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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 8

Kind Helper Fortunately, Lauren had come up with a fair explanation before
Mitchel’s suspicion germinated into mistrust.

She chose to point out there was something wrong with the wheelchair.

In this way, even if Raegan decided to tell on her, Mitchel would have no choice
but to think Raegan was vicious.

It was like killing two birds with one stone.

Yet, Lauren was very upset by Mitchel’s reaction.

The Mitchel she knew in the past would never question her for the sake of
someone else.

Today, he not only questioned but also suspected her because of Raegan.
Lauren adopted a trick today to gauge the situation.

She usually didn’t like to get her hands dirty.

If she wanted a person out of her way, she would get someone else to do the
dirty work.

At the thought that Mitchel had been with Raegan for two whole years, Lauren’s
fingers dug into her palm.

Her beautiful face was twisted with anger.

How dare Raegan! Just wait and see! Mitchel would be hers again…

There was a pungent smell of a disinfectant in the air.

In a hazy atmosphere, Mitchel stared at Raegan with his lips upturned in disgust
as he asked, “You are pregnant?” The next

second, he spat ruthlessly, “Abort it immediately!” “No way!” Raegan screamed.
Her eyes suddenly opened and she was drenched in cold sweat.

Everything she saw was white, including the walls, ceiling, and table.

It took Raegan a while to realize she was in a hospital and that scene she just
saw was just a dream.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

Her breathing soon steadied.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open and someone came in.

The man was slender, handsome, and had on a pair of narrow-edged glasses
with a gold frame that made him look rather


Raegan’s eyes widened in shock.

This was the last person she expected to see now.

“What are you doing here, Henley?” she blurted out, her eyebrows arching in

“Well, I bumped into Nicole in the parking lot earlier.

She was having an altercation with someone but was worried about you, so she
asked me to look for you first,” Henley explained


Raegan’s memory flooded her head like a tidal wave.

She touched her belly, worried if her baby was in good condition.

She wanted to ask him, but she found it hard to do so.

She faltered, “What about my…” “Don’t worry.

The doctor gave you a good checkup.

The baby is all right,” Henley answered gently.

Hearing that, Raegan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you, Henley.”
“Don’t mention it,” Henley replied as his eyes


“I must say that I’m quite surprised that you already got married.

Do you want me to call your husband?” “No, no.

That won’t be necessary.” Raegan shook her head slightly.

“Why?” Confused, Henley couldn’t help asking. Raegan didn’t know how to put it.

“Well, I… The thing is…” How could she tell Henley that her unfaithful husband
must be by the side of another woman right now? Seeing that she was in a
dilemma, Henley decided not to pry. He changed the topic.
“Anyway, how do you feel now?” He was worried about Raegan. Her expression
and demeanor were enough to show she wasn’t in good spirits. “I’m fine.”
Raegan forced a smile as she looked up at Henley and said, “May I add you as a
friend on WhatsApp?” This request stunned Henley. When Raegan noticed that
Henley stared at her with his eyes deeper than usual, she immediately explained,
“Oh, I just want to contact you later so I can reimburse you for the examination
fee. That…” “We’re already friends on WhatsApp,” Henley interrupted her. “Huh?”
Henley took out his phone and clicked on the contacts on WhatsApp. He then
handed the phone to her. With a smile, he said, “Look, 1 sent you a message, but
you blocked me.” Raegan was lost for words. She stared at his username for a
long time before it finally hit her. On one New Year’s Eve, she had gotten a
holiday greeting from him once. She texted back asking who he was, and later
she received a reply, saying it was Henley Brooks. The response stunned
Raegan at that time. Internet fraud prevailed back then, and Henley had already
gone abroad.

She found it odd that someone so successful would spare the time and take the
initiative to contact her on WhatsApp like a friend would. She suspected that a
fraudster was impersonating Henley, so she blocked him. But it turned out she
was wrong. She felt a little embarrassed in an instant. Holding her forehead,
Raegan said guiltily, “I’m sorry, Henley. I had no idea it was really you. Honestly, I
thought it was one of those scammers. That’s why I blocked you. I’ll pull you out
of the blacklist now.” Raegan was tapping on her phone screen. Suddenly, her
phone died. Her embarrassment quadrupled. “It’s okay.

Just unblock me later.” Henley gave a face- splitting smile as he said joyfully,
“Have a good rest first.

Nicole will be here soon.” His warm smile reminded Raegan of her college days.
His presence and smile livened her mood in no time.

“Henley!” Raegan called out as Henley headed for the door.

She hesitated for a while and said, “As for the baby, can you keep it a secret for
me? If Nicole finds out [I’m pregnant, she will

confront my husband and it might end badly.” She didn’t want to humiliate herself

Hearing Raegan’s words, Henley nodded without asking more.

As he went out, he stole a glance at Raegan who was lying on the bed.

He noticed the incomprehensible emotions that swirled in her gentle eyes. Her
forehead was crinkled. After a while, he turned around and left. Raegan’s eyes
fell on an ultrasound result on the bedside table. The blurry white and black
picture filled her heart with a strange warmth. Honestly, she had contemplated
having an abortion. She wasn’t sure if giving birth to this child under these
circumstances was the best thing to do. But when she experienced that sharp
pain in her belly moments ago, she prayed that she didn’t lose her baby. She
wanted nothing more than its safety. After all, the baby was innocent. She wanted
to protect it. Fortunately, the baby was tough enough. She saw no reason to
deprive the poor little angel from coming into this world.

Raegan began to toy with the idea of raising the child alone. Shortly after Henley
left, Nicole arrived at the hospital. Raegan was doing fine except for the bruises.
As a result, she was free to go home and recuperate. Nicole had no idea what
was going on. She called Mitchel names, scolding him for being the most
heartless husband. The basis of Nicole’s anger was that he was nowhere to be
found at this critical moment.

As soon as Raegan returned to her apartment, she ordered some chicken soup
from the restaurant downstairs before going up. It was dark in the apartment when she got in. However, she could sense someone’s presence.
Remembering how her neighbor just told her about a burglary, Raegan’s heart
thudded in her ears.
She got ready to run out.

Before she could move a muscle, she saw a black figure approaching her.

She immediately flung the takeout at the person and turned around.

Her foot was barely out the door when a strong hand grabbed her wrist hard.
Raegan pulled back, but she couldn’t break free.

A flick was heard suddenly.

The light came on almost immediately.

Blinded by the light for a moment, Raegan squinted and looked up, only to see
the handsome face of a man.

It was the same man Nicole had berated on the way back.

Mitchel raised a brow at Raegan.

“Hey, what were you thinking? Did you want to kill your husband?” His tone was

But these words sounded harsh and even ironic to Raegan.

While she was frowning at him, Mitchel let her go and picked up the takeout from
the floor.

He then threw it into the trash can.

“This is bad for you.

I already ordered something else.

It should be delivered any minute.” Glancing at the takeout lying in the trash can,
Raegan swallowed hard.

She was so exhausted and hungry that she didn’t even have the strength to

1 For a moment, Raegan felt that she would share the similar fate of the takeout
being thrown into the trash can.

With Lauren’s return, Mitchel might divorce her any minute.

“Don’t bother.

I’m tired.


Dixon, please leave me alone.” Her tone and expression were so cold as she
walked past him toward the bedroom.

Before she could take any steps, Mitchel grabbed her wrist again and pulled her

She instantly fell into his arms.

“I didn’t mean to push you back then, Raegan.

I was just worried about Lauren,” he said softly, staring into her eyes.

Raegan”s eyelashes fluttered, and her heart skipped a beat.

Somehow, she sensed his tenderness for her.

But then, she realized she was only imagining things again! Mitchel’s voice had
always been cold and somewhat gentle.

A stab came in her heart before she could bask in the tenderness now.

At this moment, their bodies were so close.

Raegan could smell his scent, and there was a strange female fragrance that
was definitely not hers.

It was the same one she smelled when she was close enough to Lauren earlier.
There was only one way Lauren could have gotten her scent on him and that was
by hugging! The thought of them in that

position suddenly made Raegan feel sick.

She pushed Mitchel away and rushed into the bathroom.

It wasn’t until Raegan threw up everything in her stomach that she felt much

Wiping her mouth, she walked to the door of the bathroom when Mitchel blocked
her way.

He grabbed her hand and then studied her face with his eyes squinted.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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