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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 16

“Colt-” I try to speak but he won’t let me. He bites my bottom l*p and I almost moan.

His hand goes inside my shirt and he caresses my stomach. I do nothing to stop it. I like his touch. I like the rough prickles of his stubble against my skin as he ksses me. He moves to my neck and it feels even better.

I slightly moan unable to keep it in. His hand starts going down my stomach and

then down my waist. This time, it is really hard to stop him.

I suddenly feel pressure on my crotch area when his

hand touches me and a pleasurable sensation shoots up my inside and stomach. I immediately moan and he grunts still kssing my neck.

“D–don’t.” I finally say.

He pulls his hand back just a bit. “Don’t you want to try?”

I do but I am not sure if I


“Uhm…I don’t know…I don’t

want it to go too far.” I say.

“I won’t.” He k*sses me again and now his hands start to go

down. This time I make no

attempt to stop him.

His hand touches me again. It is over my clothes but it still makes me feel so good.

I moan. I’ve never heard

myself sound like this

before. I would be

embarrassed if I wasn’t more

focused on the sensations

that my b*dy is feeling.

“Moan for me, Angel,” he

whispers in my ear. “Let me

hear the beautiful raw


My left hand clutches his shoulder while my right

grabs the back of his head

and takes his hair in a fist.


“Just like that,” he whispers,

his hand rubbing circles in

that sensitive area between

my legs.

He sounds almost desperate


“Uh! Mh!”

“Mhh…” he softly moans.

When he is not whispering

in my ear, he is staring at my face. watching my every expression.

“You look f**king gorgeous right now.”

I feel him grinding on my thigh and he is hard.

Something else I have never

felt before.

“Come for me, Angel, Cass. I want you to come for me.”

I don’t know if that is what is

happening right now but I can’t think anymore. My

nails claw at him and

suddenly…a knock comes on

his door. They are fast and aggressive nocks.

“F**king shit!” he growls out.

“No.” I whimper when he gets off of me.

“Sorry baby.” He gives me a

quick k*ss before walking

towards the door. “I’ll be

right back.”

“But…” I try to complain but he is already opening the door and quickly goes out.

Whoever is at the door can’t

see me because he covers me

with his b*dy as he walks


I caress my b*dy, yearning for his touch. I touch my

breasts and my other hand rubs my pants right where he was touching me but it is

not the same. I want him. I

want his warmth, his touch.

My breasts are hard and my

insides burn.

stop when I realize that am feeling desperate. I know I am not thinking straight.

I sigh staring at the ceiling. I close my eyes and all I can think about is him, his

hands, his l*ps, his warmth,

his touch…everything.

What is he doing to me?

“Colt Beaufort…what are you

doing to me?” I whisper to

the empty room.

Coming down from that rush, I start to feel tired. I

pull the blanket over me and lie on my side looking

towards the window. My

eyes close and I start to drift

off to sleep but then I

suddenly feel arms wrapping

around my b*dy from

behind me.

I almost panic but one look

at the scarred arms and I

know it is Colt. My natural instinct would be to get up and pull away because this feels like we have gotten too familiar with each other, too

close. I feel my defences coming down with him and it scares me so naturally I want to pull away but I can’t. I like this feeling.

He sighs. “F**king stupid interruptions.”

“What happened?” I ask him.

“It was my mother. She

didn’t know what to do with


“Ezra?” I ask.

…He woke up screaming.”

My eyes widen and I look

back at him.

“It was us?” I ask but I already

know it was.

He nods.

I look down as guilt starts to

set in.

“Don’t you dare feel bad for him,” he says. “Not once did he ever feel bad for you. So don’t you dare feel bad for


I turn around and look up at

him. “I…I can’t help it.”

He hugs me tight and then whispers in my ear. “I know. That’s what makes you so beautiful. You care even

when you know you


He nuzzles into my hair taking a deep breath. I close my eyes as those high levels of melatonin start to set in

and soon, we are both

peacefully sleeping.

I wake up an hour later when Colt stirs next to me. I sit up

and look at him. His face is

squinted as if he was in pain.

He shakes his head and

moans but they seem to me like moans of pain.

“Colt?” I touch his cheek and

he quickly opens his eyes

and intercepts my hand with


The fear and anger in his eyes take me by surprise.

The moment his eyes focus, his eyes soften and he pulls

me into a hug.

“Are you…okay?” I whisper.

“Yeah. Just a bad dream.”

I close my eyes and hug him

back. It seems he needs it.

“Can I just work in the fields today, please?” I ask him.

He gives a laugh. “Yeah. If that is what you want, I am not going to make you do something else.”

I smile. “Thank you and I probably should go now.”

“Mhg…a few more minutes.” He says and holds me tighter.

I relax under his hug and


After almost ten minutes, I

finally try to move. “I have to


“Mhg, fine…or… you can

shower with me.”


“Yeah.” He gets up, finally letting me go. “Take a shower

with me.”



I get up and fix my clothes. “Because that requires for us to be n*ked together.”

“So? I’ve seen you n*ked

already.” He takes his shirt off as he says this.

I do not look away. It is

impossible to not want to

stare at his muscular b*dy.

“S–sure but that n*kedness

will lead to other things.”

He laughs as if he is not surprised because he knows that already.

I walk towards the door but

within seconds he has me by

the waist.

“At least give me a k*ss before

you leave,” he says.

I turn around to face him.

He holds my chin up and I close my eyes, k*ssing him.

Does he truly want me?

There is no way of me

knowing this but I can see

what is in front of me. The

way he treats me. And I like

it. Even if this doesn’t last, at
least it is happening and I

want to live in the moment.

I k*ss him back with all the

passion I have to give. I want him. I truly do. Yes, I am still

scared but I want to

experience this. I want to experience something good in my life for once.

“Mh.” He moans as we end

the k*ss. “You are mine now.

Remember that, Angel.”

I am not going to answer

that. I turn but before I leave

again he holds me and this

time he whispers in my ear.

“I’ll make you come next


My face burns and I quickly make my way out of his room. As I quickly make my way down the stairs, this time I am not so lucky. There are a lot of people walking about and they do stop to look at me. I sprint out of the house through the

front door because I know

that the dining room will be

full and I don’t want anyone

else to see me.

I come out and immediately

head to the back with the

intention of making it to the

fields but Ezra is leaning on a

tree. He looks at me and

stomps his way towards me.


“What?” I say as he gets

closer. I continue walking

trying to go past him but this

time he grabs my arm and

turns me to face him.

“WHO IS IT?!” he yells at me,

his face just inches from my


“Let me go!”

He has lost it. I can see it in

his eyes. He has gone crazy.

People around us stop and



He squeezes my shoulder to the point where I feel like

my arm is going to break and his claws start to dig at my skin.

I immediately lift my other hand and slap him. His grip

loses but he still holds on to

me and he looks so startled

that I did that.

“LET. ME. GO!” I warn him.

Immediately his hand pulls away. He looks surprised as if

he didn’t mean to do that.


THINK YOU ARE!” Putting his hands on me again, he shakes me. He then pulls me and throws me on the

ground. I fall sitting down. Pulling my hair back, I take in a deep breath and look up at him. He walks my way as

if he was the devil himself. I

have never seen him this

angry but now I am angry


He doesn’t want me? Thats

fine. He wants to sleep with

other women? That’s fine,

but…he does not get to hurt me like this anymore. I have had enough. Damn the


I get up and as he makes his way to me, I tackle him. We both fall on the ground and I start punching him. I get two

clean hits one at his face and

another at his shoulder, until he grabs me by the hair and pulls my head back.

“You crazy b*tch!”

“Crazy?! I’ll give you crazy

you son of a b*tch!” I shout. I

turn my head as much as I can and grab his hand then, I dig my teeth into his flesh.

He screams and lets me go

but before I can turn around

and start punching him again, he punches my stomach and pushes me. I fall to the ground. It knocks all my air out but I am fine.

In fact, I feel great and I am

sure it is the adrenalin running wild through my b*dy. I get to my knees and

watch him do the same.

“What is wrong with you?!”

he shouts.

I don’t even answer him.

Instead, I rush him.

“I hate you!” I scream as my fist tries to make its way to his face but he dodges back and throws a punch. It is not hard but it gets me in the mouth. I can feel my bottom l*p has split.

I don’t know what the hell

has gotten into me but I jump on him and my legs

latch onto to his waist, like a

koala would hold a tree.

Then I start punching him. I

am not even aiming, I just

freely punch and hit. He doesn’t even try to stop me now. He just holds his hands over his head trying to block the blows. I am pretty sure I am not even doing any damage at this point but it feels damn good. It is like I am letting all of my

frustrations out.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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