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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 18

“What do you mean?” I ask him as we walk towards the field.

“I know I told you that you didn’t have to stay with me

but now I think that you

should,” Colt says.

“No. Why?” As we walk

towards Lauren, people

around us stare. I am sure

gossip has started.

“Because Cass…when Ezra

jumped at you in the war room, he was trying to mark



“And I don’t think he is going

to stop.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Are you just saying this to get me to stay with you?”

“No. I am not. I am really

concerned.” I can see it on

his face. He is telling the


“What is going on?” Lauren

asks walking up to us.

“People are talking about you


I sigh. “A lot has happened.”

“Cass, I think I have to talk to

my dad again. Don’t go anywhere by yourself. Stay with your sister until I come

back.” Colt says.

“Okay, okay. Go.” I tell him.

“I mean it, Cass.”

I give him an irritated nod.

He is fussing a bit too much.

After he leaves, I tell Lauren

everything that happened.

“What the hell?! Now Ezra

wants you?! What a f**king prick!” she says.

I nod agreeing with her but

she looks at me with

concern. “How do you feel

about that?”

“I feel nothing other than anger. I told you. I have no feelings towards him. No good feelings anyway.”

“Are you sure? He is your


“I am sure, Lauren. That ship has sailed. I want nothing

with him.”

“And with Colt?”

At that question, I pause. “I

don’t know.”

“You seem comfortable with

him right now.”

“I am…I think I am. I like

him but if I am honest, I am afraid. What if he changes

his mind, also I still don’t

understand why is he even

interested in me like that. He

wasn’t before all those years


“Well, he had a mate then.”


As we talk, two girls

whispering walk by us staring at me.

“Come on. Let’s go home

where we can talk in private. And I have some things I

want to show you.” She says

looking excited.

When we get home, Lauren

immediately gets out

something from a bag.


“Oh! That’s so cute! Did you

make them?” I ask her.

She holds small knitted baby


“Yes! Obviously, we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy so I made them in yellow and

greens but look how cute

“And what if it’s a boy?” I ask.

“James.” She says and looks unamused. I laugh even

harder now.

“Yeah, I get to push the baby out and he thinks he is going

to name it? Nope.”

“Name what?” James asks

walking in.

“The baby,” I say and he


“Princess and James!” He says

with a cheer.

“No! We have not decided on

this!” Lauren points a finger

at him.

I laugh.

He sprints toward her and

picks her up, twirling her

around. “We will see about

this, boss lady!”

I smile watching them. They are so in love. I always wanted something like they have but my own love story

turned out to be a bit

different. To have a loving

mate is all a werewolf

dreams about. My dreams

were shattered a long time


They start k*ssing and I know that is my queue. I get up and go to my room where I stare at my stuff and debate whether Colt is being too

rash. I don’t want to leave

yet. And even more, I don’t

want to just stay with him.

We have had a few nice

moments but I still don’t know the guy.

As I am thinking this, I hear a commotion in the living

room. I immediately come

out and see Ezra and Kaecy. They both look out of


“I couldn’t stop him,” Kaecy


“Listen to me…” Ezra says.

I back away as he takes a step towards me.

“Stay away,” I say.

“Wait. Just, listen. Let me…let me…” We can all tell that he

doesn’t know what to say.

“What is going on?” James

asks, looking at all of us. He

is completely lost.

“Alpha Ezra, let’s sit and talk,”

Lauren says with a calm

voice. She looks at me. “We

can do that, right?” I can tell

that she is concerned and so

am I. If I say no, I feel like he might do something stupid.

I nod.

Kaecy holds Ezra’s shoulder

and takes him to sit next to him. Lauren and James sit on the sofa in front of his

and I do the same though I stay at the furthest side.

Ezra’s eyes are on me like a


“So, what brings you here, Alpha Ezra?” Lauren asks.

He doesn’t say anything and

they turned out!”

I clap with excitement. “I

can’t wait till he or she is

here! How excited is James?”

“Oh my gosh! He won’t stop talking about it. He is already looking for names.”

I laugh. “What does he have

in mind?”

Oh, Goddess! Don’t get me

started. He wants to name

her princess if it’s a girl. Like

actually name her princess.”

I start laughing.

“It’s ridiculous!”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Score 9.7
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  1. Jasmine says:

    What happened to the conversation with Ezra?

  2. debra Ann macaluso says:

    It’s such a good story but the chapters are sometimes messed up and it’s very confusing.

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