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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 14

He stares at my l*ps. This

makes me nervous. I feel like this is going to be a repeat of last night but we are not in a completely private place so anyone could walk in…then again, we were in the forest last night where anyone could have walked in as well.

I need to say something to

fill this silence and distract him. “So, you seemed quite irritated with your siblings back there,” I say.

He finally looks away from my l*ps.

“They know nothing of the world. They live in their own bubbles and act like nothing bad can touch them. Naive kids.”

“You have been through a lot, haven’t you?” I whisper.

Quietly, he looks up at me

and nods. He looks so

vulnerable right now.

“And what you said about


He looks down so I stop

from finishing my question.

His hands go through his

hair and then he looks up at

me again.

“I told my father and

everyone here that Skye died at the rade. But that was a lie.

She was taken prisoner just like me.” I stay quiet as he starts to tell me what


“Warrick…Alpha of the Dark

Fang Pack…”

Warrick? That’s his name? I

don’t think I have ever heard

“He has these groups of

women, three. They are all

his mates. He offers them

riches and an easy life. I can’t say if they all have been

willing but…Skye was.”

I hold my gasp. “Why would

she…she left you for him? But…you two seemed so happy.”

“I thought we were too but she only wanted me for what

I could offer. In her own

words, she said she didn’t

want to be with me anymore

because now I was a

prisoner, I could offer her

nothing. I was pathetic and

had no power. I promised

her that we would get out.

That I had a plan but…she

refused. She was drawn in by the power that Warren dangled in front of her. I

know that she was also hurt

and was not treated well but

she never got the worst of it, I did, I shielded her from it

all and then she threw me

away. The mate bond…our soul connection was nothing

to her.”

“No…she broke the bond?” I

am in shock as he nods.


“I…How could she? Breaking

the bond while you were

officially mated could have

killed you! Why?… How

could she?”

He seems to relax a little as

he thinks. “Why? Same reason my brother betrays you, they are scum. People who don’t deserve the gift of

a mate.”

I feel so bad but I don’t think

it’s the same as me and Ezra.

It must have been worse for

him because he was already

mated to her.

“Did she…reject you?”

He closes his eyes. “She did but I was the one who didn’t

want to accept it. Not for a


It was different. Ezra didn’t

reject me because he wanted

to torment me while Colt

wanted to hold on to the one

he loved. Very different.

I feel so bad. “I…I’m so sorry, Colt…but, why are you telling me this? Why…me?”

“Because you are different than anyone else in this damn pack.” His whole demeanor has changed. He

looks, irritated and I am

starting to think that this is really him. He is angry but he shows a different person when he is in public. I feel like we are very much alike.

“Do you know what happens when a mate accepts the

mark of another while

already mated?” He asks. His jaw clenches and his fingers tighten around the glass he

has in his hands.

My eyes widen and I shake my head. “Is that…even possible?”

He nods. “It is. It’s a

temporary mark but it was

agony for me.”

I can’t believe someone would do that. Especially if they were already mated. I remember them together. They seemed so happy.

He looks at his glass.

“My soul died that day. I hate her. I hate her with all of my being for the pain she caused me. I hate them all, Cass.” He

looks at me and shakes his

head. “I won’t lie to you, I

want revenge. I want them

all dead.”

He means every single word

that comes out of his mouth.

It scares me but somehow, I

can’t blame him.

This intensity in him scares me. I can feel the anger in

him. But I hate the silence


“How did you escape, Colt?” I ask also changing the subject from his mate.

He takes his glass to his l*ps and drinks all of the content

in it, then, takes the bottle of

alcohol and pours more into his glass, filling it completely to the brim.

“We didn’t. It was luck. We

were really captured by my

own pack. But for years, me and the boys had been

planning of ways to get out

and how to get back at

Warrick. We knew it wasn’t

going to be easy but we

didn’t lose hope. It was all we had to keep us alive.”

“Wait, you never tried to escape?”

“Of course I did. Once, and it

was when I first got


“What happened?”

“It was a group of us and it was too easy, I knew it was too easy.” He pauses with a pained expression as he re–lives the memory. “Now I know that it was on purpose. They let all new recruits—as

they call those they freshly capture- make a run for it and when they capture them, they show them what

is done to those that try to


“What did they-”

“They chained one of the men in the group that tried

to escape and then…they

dumped hot liquid silver on


I cover my mouth in horror.

“He didn’t die. Lived for

another year. They kept him

and those like him to be used

as an example in full display

in the middle of the

encampment field. They suffered horribly.”

This Alpha is a monster.

“This…” I don’t know what to

say. “He’s…horrible.”

“Mh…” He leans back on his

chair looking past me out of

the window and takes a sip of

his drink.

“He is a man with ambition

and a man like him with the

kind of ambition he has and

the power that he wields, is

the devil.”

“What is his plan?”

“I am guessing that he wants to take over all the packs. Be the one ruler. He is mad and

will destroy anyone that gets in his way.”

This scares me and he can

see it.

He leans in and holds my

hand. “I will stop him. WE will stop him. I want this fight to end. It is about time someone put a stop to him.”

“So you have a plan?”

He nods. “But nothing you have to worry about now. Don’t you have more dusting to do?”

I narrow my eyes at him and

he smiles. It is a tender smile

that really makes my heart

beat faster.

“Well…yes I do and I’d

probably be done if you

wouldn’t have distracted me.”

“Ah, so I am a distraction?”

I get up and take my duster

from the table. “Never said it

was in a good way.”

I walk towards the door but

he calls for me.


I turn around and wait for

him to talk.

“There is a lot that I have to

tell you. Things that concern you. But…I don’t think now

is the right time. Forgive me. I will tell you when the time is right.”

I am very surprised by this because what in the world

could it be? What does he

know about me that I don’t

know? And why? How?

He stares at me waiting for a

reaction or an answer.

I stay silent, searching for a response. He has confided in me today. He has told me things that he has not told

others. So…I am going to

choose to trust him.

I nod. “It’s okay.”

I turn to leave but he speaks


“Oh, and one more thing.”

“Yeah?” I turn back to him.

“Be ready soon. You are

going to be my Luna.”

“What?!” I blurt out.

He turns around and stares

out the window again while enjoying his drink. “You

heard me.”

I stand there stunned. He’s

not serious. He can’t be. No.

He’s messing around. He has to be.

“Colt…” I call for him but he

doesn’t turn.

“Go finish your duties,

Angel.” He says in a soft tone

but he continues to stare out

the window as he finishes his


I shake my head and leave the room but I decide that I

am done with this dusting crap. I don’t think anyone is going to notice if the

curtains are dusted or not. I

walk out to the hall and head

to the dining room. Before going in, I peek inside and see that it is empty. I then make my way to the kitchen

and outside where I take a huge breath of fresh air and welcome the sun on my skin.

I felt a bit stuffed while I was

in there.

I see Lauren in the distance

and walk to her.

“Hey, where have you been?”

She asks.

“Uh! They had me dusting inside the pack house.”

“Dusting? Why?”

“Well, Colt wants to try something new with the

Omegas and Gammas.”

She stares at me with

confusion. “…Colt?”

“Yeah. Why do you look at

me like that?”

“Cause you do not call

anyone on the Alpha or Beta families by their name other

than Ezra or Bryn but it’s because you like to piss them


“I–I don’t do it on purpose.‘

“Oh yes, you do.”

I look up, thinking and maybe she is right. It does piss Bryn off that I don’t call her Alpha like I do with Kaecy and Miles and I do enjoy it when she is pissed.

I shrug my shoulders but she

ignores me now looking at

the distance past the field of crops. “What is happening there?”

I look in the direction she

stares and I see Dash and

Ezra having a heated


“Oh oh…”

I look around and no one

else has noticed them.

Lauren and I walk closer.

The closer we get the more

we hear them shout and now

we sprint towards them.

“Because it’s none of your

damn business! I’ll do

whatever the f**k I want and

talk to whoever the f**k I

want!” Dash shouts.

“I don’t give a shit that you are my brother’s friend! Touch her again and I will rip you apart!”

“Touch her?! What the f**k

are you talking about?!” Dash

asks confused.

“You know damn well!” Ezra


Oh shit…oh shit…

“Then you are f**king crazy

if you think I put my hands

on her but why does it even

matter. You don’t want her!”

Ezra grabs him by the shirt

and they both start to show

signs of their wolf coming to

the surface.

“Stop!” I shout. “It–it wasn’t


I grab their attention and

they both look at me.

“I know it was him!” Ezra


I shake my head. “It wasn’t!”

Dash looks at Ezra and then

at me and suddenly,

something seems to click in

his head.

Dash grabs Ezra’s hands and he pulls himself off his grip.

“Don’t you f**king touch me again,” Dash says. “You have no idea the things that I have done and what I am capable

of.” He lets Ezra go and walks away from him.

As he walks past me, he gives me a side smile and

whispers. “I have a bone to pick with your little lover.”

My eyes widen knowing that he is talking about Colt. He

figured it out fast but I also quickly look at Ezra afraid that he heard him. However,

he is too distracted by his

own anger, cursing Dash out.

Once Dash is behind me,

Ezra now zones in on me. I

can feel the anger oozing

from him.

“You…” His hands turn into

fists but then he forces

himself to loosen them

again. He grinds his teeth as he looks at me and then just growls and walks away


“Do you…care to explain?”

Lauren suddenly asks. I

completely had forgotten

that she was even here.

I give her an awkward smile. “Hehehe…no.” I quickly walk away but she follows.


I walk fast back to the field

but she is not letting it go.


“Ay! Fine! Come here.”

She gets really close.

“So…well, someone k*ssed

me and well Ezra felt it and

that was it.”

She gasps. “WHO! WHO



I start laughing. “Seriously?!”

“This is the juiciest gossip so yes! Seriously! And also…serves him right. I hope he felt it in his core!

But seriously, who was it?

Was it that guy?”

She points to where Dash


I shake my head. “No.”

“Then who–wait…wait…”

My eyes widen. She couldn’t

have figured it out!

“Wait a godang minuet!” She says and then stares at me without saying anything. I

am sure I look stupid right

now with the way I am

looking at her.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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