchel’s mind.

He looked into the ward through the window as his expression changed slowly.
In the ward minutes later.

Lauren held Mitchel in her arms as if her life depended on it.

Mitchel frowned slightly.

He obviously didn’t like this, but considering that she was wounded now, he
couldn’t push her away.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked indifferently.

Although those were caring words, Lauren noticed the coldness in his tone.

Her eyes narrowed.

“It doesn’t hurt as much as before, ” she replied, looking up at him pitifully.
“What exactly happened, Lauren?” Mitchel asked that question lightly, but his
tone inexplicably made other people feel a chill in

their hearts.

“I think it was just an accident.

Raegan was kind enough to help me with the wheelchair.

Something is probably wrong with it.

Please don’t blame her, okay?” Lauren sounded so understanding as she

Mitchel looked at Lauren coldly.

But a touch of warmth soon crept into his eyes.

He reasoned that he was wrong to have suspected Lauren.

After patting her on her shoulder, he pulled himself back away from her grip.
“Have a good rest now.” Lights poured down on Mitchel’s dashing face.

Lauren was fascinated by his look now.

The sneaky devil in her didn’t jump out until Mitchel left the ward.

Her smile was instantly replaced by a vicious scowl.

Argh! Mitchel suspected her because of Raegan!

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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