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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 17

I continue to release my anger by punching Ezra over and over again even though mostly I am hitting him in the arms because he blocks

his face with them. But then

I am suddenly pulled from

behind by the hair.

“Get off of him!” Bryn


She manages to get me off of Ezra. I fall to the ground and

then she kicks me on the

side of my ribs.

The pain doesn’t register at

all. I get to my feet and as I am getting up, I put all my weight into my lunge, taking

her down with me. We roll

on the ground trying to take

a bite out of each other. Even

though we don’t shift, these are definitely our wolves fighting.

She gets the upper hand on me and gets on top of me. Bryn lifts her hand up with

her claws out and then

swipes down at my face. Luckily, she suddenly goes flying back and I do mean flying. It takes a few seconds

for her to come back down

and hit the floor with a loud


Colt growls at her and Ezra with his fangs and claws out.

Ezra quickly helps Bryn up.

She looks hurt but is still


“What are you all doing?!”

The Luna and Alpha run


“Are you crazy?!” Bryn

screams at me taking deep


“Yeah! Apparently, I am!” I scream back as I get up.

“Everyone here is quick to call someone crazy when

they lose it but no one takes into consideration how they

got to that point! And you two are part of those reasons!” I point at them.

“Shut your mouth, you filthy girl!” The Luna says walking in our direction.

“Let her speak!” Colt growls at her and suddenly takes me in his arms in a hug.

This shuts everyone up, even

me. I was not expecting that,
not in front of everyone.

The Luna stops in her tracks

with wide eyes. The way she

was coming my way was the way she always had done

when she was about to strike

me but Colt’s words made

her freeze.

The rage inside of me suddenly diminishes when

he starts to caress my hair

and I am even more stunned


The Alpha steps closer but

looks calm. “What is

happening here?” He asks.

While Bryn starts giving

their own version of things, I

close my eyes and cling to Colt, feeling a sudden sense

of safety. Like nothing bad will happen to me because

he won’t let it. I have never

felt like this before. I don’t

understand this feeling

but…I like it.

“What the f**k are you

doing?” Ezra suddenly asks

staring at us.

Everyone stops talking and

they look at us.

“What you should be doing,”

Colt says without even

turning to him. His eyes

fixed on me.


“You heard me. You are her

mate. It should be you doing

this. But I’ll gladly take over.”

“What did he just say?” Bryn


“Get your hands off!” Ezra shouts. “It was…it was you?”

Colt now doesn’t say

anything but Ezra is livid.

“It…WAS YOU!!” With so

much speed, Ezra rushes in

our direction.

Colt lets me go and turns to

him. It happens so fast that

all I see is Ezra flying back

with a bloodied face.

There are multiple gasps

from everyone who watches.

“Ezra!” Bryn and the Luna

rush over to him.

“What did you do?” The

Luna screams at Colt.

“He got what he deserved,”

Colt says and then saunters

back to me where he holds

“Colt!” The Luna yells.

“I think it would be best to

take this inside.” The Alpha

says, looking around at the

spectating pack members.

“In a more private area.”

“Agree,” Colt replies.

“War room,” the Alpha says

and Colt nods.

Colt takes my hand and takes me towards the pack house leaving the others behind

questioning each other.

“Colt, what are you doing?” I whisper.

“It’s time, Angel. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. No

one will hurt you again.”

I don’t know how everything is going to be fine but when he says it, I believe it.

We walk past the Alpha’s office until we reach a huge

room with books and maps

everywhere. There is a huge

table in the middle that is

just as big as the dining room


Once there, he closes the

door behind him and leads

me to the table where he

turns around and takes me

in another hug. We are completely alone at this

moment waiting for the

others to arrive.

“This is going to just make him angrier.”

“Let it. This is about you, not him.” He caresses my cheek

as he looks into my eyes. “Are you okay?”

Now calm and assessing my b*dy, my ribs hurt but I

know I am okay so I nod.

“Good. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. Let me do the talking.” He ksses my head and then goes to kss my l*ps but the door opens and I pull away

but Colt won’t let me go. He

still holds me.

They all walk in, talking and

asking questions to each

other. I can’t understand a

single thing.

“Enough!” The Alpha shouts. “Someone explain to me what the hell is going on!”

“Gladly,” Colt says. “Cass is-”

The door opens, interrupting him.

Kaecy, Miles, and the

Beta–Christoph–walk in.

“You called us?” Kaecy asks.

“Yes. Family meeting.” the

Alpha says.

The three of them look at

me with confusion as I am in

Colt’s arms.

Ezra suddenly grabs our

attention when he slams his

fists on the table. “Stop

holding her like that!”

“No,” Colt says in a calm


Ezra growls but the Luna

holds his shoulder. “Calm


“What the hell is going on?”

Miles mutters.

“As I was saying…” Colt starts

again. “Cass here is Ezra’s


Well, there it is. It is out of

the bag.

The gasps start. Everyone in the room was surprised except for those who knew.

Ezra, Colt, and me.

“That has to be bullshit! He

can’t be mated to that Runt!”

Bryn spits out.

“Watch your damn mouth!”

Colt growls.

“Is this true?” The Alpha asks

Ezra who doesn’t answer

because all he does is stare at

me and Colt with anger.

“It is true.” Colt says.

“Then why are you holding her in such a way?” The Alpha asks. “You didn’t tell me this before and what is

worse is that you knew and you still chose to do this? She is your brother’s mate.”

“He doesn’t want her!” Colt


Ezra growls at him.

“Regardless of whether I

want her or not, she is


I explode at those words. “Yours?! Are you f**king kidding me?! From the moment you found out we were mates, you hurt me, slept with women, ridiculed me, belittled me, and treated me like an animal.” His face

doesn’t change. There is not

even a twitch on it. I laugh. “You mean I am yours to do

exactly that? That is all


want me for. To hurt me.”

“Is this true, son? You knew

all this time and did all this?”

The Alpha asks Ezra.

“Of course not!” The Luna

says. “She has to be lying.”

“I am not!” I shout at her.

“Don’t you dare talk to me

like that!” She shouts back.

“This pack has a problem, and it is you.” Colt suddenly says to her.

Her eyes widen. “What?”

“You coddle them. Make

them believe that they are above everyone else. And look at them now. All they

care about is what people

will think of them, material things, and status. That is

why he treats her this way.

Because to him, she is

beneath him.”

“You do coddle them too

much, Alice.” The Alpha says

to her.

Colt shakes his head and

continues. “People like him

and those that would do

something like this to their

mates do not deserve mates.

HE doesn’t deserve her.” Colt

pulls me closer. “And if he

doesn’t want her, that is

completely fine because I


“What is wrong with you?”

Bryn asks. “There are more

than a hundred she–wolves

in this pack and you choose to have her? Not just a low nob*dy but your brother’s


“Bryn, shut the f**k up, you stupid little girl.” He says to


She looks shocked, I am

shocked, we all are but

suddenly Miles laughs.

We all look at Miles and he

now looks embarrassed.

“Sorry.” He says.

The Alpha takes a deep

breath and looks at Ezra. “So

let me get this straight. You

knew she was your mate for how long?”

“Since I turned eighteen,” I respond to him because Ezra

stays quiet.

The Luna and Bryn quickly

look at me with anger. They

really don’t want me to talk.

The Alpha doesn’t seem to

mind and continues. “So,

you knew she was your mate for this long, but you didn’t want her and you chose to torture her instead of just rejecting her?”

“I never said I DIDN’T

WANT HER!” Ezra shouts.

Now I am the one that is

confused here.

“She is my mate. I’ll want her regardless of how I treat her.

SHE IS MINE and she is

mine to do what I want


This pisses me off so much.

“F**K YOU!” I shout.

I start sprinting towards him but Colt immediately grabs me by the waist. “YOU


BITCH! You tortured me all

these years and

and you think

that I will ever want

someone like you after everything that you did to me? NO! So fk you! Fk you because now, I am the

one who doesn’t want you.‘

“You are MINE!” He shouts


“I reject you, Ezra Beaufort. I reject you with ALL OF MY


He suddenly jumps in my direction but Colt

immediately pulls me back and grabs him by the throat. He slams Ezra to the ground

and squeezes his hand on his


“Colt! Don’t!” The Luna


“Son!” The Alpha shouts.

Colt slowly gets close to Ezra as he loosens his hand. “Try

to touch her again, and I will break your n*eck.” He whispers with a growl.

“That’s enough, Colt. You’ve made your point.” The Alpha


Colt lets him go and backs away but takes me with him

further from all of them.

Almost to the end of the long


The Luna helps Ezra up but

you can tell that she is now


“No. I will not allow this!”

She shouts.

“Allow what, mother? She is

mine now.” Colt speaks to

her but he doesn’t take his

eyes off me.

“No, you can’t have her. I

forbid it! Neither of you can

have her!”

“Yeah?” Colt says. His voice

now scares me a little. He

looks at them with a few

seconds of silence until he

speaks. “Well, I dare any of

you to try and stop me. Go

ahead! Try!”

The silence now stretches.

No one speaks up.

“Enough, enough…” The Alpha says sounding tired.

He paces for a few seconds and then stops. He looks at

Ezra. “I do not have the

power to make you reject her but if I could, I would. Colt is

right. After what you have done, you do not deserve to

have her as your mate.”

“But-” The Luna tries to


“It doesn’t matter who she is!

If he didn’t want to be with

her, he should have rejected her from the beginning. Instead, he-” He takes a deep

breath. “I have no idea where

you learned this shit

behavior but it sure as hell

wasn’t from me! I would

never do something like that to your mother!” He looks at Colt looking agitated. “Colt, you’ll have no objection

from me. Do what you wish.”

“What the f**k?!” Ezra

shouts. “You are only doing

this because you want him to be Alpha! You always favored


The Alpha turns around with

a ludicrous stare. “Do not test

me, boy! You do not want to be on my bad side. And word of advice, if you don’t want

to feel what comes next,

accept the girl’s rejection. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” His eyes scan them all. “Now

leave us!”

Ezra is pulled out by Kaecy and the Beta. He doesn’t try

to stay but he doesn’t want to

leave either.

The Luna walks close to us

and points at me. “I don’t know what kind of spell you have over them, you witch!

But I will not stand for this!”

“Enough, Alice,” the Alpha


“No!” she shouts and walks

away slamming the door behind her.

The Alpha–now looking

stressed–gives Colt a sideglance.

“He wasn’t wrong. I favor

you, always have. You were

born to be Alpha…so don’t

make me regret this.”

“I have every intention of taking over the pack.” Colt


The Alpha nods. “Good.”

He now looks at me and I


“Are you ready for this? Being the Luna of a pack this big won’t be easy.”

Uhm…what? Did I agree to

this? I don’t remember

saying yes but…I never said no either.


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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