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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 174

174 It’s True

Keira took the photo with a puzzled look and glanced

at it.

The photo clearly had some age to it, as the pixel quality wasn’t very sharp, and it seemed a bit darker than a normal photo, perhaps due to wear and

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subsequent restoration.

In the photo were a man and a woman, likely attending some kind of gala, with a rather lavish background and both dressed in formal evening wear.

The young man was in his twenties and bore some resemblance to Frankie, leading Keira to immediately conclude that it was Mr. Allen.

But the woman standing beside Mr. Allen made Keira pupils constrict.

The woman carried herself with grace. She was slender in form and exuded a sense of time with her presence. Due to the low resolution of the old photograph, she appeared to be only in her thirties, but Keira discerned from her expression that she had to be at least in her early forties.



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174 It’s True

wasn’t the most important part; what mattered that this person looked a lot like Keira!

Not in demeanor, but in physical appearance!

Keira clearly remembered her own facial features…

When she was younger, every time guests visited the Olsen family, upon seeing Isla and her, they would subconsciously say she resembled Mrs. Olsen.

But once they realized the two weren’t mother and daughter, they would laugh it off, saying there was a resemblance in temperament, not in look.

Therefore, Keira had stared at her own reflection in the mirror countless times.

How she had wished, even if just one feature on her face was similar to Mrs. Olsen’s!

But there wasn’t any similarity, not her eyes, her nose,

or even her mouth…

A feeling of disappointment gradually took root in

Keira’s heart.

Yet, that also imprinted Mrs. Olsen’s facial features deeply into her memory.


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174 It’s True

The woman in the photo seemed like an older version of herself by ten or twenty years when the baby fat on her face was gone, and her features more defined and sculpted…

If someone said this person wasn’t related to her by blood, Keira wouldn’t believe it!

She looked at Mr. Allen with astonishment and asked,

“Who is this?”

Mr. Allen stroked his chin and frowned in thought for a moment, “That should be Lady South.”

Keira was startled, “Lady South?”

“Yes.” Mr. Allen knitted his brows, pondering carefully. “It’s Mrs. Olsen’s mother…”

Mrs. Olsen’s mother… Keira’s mind seemed to explo

A strong, intense desire suddenly arose within her. If she looked so much like Mrs. Olsen’s mother, could it be that she was Mrs. Olsen’s daughter?!

Keira swallowed hard, stunned in place.

No, it couldn’t be, could it…?

She had fantasized countless times that Mrs. Olsen



174 It’s True

was b

mother. Could it be that she’d fantasized so

frequently, she was now hallucinating?

She couldn’t help but look at the old photo again and

then pinched herself hard.

That hurt…

There was a sensation of pain.

Rebecca, seeing this, couldn’t help but rush over, blurting out, “Miss Keira, why are you pinching yourself? If you find it unbelievable, then, then…”

Rebecca glanced around, then said, “Then pinch my brother! It hurts less than to pinch yourself!”

Frankie was speechless.

His brow twitched.

Keira then looked anxiously again at Mr. Allen. “Uncle Allen, Aunt Allen, what do you mean by showing me this photo?”

Mr. Allen clearly noticed Keira’s agitated emotions, so he coughed and looked at Mrs. Allen.

Mrs. Allen drew closer to her and said, “Keira, I know

you’re a smart kid, so I won’t beat around the bush. I



174 It’s True

just want to ask you, have you ever suspected that you aren’t the biological child of Poppy? She’s so good to

Isla yet so harsh on you, I really can’t understand a mother’s rationale for that.”

Keira frowned.

How could she not have doubted it?

But when she was taken away at the age of four, the police conducted a DNA test upon her return to ascertain her identity…

No, that wasn’t right.

The DNA test was conducted using Poppy’s sample, and it wasn’t until after the results confirmed her as the mother that Poppy was allowed to take the child

But was that sample really Poppy’s?

Keira clenched her fists, “Mrs. Allen, what you mean is, actually, actually…”

That speculation was a dream she couldn’t realize for so many years, so when it came to this crucial

moment, she found herself unable to speak it out loud…

As she opened her mouth to speak, she heard Mrs.



174 It’s True

Allen sigh and take her hand. “Have you


considered that maybe Mrs. Olsen is your mother?”

When Mrs. Allen voiced this response, Keira’s tears

began to fall uncontrollably.

Mrs. Olsen was her mother…

Was that possible?

Surprise, panic, confusion, and other complex

emotions suddenly crowded into her heart, leaving her

feeling a mixture of emotions.

This sudden happiness was almost too much to


She felt as if she were dreaming…


Suddenly, a low hiss came from beside her, and Keira turned to see Frankie frowning and holding his arm.

Rebecca asked, “Frankie, does it hurt?”

Frankie pulled a face, but looking into Keira’s bewildered eyes, he pursed his lips and played along.

“It hurts.”





174 it’s True

“It’s true.”

Rebecca moved closer to Keira, “Miss Keira, I assure you, everything right now is true.”

Keira paused for a moment before breaking into a smile.

But she still couldn’t stop the tears….

She lowered her head to wipe her tears. “Sorry, I lost my composure a bit.”


Mr. Allen raised his voice, “What’s this about? If we found out we’d been deceived, we’d definitely be more upset than you. Keira, don’t think about it for now. Come and have some food with us. As it happens, the Olsen family lives in the same district. After dinner, your aunt and I will take you to the Olsen residence to clear things up…”

Yet, Keira stood up abruptly. “I’m going now…”

She took the photograph and walked straight out.

Mr. Allen was stunned, “But you haven’t eaten!”


174 It’s True

Mrs. Allen immediately smacked him, “I told you to discuss it after dinner, but you refused. Now that it’s been spoken aloud, who cares about eating?! Tonight’s seafood is going to waste!”

As she spoke, she put on her coat and chased after Keira.

Mr. Allen hesitated for a moment before following her.

Rebecca also wanted to go, but Frankie held her hand back, “Stay at home; don’t add to the chaos. I’ll go have a look.”

Rebecca understood that this visit to the Olsen family might end in an argument, and obediently nodded. “Frankie, remember, don’t let our Miss Keira be wronged or get hit!”

“I know.”

Frankie replied impatiently and walked out the door.

The night in Oceanion had turned chilly.

Keira still felt dazed as she stepped outside, but the cold breeze gradually brought back her reason.



174 It’s True

She looked ahead at the Olsen residence, tightened

her jaw, and strode forward.

For the first time, she raised her head and knocked on

the door.

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