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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 15

Lauren gets close and narrows her eyes. “It…it wasn’t Colt, was it?”

I can’t help my eyes widen.

“Hehehe…no, no…”

She gasps knowing I am lying through my teeth.

“Spill it! Now!”

“Nope! I have stuff to dust!” I run away.

“Yeah, the Alphas mouth apparently!” she shouts.

I gasp and turn around.


whisper in a growl.

“You are going to tell me everything!” She shouts.


I turn back around and run

back into the house but I

have no intention to go dusting anything again. Instead, I go hide in one of

the closets for another half

an hour but the whole time

all I can think is about Colt. The things that he says to me, the way he treats me now, the way his l*ps taste,

and the way he touches me.

This goes on all day until I finally go home where…my thoughts are also still

consumed by him that night and I can barely sleep.

I wake up very early feeling

more tired than usual. The

sun has barely come up. I get ready as I always do but Lauren and James seem to

be much more chatier than

usual. I hear them in the

living room and it annoys

When I come out, I almost fl*p over when I see Colt

sitting on the sofa, having

coffee while they all talk.

“What the hell?”

“Good morning, Angel,” Colt

says with a smile.

He did not just say that in front of Lauren and James!

My face heats up and I am

sure it turns all shades of red.

Lauren and James look at

each other with confusion.

But soon a stupid smile plants itself on Lauren’s face while James still looks just

confused. I am sure Lauren

has not told him anything.

Lauren doesn’t tell him

about my private stuff and

that is why I trust her so


I turn around and walk right back to my room.

“Cass. Come on. Don’t be a

child. We all need to talk.”

Lauren says.

“We do?” I shout from my


“Yes. It’s important.”

With a sigh, I walk back to

the living room.

“Come, sit.”


She grunts.

“Okay, fine. So…” She looks at

James and then looks at me.


“Lauren, spit it out,” I say,


“We are pregnant!” James

blurts out.


“James!” Lauren hits his arm.

He has a huge smile unable

to contain himself.

“You are!?”

She smiles and nods.

Wait! That’s why she gave

me the dress! She said it

didn’t fit her anymore.

I smile and quickly hug them.

I am so glad! They have been trying for so long!

“How far along?” I ask.

“I am four months now.‘

I gasp.

“And you didn’t tell me!?‘

“We wanted to make sure

that everything would be okay.” She says and then

looks at James as if she

figured something out.

“Maybe this is why I’ve been so horny.”

I gasp. “Shut up! You can’t say stuff like that in front of guests! Or even me!” I look at Colt who almost laughs but then goes back to his straight


After the excitement is gone, I look at Colt again. “But why are you here?”

He looks at Lauren.

James is the one who talks. “Well, we came to him and

the Alpha about building an

extra room here. I have been

saving up and finally have enough. But Alpha Colt here came up with another idea.”

“What idea?” I look at him.

“Well..” Colt starts to speak. “A baby can be expensive. So

I told them that there is no

need for that, you are moving to the pack house so that they don’t have to spend money on another room and instead use it for the baby. It

is done. I have your room ready.” He says so


My eyes start squinting but

this time there is a twitch in

my right eye.

“And what in the world ever

made you think that I would

ever want to stay in the pack


“Doesn’t matter. Fact is, this

house is too small for all of

you.” He says.

“Cass, you don’t have to. We are not in any way throwing you out. Our plan was to expand the house. We never thought about moving you out.” Lauren says.

Colt shakes his head. “It was

all my idea but you know it makes sense. Why spend so much money on a room when you can use that

money for other things that you really will need

especially with a baby on the

way.” He looks away as he takes a sip of his coffee and

then mutters. “Besides, I was

going to move you eventually anyway.”

squint my eyes and I swear that this is going to be the default setting on which I

always look at him. “You


“Mh.” He takes another sip of

his coffee without

responding as if he didn’t hear me. “This is good


I know it does make sense but I hate it. I don’t really

want to live in the pack

house. It’s going to be a

living hell for me.

“Cass, stay. We want you

here.” Lauren says and James


I sigh. I know they don’t

really have a lot of money.

“It’s okay. I’ll try it.”

“Are you sure?!” She asks,


“Yeah, besides, I have some

time before the baby comes, right?”

As I say this, I see Colt putting the coffee mug on

the table, then getting up he says “Nope.”

Suddenly, he picks me up and puts me over his


“Are you crazy?!” I shout.

“Oh my!” Lauren gets up.

He starts walking towards the

door as he carries me but

before going out, he turns

back to Lauren.

“And congratulations. I see

how Cass turned out with

you basically raising her, you are going to be great parents.” He says.

“Uhm…thank you, Alpha.”

She says.

I hold on to him. He is so

much taller than me so I am afraid that I am going to fall.

“Kiss ass! What are you doing?!” I shout.

“Taking you home.” He says.

“NO, you are not! Are you

crazy?! Someone is going to

see us. Ezra is going to see


“No, he won’t. It’s too early and none of my family except for my father wakes up this early.”

“Then he will see us!”

“He doesn’t care.”

“You planned all this you


“Mh…that mouth of yours-”

“It’s going to get me in trouble? I know, I know.” I

say with a mocking voice and rolling my eyes though

he can’t see me. I have heard

this same thing from Lauren many times before.

“No. I love that mouth of

yours.” He corrects me.

He really shut me up there. He is also right about no one seeing us. There is barely anyone around. I see a few

people in the distance

starting their day but no one

notices us. He goes into the

pack house through the

front door instead of the

back kitchen door. There is

not a soul in sight. The

house is still a bit dark as he

goes up the stairs.

“Do you really have to carry

me like this?”

“Will you not run away?”

“Yes, yes I would.”

He laughs. “You are too


“And you know that that is

what I would do. So no point hiding it.”

He reaches the top of the

stairs and walks down a hall.

“Why are you doing this

anyway? I really don’t get

you, Colt.”

“I already told you, you are going to be my Luna.”

“That joke is getting stale.”

“Not joking.”

I sigh as he stops in front of a


“Home sweet home. This is

your new room.” He opens

the door and once inside, he

swings the door close with his leg and then finally places me on the ground.

The first thing I want to do is

to give him a piece of my

mind but I am stunned by

the room.

“This…is huge…”

“You like it?”

“Uhm…yeah but…it’s a bit too


“Nah, it’s perfect.”

It is a traditional light decor style. It feels cozy but clean.

“The bathroom is right

there.” He points to a door

on the left and then he

points to another door on

the right that is closer to me.

“That is the closet.”

I open the door and turn on the light. I see a big fancy walking closet but it is half

empty. The other half has

clothes already.

“Uhm…whose are these?” I

ask as I pull one of the

clothes out. It is a man’s suit.

“Mine.” He says.

My eyes widen and my head slowly turns to him. “This…is

your room?!”

“Yep, and yours too.

I stare at him for a few

seconds still as a statue.

“…Nope. Not doing it.”

I walk out of the closet but

he grabs my hand and pulls me in a hug, chuckling.

“You can’t make me stay here, Colt.”

“I am not. All that talk was

bullshit. You don’t have to

move in now. You can leave

but, just stay for a little while.”

He picks me up and within

seconds lies me on the bed.


“Just stay with me. It’s still

early. We can nap for a little


He lies next to me with his

arm around me and his face

on the pillow facing me.

“What are you doing? You

say these confusing things and act in confusing ways. Why do all this?” I ask him.

“Cass, I already told you. I

want you. I am not lying. I am not playing games. I want you to be my

Luna…my mate.”

“You…can’t be serious…”

He lifts his head up and

looks me straight in the eyes.

“I am.”


He sighs. “I am tired of repeating myself, Cass. So listen up. For the last time, you are different. I want someone good in my life.

Someone genuine. You are perfect.”

“Perfect? Okay, now I know you are lying or just playing


He stops, closes his eyes, and

looks to the side with a

pained expression. He then looks at me again. “I… I am

so sorry, Cass. I am so sorry

that we did this to you. That

we made you think this way.

That we made you think that you are not good enough.”

I don’t know what to say.

He moves my hair from my

face. “I couldn’t see it before

all those years ago but I do now. I see you.” He lifts my chin up to make me look straight at him. “I. See. You, Cass. And you are perfect. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel any less.”

Unbeknown to me, my eyes

water. I feel this pain lift

from me with the realization

that he is right. The way I

think about myself is

because of all these other

people. I put myself down. I disrespect myself every time I speak negatively of myself. They put this way of thinking in my own head and I let it happen.

My poor soul. I have torn it

down. But here this man is

making me see this. Helping

me see this.

I feel him wiping a tear from

my face. I look into his eyes with all manner of feelings swelling up inside of me.

I feel my l*ps get dry, my heart beats fast in my chest and that is when I pull his

shirt and k*ss him. Without

hesitation, he k*sses me back but I am surprised by my own impulse. I feel desperate

and I don’t want the k*ss to

end. Still pulling his shirt, I

hold on to him and continue

k*ssing him with


He suddenly smiles while his

l*ps are still on mine.

“You like me too.” he says


I feel my cheeks burn and I pull away just a bit.

I can feel my face burning

and I don’t know where to

look, certainly not into his eyes or I will combust.

“Goddess you are beautiful.” He whispers.

I want to argue that but he stares at me with too much intensity so I don’t.

“Perfect skin…” He caresses my cheeks. “Luscious l*ps…” His finger softly traces my

l*ps. “Beautiful dark eyes.”

He looks down at my b*dy

and gives a low lustful sigh. “I want you.” He whispers.

Right now, I want him too especially when he acts like this. I love seeing him in this lustful way. But I am not giving in that easily. I still don’t completely trust him.

“Well, you can’t have me,” I


He looks up into my eyes almost with a squint and then his eyes land on my l*ps

again. “Can I have your l*ps

at least?”

Before I can even respond,

he is already k*ssing me.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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