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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 13

“Uh! How the hell is this so much better? Dusting?

DUSTING! How is this


Molly–who has been leading me to the billiard room–because apparently, the pack house has a billiard room–finally stops in front of double doors. Everyone else got better and real jobs

than this.

“You will start here. Dust

everything especially things

that are on the wall and

shelves. Then continue to

the other rooms in this

hallway. Don’t break

anything.” she says.

“That’s it?”

“Yeah.” She turns around and


I look at the duster in my


“This is so stupid,” I mutter. “At least out in the gardens,

my work mattered. It

benefits the pack. This…this is stupid work.

“So you don’t like it?”

squeeze my eyes close and sigh before turning around and facing Colt whose voice I recognize.

“I haven’t even started but

no, I don’t think I like it.” I

tell him.

He has his hands in his

pocket while looking at me.

“Give it a chance. This will

benefit many. Some people are stuck doing jobs they don’t like and I want to

change that.” He says which

surprises me.

“You…want to change


He nods. “This pack is

divided and I think it’s the

reason we can’t move

forward. If we want to defeat

the Dark Fang Pack one day, we need to change things


“…People say that our pack and the Dark Fang pack are similar and that is why we

are both feared.”

“No. In no way has my father been running this pack right but it does not compare. Our pack is feared because we

have been fighting them for

so long and have been able

to match them in battle but

the way we run or pack is completely different. Trust me…” He stops talking and

looks distant as if he is

remembering things.

“Well if you want the pack to unite, you can start by how the Omegas are treated.

Most of us don’t feel like we

are part of the pack.” I tell


That gets him out of that

sudden freeze.

“Exactly!” He says. “That’s

why I want to integrate them

with the Gammas and the

Betas but it has to be one

foot at a time. I don’t want to

do things like my father has. I am by no means a

reasonable or better man but

I want the pack to feel like a pack should. I want them to follow me out of loyalty and

not fear.”

I stare at him at this moment

with admiration. He wants to do things differently and I really hope he can.

I nod. “I get it now. So you need to start slowly…but-” I stop, looking at the duster,

and then mutter. “I still don’t

like this stupid job.”

I don’t know why I forget

that this man is the next to

be Alpha and I keep talking as if I am familiar with him.

“Mh, I have another job that you might be more

interested in.” His eyes roam

my b*dy. “But it requires

you to be on your knees.”

“My knees?” I don’t know

why I am so stupid that at first, it doesn’t register what he is insinuating. I might be a virgin but I am not an idiot. I know things–mostly

thanks to Lauren–but for

some reason, I feel dumb

when I am with him.

I narrow my eyes at him when the thought invades

my mind.

He smiles, winks, and

whispers. “Just a fun thought.”

I can’t say anything

because…well…what the hell

am I supposed to say to that?

Yes, please? The thought of those words comes from my

intrusive thoughts. I almost bite my l*ps in fear that I will

say them.

AH! What am I thinking?! Yesterday I was trying to convince myself to not like the guy but how couldn’t I?

As I am fighting my mind, his arm goes past me and he opens the double doors that are behind me. He walks past me and his big b*dy covers

the room from my view as

he goes in until he moves to

the side where there is a

small liquor bar.

There is a big billiard table in the middle of the room, a

bar to the right side wall, and

tables with chairs on the left

side wall.

I had never seen this room

before. What really gets my attention though are the

people in here. All three of Colt’s brothers–including

Ezra–and also his sister.

Ezra–who was bending down over the billiard table

ready to hit one of the

balls- now straightens up

and stares at me with wide


“There he is. Time to

celebrate.” Kaecy says.

“Celebrate? Is that why you

all called me here?” Colt

holds the glass that is now full of alcohol and sips on it.

“We needed our own

reunion away from Mom

and Dad. We wanted to

celebrate that you are back

and play like old times.”

Kaecy says.

Bryn now notices me as I walk in. “What are you doing here?”

I lift the duster up. “Dusting.” I purposely put on an

unhappy face and glance at

Colt who smiles at me.

I immediately go to the wall

where there are shelves with

placks and trophies.

This doesn’t even look like it

needs dusting but I have to act like I am doing

something. So I start dusting.

“I can’t believe it, man. To

think that you are back.” Kaecy pats Colt’s shoulder. “I thought…I had accepted that you were gone…” He almost

chokes on his words.

Kaecy has always been one who followed and admired

his older brother. He took it

hard when they all thought

Colt had died.

“But now you are back like

old times!”

Colt just stares at him while Kaecy continues to pat his


I personally don’t think it’s

like old times. I can see now that Colt has really changed. He is a different person.

“How did you find yourself back here? And why now?” Ezra asks giving his attention to the pool table and the

billiard balls.

“I thought you guys wanted to celebrate, not interrogate


“Of course!” Kaecy says.

“This is to celebrate. He

already had this

conversation with Dad. I am

sure he is tired of it.”

“Yeah…I guess.” Ezra mutters.

“You don’t sound too excited

to have me here.” Colt says.

“Not at all. It is a miracle to

have you back.” Ezra replies.

“Well, my friends are excited to see you.” Bryn says to Colt. “You remember Stacy my

best friend?”

Colt nods.

“Well, she’s always been fond of you. She’s very excited that you are back.”

Colt looks out of the window

and looks really bored with

this topic now. Almost looks

like he is irritated.

“I mean now that you don’t have a mate, you will be choosing one, right?” She


“Geez Bryn. The man just got back. Let him be with this whole mate thing.”

Kacey says.

“Yeah, you sound as pushy as

mom.” Miles–Bryn’s

twin–mutters. He has been

quiet playing with Ezra at

the billiard table.

“Besides, I am sure your

friend has a mate

somewhere.” Ezra finally


“You know, wouldn’t it be

best for us to choose who we

want as our mates?” Bryn

starts to say. “I mean, what if I get settled with one of

those lowly Omegas? Do you know how embarrassing that

would be? Uh! I rather die.”

“Your mate is goddess–given.” Colt suddenly say.

“Betraying a good mate is the

most disgusting thing you

could ever do no matter

their status.”

At first, I thought that he was talking about Ezra but when

I look at him, he seems

distant again. As if his mind

is somewhere else but there

is anger in his expression.

He looks at Bryn. “You are a

child, Bryn. You have clearly not experienced anything

about the real world.”

The room grows silent. The

air has shifted and it seems that winter has come early because this place seems cold


I have not seen him like this.

He has been different with

me. Not once has he been
this cold towards me. This is

a side to him that I had not

seen but he seems much

more mature than anyone in this room right now.

No one says a thing and the

silence is a killer. I decide

not to do the rest of the

room and act like I finished,

quickly scurrying out of the

freezing room.

I make my way to the next

room and continue my duties while still thinking

about their conversation.

I am glad Colt said what he said but he looked so pissed. Clearly, his sister’s comment had an impact on him and it had nothing to do with me

and Ezra.

Damnit! This is a creepy damn room!

I stand on a small step later dusting a room with dead

animal busts everywhere. Taxidermy. Deers, hogs,

bulls! Why kill all these animals just to display them?

I stare into the dead deer’s

eyes which I am sure are fake

eyes because I mean, I

assume eyes can’t be


Mh…or maybe they died of

natural causes? I know

nothing of this so my

thoughts are now consumed

by these questions.

“What are you doing, Angel?”

Colt’s voice comes from

behind me.

I am startled by the way he

talks to me and what he calls

me. I slowly turn my head
and squint at him.

He chuckles.

I think he likes it when I do

that. I am pretty sure he finds my reaction amusing.

“I am still dusting because this house has never–ending insignificant crap


He laughs and I am taken by surprise. It is a hearty loud laugh.

“Yeah…laugh it up.” I whisper

turning back to the dusting.

“I’ll be damn if I have to do

this every day…”

I am suddenly pulled back

and picked up like a princess.

“What are you doing?!” I

shout in his arms.

“Take a break. I think you

need one.”

He walks us over to a table

and sits me on a chair. He

then goes to the side where

there is a cabinet and takes

out two glasses and a bottle

of what I can only assume is

an alcoholic beverage.

He walks over to the table

and places the glasses in front of me then proceeds to fill them up halfway.

He pushes one of the glasses with a yellowish substance in

it toward me and then sits on

the chair in front of me

taking his drink. He stares at

me while he waits for me to

take mine.

I get close to my drink and

smell it. This makes him


“What is it?” I ask.


I have never tried this. James

doesn’t know it but I have

taken a few of his drinks

from his hiding spot without

him knowing but never this


I take the glass and slowly take a big sip. My eyes almost bulge out of my eye


Mother f**ker did not warn


I gasp at the same time I feel my throat burning and the

drink makes its way down to

my lungs instead of my stomach. I start coughing

and some even comes out of

my nose.

He pats my back as he hands me a napkin from the table.

“Shit. That was bad.” he


I want to punch him so badly

right now.

After a minute or two of

nonstop coughing, I finally

begin to calm down.

He moves my drink away. “This is not for you.”

“On that, we agree.” I say

trying not to look at him.

“So you don’t drink?”

“Not often.” I say now sitting straight.

He nods.

I get the courage to glance at him and see him staring at my l*ps.

Oh boy…

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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